New ‘Back to the Future’ book tells all about How Delorean Time Travelled

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GOOD NEWS “BACK TO THE FUTURE FANS”! Have you been wondering all through these years that how did Doc Brown’s DeLorean travel through time? The new “Back to the Future” book tells all!

Here I’m going to review this book because the last time I did one of these was under Michael J Fox’s latest autobiography and a lot of people actually like that review! So when I learned about the BTTF book all I could do was get bonkers and do anything to get my hands on it!

To talk about a book that has got a lot of interest surrounded and it’s been selling out on Amazon like hotcakes I managed to get a copy thankfully on Amazon UK but I have heard this being sent out in the UK and US and it is the DeLorean time machine doc brown’s owners workshop manual which is a mouthful to say!


So I’m gonna do my best to try to hold this book up as much as I talk about it so anyway this is the latest book by Bob Gale it also has Joel Walsey and he also does the illustrations as well and this book isn’t just all about DeLorean,  which I actually really liked.

It also involves the time train which for me is a huge personal interest because I learned a lot about DeLorean through the eagle moss build which was part of the subscription service, so i still wanted to learn about DeLorean because i had a lot of questions.

Similar to over back to the future fans about what makes time travel possible, what parts of the DeLorean does little parts do or certain intricate pieces, what relevance does it have into the DeLorean time machine and I really feel like this book at 160 pages which is quite thick as you will be surprised to see.

It really answers the story’s questions and delves really down deep into DeLorean’s history how it’s built component by component and I really feel like Bob Gale and Joe Waltzer has knocked it out of the park with this book. Especially Joel Walser as I heard with a lot of Bob Gale interviews, which also you can check out the what the flux podcast with Bob Gale.

I got this yesterday in the post from Amazon it was around 20 pounds or so which would be a quiz of what 30 maybe a bit more I’m not too sure about currency conversion rates but this book, I really loved it so i got it yesterday. I’ve read it non-stop since yesterday until night actually writing this review and that’s why maybe my eyes hurt, but this also features a lot about doc brown’s journal which is actually really cool to hear and read because this explains how doc brown came over to DeLorean.

Apart from the famous lines that we get in the first movie about the scene where he was in the toilet and this is how he got the idea for the flux capacitor we actually learned more of that backstory and it’s actually really cool to see that all illustrated in this really highly detailed book which not only features writing but we also get some of a lot of colorful illustrations.

We also get a reference to superman which is really cool for any guys out there or girls who are fan of superheroes and one more so this is a little bit about the journal entries but you can actually have a read over but it’s not just text in this book which I was thinking you know it’s just going to be 160 pages full like a4 size pages text, it actually isn’t.

There’s a lot of text, but there are also colorful diagrams as well where you can follow along and get more of like a practical motion of when you’re thinking about that part of that intricate circuit of the DeLorean for example we’ll actually of that what that actually looks like and the exact date or the exact kind of time in this space-time continuing.

Doc Brown thinks of these ideas and my favorite part for this I think it’s around 117 pages in is where we get to learn a lot about the time train because I feel like with the time train in back to the future, we certainly learn about it absolutely but not enough compared to what we see of the DeLorean and how many conversions this gets whether it’s in the hover mode whether it’s a normal mode or whether you get like the hood box on it.

Again in number three, I felt like the time train was left out quite a bit and I felt like we had a lot of questions especially the future fans that I’m really happy to announce that this book addresses quite a few of them and overall I’m really impressed and if you’d asked me, you know this book is worth around 20 pounds or 20, however, much of it is in America.

I absolutely recommend it this book is really cool even at the back of the book, I didn’t even look at this until after I’ve read the full book and again it gives you the circular motion here to show you what the picture is going to look like.

what component it’s talking about but also highly detailed about that individual piece of the DeLorean which when you look at a normal DeLorean you think okay I can’t get what this part does or this part but this breaks down every tiny component that goes into this structure and I honestly believe they knocked it out the park with this book and I’m not surprised that this was a bestseller on Amazon.

Here are some interesting facts about Delorean for you:

-The DMC-12 Is The Company’s Only Car
-There Are Only 6,000 Of Them In Existence
-It Was Produced For Only Two Years
-It Isn’t Painted
-Back To The Future Originally Didn’t Have The Car In It, Initially a Refrigerator was supposed to be the Time Machine
-The Original DMC-12 Is In an LA Museum


Overall definitely recommend the DeLorean time machine Doc Brown’s owner’s workshop manual to any back-to-the-future fan or any kind of car petrol head or cart junkie. If you want to know more about vehicles because this definitely breaks it down but it’s also a different take to what you maybe see on a car trading website or car wiki example we get a lot more of that about the DeLorean the DMZ vehicle and I highly recommend this book as well guys!


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