The Newest Marvel TV Series Arrives on Hulu Giving M.O.D.O.K A Challenge


Good news for Hulu subscribers as all ten episodes of Marvel’s Hit-Monkey is now available on the streaming platform.

It was announced earlier that work was in process to get C-list Marvel characters their own cartoons. Voice actor Fred Tatasciore will be the voice behind the ostensible simian assassin, with the rest of the voice artists, including  Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Munn, and George Takei. Furthermore. You can watch Marvel movies in order to know deeply about their characters in the Marvel series.

Hit-Monkey joins M.O.D.O.K as the other animated series from Marvel’s House of Ideas, but Hit-Monkey takes more of an anime-style approach, unlike M.O.D.O.K, which was made on stop-motion technique. Making of Hit-Monkey on Hulu has been a long journey for the series creators, Josh Gordon and Will Speck, as they revealed that they have been pitching the idea for a decade. 

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While speaking to in an exclusive interview, Gordon revealed, “We have been obsessed with Hit-Monkey for about 10 years and actually pitched it to Marvel repeatedly.” He continued, “Every meeting we would have up there, we’d be like ‘You guys should make Hit-Monkey. That’s the coolest,’ to the point where they were like, ‘Yeah, I know. We get it. You like Hit-Monkey.’ And actually, they were like, ‘You’re not the first directors to actually pitch Hit-Monkey.’ It’s got a bit of a cult following.”

He further added, “The next day, we had a meeting with the film division and with the TV division, and the TV division bit, and they went, ‘Yeah, we actually have a place to use this. We want to do it as an animated show,’ which made a lot of sense to us. Because the production of it, like shooting it in Tokyo and the level of live-action sort of funds and resources it would’ve taken to really pull it off were pretty substantial. So suddenly we’re like, ‘Oh, wow, let’s do it as a really cinematic kind of cool animated version of it,’ and it all just came together really quickly.”

Several other Marvel characters that will be featured in the Hit-Monkey series include Silver Samurai, Fat Cobra, Ogun, and Lady Bullseye. However, there were one character creators wanted to add but were snubbed by Marvel Studios saying, “You can’t have that!”

Talking to Murphy’s Multiverse, the duo revealed, “Bullseye was in the original issues of Hit-Monkey and that was who we originally thought we would use but for various reasons, we couldn’t.” They further added, “But Marvel offered us Lady Bullseye instead and we thought, ‘Wow. That’s so much more interesting since she’s a character we haven’t seen much of yet.’ We were thrilled that we got that pivot.”

Lady Bullseye in Marvel Hit Monkey

It’s a positive sign for the Marvel fans that despite being affected by the merger of Marvel TV into Marvel Studios, Hit-Monkey managed to thrive from it. Just like Patton Oswalt’s affirmation that Marvel didn’t reject anything on M.O.D.O.K., Gordon and Speck’s comments related to Marvel Studios’ interest in their series indicate similar creative freedom that could prove beneficial should Marvel and Hulu opt to renew the series for upcoming seasons. In the meantime, Hit-Monkey is available on Hulu in different regions, and you can live stream it now!

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