Oprah Winfrey Show – Megan Talks About Suicidal Thoughts & Royal Secrets

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Ever since Prince Harry and Megan have stepped down from Royalty, the couple has been the center of attention in the media. In fact, speaking of media, the two even invested around $100 million in Netflix. But tonight’s Oprah Winfrey tell-all interview is going to surely shake a lot of people’s precedent about being a Princess. You can watch this eye-opening interview on CBS ALL Access in the UK. The interview will last from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET.

From the start only, Megan was treated differently and not accepted by the royal family. All her moves were restricted by the royal family to the point where her father couldn’t even come to see his grandchild.

Oprah Meghan and Harry Interview

Suicidal Thoughts and Isolation

Life in the palace is not even near to what they show in the fairy tales, opening up Megan told that she was left extremely aloof in the palace. No one to talk to and no one for support, in such conditions she began experiencing suicidal thoughts. Oprah went on and pushed the question a bit and asked if she was going to attempt suicide, despite trying to hold herself, Megan did accept that she was on the edge of killing herself.

She herself had a hard time accepting her feelings, but with time she did understand what she was going through and talked to Harry about it. She claims if she had never spoken about this to Harry she would be alive today!

After Megan spilled her feelings to Harry, he accepts he too was in a troubling situation but would do anything to support his wife.

Royals – Racism is Still Alive

It is extremely shocking to believe that, in true letter and spirit the Royals have not changed. There is no acceptance for light brown, browns, or blacks. The couple revealed astonishing facts, first that the royal family was particular about what the baby’s color would be, or in other words how dark baby Archie would be. The statement was also supported by Prince Harry however, he did not disclose who posed these questions and who was concerned about it. Come to think of it, Harry would only spare her mother, out of fear or out of love. We never know, or maybe we do.

Luckily the second news is a happier one, the couple is expecting a baby girl in June/July.

A Game of Thrones that Megan Didn’t Want to Play!

On the surface, Megan was welcomed by the Royal family and the immortal Queen who is still ruling at an age where most are scuffling with declining health. She says she was never given that feeling of being a part of the family or any support or even guidance to live in the palace. When she asked for help for mental health problems, she was straight away declined any treatment.

It was also rumored that Megan made Kate cry on her wedding, however, the truth is actually vice versa. What really happened was that Kate, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The cause of this fight was that the two did agree on a matter.

Megan has made it publicly clear that Kate did apologize to her and now there is no grudge between the two ladies.

In the erratic lifestyle of the Royal family, Harry too faced some dark and depressing moments, particularly when his father Prince Charles stopped communicating with him, even on telephone calls.

However, Harry stated, “I feel very let down because he’s been through something similar. He knows what pain feels like. And Archie is his grandson,”

This emotional statement did make Prince Charles heart melt and communication between the two has been restored.

I will always love him,” Harry said. “I will continue to make it one of my priorities to try and heal that relationship.

The Royal Maze

While all looks glitz and glam in stories and movies, living the life of a royal member is not easy at all. Especially when you’re born in it, not knowing what is normal and what isn’t. Also when your own mother has been murdered by the insiders, it does get very dark for anyone. And to truly survive and live a happy life, the couple had to step down from the Royal family.

Harry stated that he himself did not realize what mess he was living in and there was so much more to life, he says Megan literally saved him from being trapped in the system.

Many of the conservative individuals in the United Kingdom have started to bring up many of the points that the American author Morgan Jerkins tweeted.

morgan Jerkins


The U.S citizens are outraged after the Oprah Winfrey show and so is the American Black community! At the moment the world has its eyes on the British Royal family for allegations of racial nature, it has not yet made any comments on the claims made in the interview.

Like many previous times, the family is using “silence” as the best tool at the moment.

This will be once in a lifetime sort of interview, make sure you don’t miss it out! Tune in to CBS All Access.

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