Gwyneth Paltrow says Social Media ‘Hyper Objectification’ Leads to Sexualizing of Young Girls


Goop is on a mission to bring in sexual wellness as an important element of women’s health. Gwyneth Paltrow has taken charge to make sure this happens using her brand. However, she too agrees that it’s not an easy job to discuss it with her own children.

The actress, 49, has two children, Apple 17 and Moses, 15, whose father is Paltrow’s ex-husband Chris Martin. She has made it clear to them that she is open as a resource for all kinds of questions they might have regarding sex.

A major concern pointed out by her is that due to social media, a grey line has come into being that makes it hard to parent your teenage girls.

On an episode of Red Table Talk, Paltrow stated, “The imagery that comes out and the consciousness that comes out around porn, I feel like girls, young girls are getting the message that they have to be f***able. Like that’s the number one priority, right? It’s so awful and it’s doing such a disservice. That really disturbs me that young girls, you can see it on Instagram. What is this pose? What is that? And it’s because that’s what they think is like the metric of success. Someone wants to [f***].”


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Further, she brought to light that she thinks that the next generation of women are quite different and even much more advanced in some ways from her own, including having the courage to stand for themselves and even are bold enough to take accountability for their own pleasure.

She also said that social media plays a huge role in problems, resulting in “hyper exposure” to toxic beauty standards and “hyper objectification.” She explained her point, “They’re being told like, this is the prescription, you have to look like this. So, all I’ve tried to do is focus on, who are the human beings that I’m raising what can I do in the house to counteract as much of this as possible? How do you raise a girl that feels good about who she is? What are those things that you can bring to your parenting that make them feel like, ‘Oh I’m funny,’ ‘Wow, I did have a good idea.”

Paltrow is really satisfied with how her children’s school deals with sexual education; she told, “[They] had the craziest sex-ed talk. It was incredible. Full-on everything. Like they learned everything. I will never forget Apple’s face when she came home.” She also mentioned that discussing some topics becomes “off-limits” when having a mother-son chat.

For example, when it comes to Moses, she says, “He’s, like, at a phase where you know we’re extremely close and he’s also, like, differentiating. He doesn’t want me to show a bra strap, let alone have me ask him a question about a girl.”

Paltrow joked that parenting is “kind of a big experiment,” and it is actually kind of true because there are no parenting classes or guides as such. However, she says that she is trying to instill certain principles in her son, “It’s such a cool opportunity to be given to raise a good man. My son is such a sweet, empathetic guy.”

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