Hayden Panettiere Speaks in Support About the Dispute Between Ukraine & Russia

Hayden Panettiere, Supports the Country After Russian Invasion

Hayden Panettiere has confirmed that her daughter, who she shares with Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, is safe during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“She’s safe and not in Ukraine,” the 32-year-old Nashville actress posted on Instagram on Friday, February 25, in response to a question regarding the 7-year-whereabouts old’s amid the political turmoil.

Hayden Panettiere sent out a statement on Russia’s ongoing assault on Ukraine. The Nashville star shares her daughter Kaya with her former partner, Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. The Nashville star posted a message on Instagram about the worst situation.

“I have personally witnessed the strength of the Ukrainian people who fought so hard for their independence and have continued to passionately defend their country over the years,”  the actress wrote in the caption.

“This horrific moment in history sends a terrifying message: the message that in this day and age, in the year 2022, it’s okay to violate the rights of free people and allow autocrats like Putin to take whatever they please,” she continued. “I’m praying for my family and friends there and everyone who’s fighting. I wish you had more support and I wish I was there fighting with you!” 

“For now, I ask for those of us who can’t be there to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and show your support for #democracy,” she concluded.

Panettiere posted an Instagram post of herself happy and about to hug an unidentified person, along with a message of support for the Ukrainian people.


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Panettiere’s daughter used to live with Klitschko in Ukraine, and the Scream 4 actress had previously visited Kaya there. I wish I was there fighting with you, she said, adding that she is praying for my friends and family and everyone who is battling.

Former professional boxers Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko say they are ready to take up arms following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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The Ukrainian government says that Russia initiated an invasion of Ukraine earlier this week. The attack is still ongoing, but there have been reports of explosions and airstrikes. Threats are escalating against the capital, Kyiv, with reports of chemical and biological weapons being used.

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One 64-year-old Kyiv resident, according to the Associated Press. A number of residents have been seen evacuating the area amid reports of shelling and gunfire from rebel-controlled territory. What could possibly be more disastrous?

The world community has strongly condemned President Putin’s assault against Ukraine, with economic penalties and NATO forces massing in the region. Putin claims that Ukraine has a long conflict with Russia and that Ukraine is acting in the name of so-called “peacekeeping.”

Ukraine is facing an “unwarranted and unlawful attack by Russian military troops,” Vice President Joe Biden declared as the invasion appeared to be underway. All we can say is that war is not the solution and we should make this world a happy place to live for everyone. Let’s pray for peace.

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