Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Attends ‘F9’ Premiere To Honor Her Father

Around 8 years post the demise of Paul Walker, the “FnF” franchise’s lead star’s, daughter, Meadow Walker, participated in the premiere of the newest sequel of the Fast and Furious franchise Friday evening.

Meadow Walker who is 22, honoured her father, with the movie’s crew and cast at the release of the latest installment. “F9,” which was held in Los Angeles. She is a model and frequently pays shares pictures and memories of her late dad on social networking platforms. Wearing a black YSL cut-out gown, she walked out on the red carpet.

Prior to the event, Walker shared a picture of herself all dressed up, captioning the content, “let’s go.


It has constantly been family over anything with regards to “Fast and Furious.”

As Walker passed away in a high-speed automobile crash in 2013 aged 40, the “FnF” crew, as well as cast, have embraced Paul’s daughter as as a part of the Fast and Furious family. As well made it a quest to keep the late actor’s memory alive.

Vin Diesel and Walker were really close and shared a brotherly bond, and Diesel is actually Meadow’s godfather, he also honoured the life of Paul, his movies and friendship.

He also posted his picture with Paul, stating that,

On my way to the premiere … you will be there in spirit,” he captioned a photo of himself and Walker from the “Fast Five” premiere back in 2011 with the message “always” written over the post.

paul walkers daughter pays tribute by joining the film premier

Even, Jordana Brewster posted a photograph of her and Meadow on Instagram, “Family forever,” she captioned the content with Meadow later on commenting on the pic, “Love you” with a couple of heart emojis.

Diesel has expressed his care and attachment with Meadow through the years, revealing to Extra earlier this month that watching her with his child Pauline, whose name he kept after Walker, is “One of the most beautiful things.”

“The whole point of the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga is the idea that brotherhood can be created by bond and not necessarily blood,” Diesel added.

Meadow, in addition to Walker’s 2 brothers Caleb and Cody, were “constantly” investing time on the set of the upcoming movie, based on an  interview session with Ludacris, who clarified that the cast is definitely worrying about exactly how “his (Paul’s) legacy could be incorporated.”

Earlier this particular week, Diesel talked about the possibility of Meadow joining in on the Fast and Furious franchise films down the road.

As for whether Meadow will join the “Fast and Furious” franchise on the first day of screening, Diesel teased that he “would not count anything out” when it comes to the future.

Let me just ― without giving you all of the secrets of Fast 10,” he told E!’s “Daily Pop” earlier this week. “Let’s just say nothing’s ruled out.”

Talking about the film and Pail, Diesel stated, “He had come from so far. We surprised the world with this small little film about brotherhood and we would dream about the future, so when I was thinking who I’m going to see at this premiere, I kept going back to Pablo and I know that he’s here too,

Vin Diesel has kept close to Meadow after Paul’s death, added that his connection to Paul will “outlast the franchise.”

Commenting on Paul’s death and the family environment the crew had, Diesel said;

“We stopped filming Furious 7 for about five months [after Paul’s death] because we were wrapping our heads around what we were going to do while mourning,” he said. “And the studio accepted a bold decision, which was to allow the character to exist in our mythology.”

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