Pink Pays Heart Touching Tribute on Her Father’s Death.

pinks father dies

On Thursday, August 26th, Pink revealed that her father passed away. The singer’s father, Jim Moore, was a Vietnam War veteran and had a very close relationship with her. On several occasions, Pink has openly shared her love for her father and called him her “favorite person in the world.”

The songster shared two monochrome photos with her father, one as a child dancing with her dad and the second as an adult. She captioned the photo, “Til forever.” Although the cause of his death is unknown, Pink shared in July 2020 that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.


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Pink recently shared a throwback photograph on Instagram from when she performed with her dad and captioned it with her favourite nickname, “Daddy-Sir.


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The photo is from a performance in 2007 at an MTV concert. She brought her father on the stage addressed the crowd telling,

He wrote a song about forty years ago in Vietnam. And I think it’s important today because it’s a soldier’s cry and we’re producing them by the thousands. And tonight this is a really special evening because the first time my dad’s ever performed in front of a group is going to be right now. So can we get my favorite person in the whole world out here tonight, my daddy, Mr. Jim Moore, can we give him lots of love?

The father-daughter duo performed the song “I Have Seen the Rain” from her album “I’m Not Dead.

Here is a photo from 2019 that Pink shared on Instagram and wrote,

Here he is, my Dad, scared and in pain sitting with the love of his life, our Grace, and what’s he doing???? Smiling. Cracking jokes. Making everyone else feel better. He’s already back to his old tricks ten hours later, talking about napalm and snipers and viruses and blood puddles. Oh, Dad. How amazing it is to watch you whistle through Hell.


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Pink told her fans that her father was going through his second round of chemotherapy for prostate cancer. She also shared that he fell off the ladder in an accident, which left his back fractured, due to which he lost function in his legs.

The singer had a very close relationship with her father, and she mentioned him very often. Every Father’s Day, she would pay tribute to him on social media platforms. Back in 2018, on Father’s Day, she shared a paparazzi photo along with a very emotional post.

In 2008 the singer was going through a rough patch with her husband, Carey Hart, and had a brief separation with him.

Pink wrote,

I will remember this day forever. I walked out of my hotel room alone, and this paparazzi said to me ‘how’s the divorce going pink. And after I told him a couple of things I won’t repeat here, I cried. I turned around. And I went back inside. I called my dad. He came right away. He jumped on a train, no questions asked, and was in my room three hours later.

She further added concluding the post,

He has been my person all of my life. He has fought monsters in my closet, and monsters that posed as principals in school buildings, you name it. He has taken on the world for and with me, no questions asked. He made me feel important. He made me think I was worth loving. He taught me how to do it all myself. And when no one else was there, he told me to love myself. I thank my stars for this man, that he was strong enough not only to fight his own monsters but mine too, and now my kids. “I love you daddy sir” ️ happy Father’s Day.

The singer received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019. Even at that point, she did not forget her father and paid tribute to him. She also shared her father’s motivational advice with her while she was growing up.

Today for me is a celebration of something that my dad taught me. And that is ‘to thine own self be true’… There is a power in believing in yourself — you may not be the best that ever did it, you may not be the prettiest or the tallest of the funniest or the most talented. “If you’re stubborn and you don’t give up and you work really hard — no one else can ever be you.


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