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Devil All The Time

Netflix show The Devil All the Time is the new movie (Yes the most expensive movie a streaming platfrom has ever made) from filmmaker Antonio Campos (Simon Executioner, 2016’s Christine) and is based on writer Donald Beam Pollock’s 2011 family adventure of the same title.

Antonio Campos stated, “”It’s a multi-strand narrative set between the end of World War II and the beginning of America’s involvement in Vietnam in which a motley group of characters’ lives all intersect,” says the director.

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devil all the time robert patterson

Well, Compos is definately being pretty secretive about the film, who wouldn’t when $200 million are at stake! But even if he doesn’t open up, we can see the star studded cast. It includes Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough, Jason Clarke, Sebastian Stan, Haley Bennett, Mia Wasikowska, Eliza Scanlen, Robert Pattinson, and Tom Holland, who is the cneter of the story,a troubled character, Arvin Russell.

Holland has been recieving loads of love from the film community, be it , Robert Downy Jr’s affection for him or Antonias recognition of his talent. Holland too in a statement said, “I was really eager to work with Antonio because his previous films that I’ve seen are very raw,” says Holland. “I guess it was the challenge of doing a different accent, playing the rural kid, a period film, a new director. Everything ticked the boxes for me.”

Even Compos loves the boy speaking about him, he said, “Tom is a very sweet person and a very generous actor but he’s willing to go wherever he needs to go emotionally for the character. He wanted to go where he had to go. Tom’s electric. He’s sort of sitting there doing nothing and is immensely watchable.”

For Robert Pattinson fans, it will be a surprise, this time you will see the actor in a very different role. He plays Preston Teagardin a preacher.

Campos again commented,”Rob prepared a bunch of ideas and you don’t know what you’re going to get but it’s all interesting,” says Campos. “The character coming to life — I saw that in front of me when we were on set.”

Despite the story being set in rural Ohio, the director shot the film in Alabama.

“It was a challenging shoot just because there were so many locations and we were really spread out over a large portion of northern Alabama,” says Campos. ” The nice thing is Alabama hasn’t been filmed in very often, so it’s not as recognizable as some other places that have been filmed in and photographed thoroughly by various films and TV shows.”

“It was interesting,” says Holland. “We were in Birmingham and we shot out of the city quite a lot in rural parts of the state. I like to work on films where a location can be as big a character as you are in the film and Alabama definitely served that purpose and brought this really rural visceral vibe to the process.”

Campos and his brother Paulo wrote the screenplay.

“It was a hard book to adapt also because there was so much that we loved,” says the director. “I’m a big fan of southern gothic and noir and this was a perfect marriage of the two. Sometimes you might be adapting a piece and you think like, Well, there is a seed of a good idea here and I’ll just throw everything away and start from scratch. In this case it was like, we love everything!”

The movie premiers September 16th on Netflix, with such a secretive story & star studded cast, anticipation is all time high!

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