Samuel L. Jackson Coming To MCU For Nick Fury Disney+ Show


Samuel L. Jackson returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Disney+’s Nick Fury TV show. During the famous Iron Man post-credits scene, the actor debuted in the MCU, becoming a franchise lynchpin in the entire Infinity Saga.During the last decade, Jackson reprised the role a number of times, which made him a fan favourite in the process. He starred in all three 2019 MCU films, including a main supporting role in Captain Marvel, documenting the days of Fury before the Avengers Initiative.

Lat the the audience saw Fury was in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where it was discovered that while taking a much-needed break and relaxing on a Skrull spaceship, he had tasked Talos with impersonating him. Since then, as the MCU prepares to reach Phase 4 and beyond, there has been little news about what Fury’s future holds, but the character is surely going to be a big part of the franchise moving forward. He’s the newest figure from the MCU to become the star of a TV show.

Jackson is headlining a Nick Fury TV show that will debut on Disney+ according to Variety. Kyle Bradstreet will be writer and executive producer of the series, which at this stage does not have a start date of production or a release date.

On the way, Marvel has a complete list of Phase 4 movies, but Disney+ would be an integral outlet for the series to move forward. The studio has other shows in addition to WandaVision, such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, She-Hulk, and more in the pipeline. Marvel takes full advantage of the subscription service, similar to Lucasfilm, by fleshing out their world and telling story’s that can not always be addressed in movies.

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