Patriarchy Strikes Again! Sexual Predator Bill Cosby Released from Prison the Same Day Britany Spears was Denied Freedom Against the Conservatorship

Bill Cosby and Britney

*Trigger Warning: Mentions of Sexual Assault

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse for the women of the 21st Century, Britney Spears’ heartfelt appeal against her father’s oppressive conservatorship was denied in Court. The very same day, Bill Cosby got to see the day’s light after he was released from prison when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court conveniently overruled the rape charges that he was found guilty for in 2018.


Bill Cosby, who played a fatherly figure in NBC’s The Cosby Show for decades, was a free man once again, after serving over 2 years out of his three to 10 years conviction for drugging and raping Andrea Constand, an employee from Temple University 2004. Despite Constand pressing charges on Cosby in 2005, the conviction came over a decade later after 60 other women came forward with their statement, though only Constand was the one who filed a criminal case against him. And in the light of the emerging “MeToo Movement ” that was a big slap on the face of patriarchy.

The ruling came in after the Pennsylvania Court found a prior agreement between Cosby’s lawyer and the previous district attorney. They confirmed that Cosby would not be charged for this criminal case.


Andew Wyatt, the spokesperson for Bill Cosby, stated that:

“This is the justice Mr. Cosby has been fighting for. They saw the light,” he stated. “He was given a deal, and he had immunity. He should have never been charged.”

But not for long, despite all the statements pointing towards Cosby, he was set free only after serving more than 2 years out of the three to 10-year sentence. Which brought about an uproar on social media, as the very same day, Britney Spear’s request for freedom she wants in her life was denied after serving 13 years under her father’s tormenting and abusing conservatorship. That not only prevented her from taking complete control over her earnings but was also forcing her to wear an IUD against her will, preventing her from having children with her partner and having multiple breakdowns due to it.


The two completely unrelated happenings brought a more significant question in the light of the day, How is Bill Cosby allowed to be free, but Britney isn’t? Is being labelled as a convicted sexual predator not a good enough reason for someone to stay behind bars? Or is Britney’s cry for help and freedom against her father, not a good enough reason to let her free?


Why is it that every time the justice system fails women on countless occasions? And this is not just the thought of the mass. Numerous celebrities took it to Twitter to vent out their frustrations regarding Cosby’s unjust release and Britney’s unethical conservatorship. Twitter started off with the trending hashtag of “#FreeBritney” which eventually turned into an open debate as one person tweeted the following statement:


“When Bill Cosby is freer than Britney Spears, you know the patriarchy has finally won,”


All the events raised a big question mark on the American Justice System and its credibility in the mere future if any such case comes into the light again.

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  1. Ellen Torre says:

    Britney enough is enough. Do what Polanski did leave America and don’t look back. Polanski has lived his life and made money. I do not agree with Polanski however after the horrific murder of his wife and child let the man have a life. What is being done to you is as inhuman as the prisoners in china that we call out on.

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