Spider-Man: No Way Home Takes Over Pandemic Box Office With A Historic Opening!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is proving to be a huge Box Office hit and the lead star Tom Holland celebrates the success of the blockbuster film by sharing a behind-the-scenes video from the premiere of the film in Los Angeles happened last week. No Way Home, a co-production of Marvel Studios and Sony has been a highly anticipated MCU film since Avengers: Endgame (2019). And living up to the hype, since its release on December 17, 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home amassed incredible box office numbers. It also garnered incredible reviews from critics and audiences alike. Alongside Holland, Spider-Man: No Way Home has an impressive cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and a few surprise appearances of beloved characters from the past Sony’s Spider-Man titles.

The best part of the movie is that all of the iconic Spider-Man villains are returning which apparently enhances the enjoyment of “No Way Home.” However, if you haven’t seen the Spider-Man movies in order, then we’d recommend watching them before hitting the cinemas. There’s no harm if you don’t, but then you won’t understand why everyone is getting so excited during the movie. Rest assured, it’s become one of the best movies in the MCU timeline.

After a couple of jaded years at the box office, it appears that Spider-Man: No Way Home has broken the jinx and managed to come out on top in the list of watch Marvel movies in order.

When the movie’s release date was first announced, there was much hype about Spider-Man: No Way Home set to break records, and it definitely has. Sony is quoting the incredible figures for the opening weekend for Spider-Man: No Way Home at $253M which is the best December domestic opening. Not just that, it’s the best ever for Sony and the 3rd best ever among all movies surpassing 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens domestic opening of $247.9M.

Worldwide Spider-Man: No Way Home hit the 3rd best global debut with $587.2M after Avengers: Endgame ($1.22 billion) and Avengers: Infinity War ($640.5M) considering the fact that it’s without China. Box office analytics entity EntTelligence reports that as many as 20M people tuned in to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home this weekend in the US.

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Moreover, No Way Home also performed impressively over the weekend as it reached $73.8M on Saturday, which is also the third-best Saturday ever domestically. Sunday is also looking imposing with $57.350M. The sequel is $4.7M from outdoing Avengers: Infinity War‘s $257.698M opening as the second-best national debut ever.


Since Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in unfavorable conditions, those numbers appear more outlandish. To put it into context, it surpassed the opening weekends of every single Star Wars movie taking out Star Wars: The Force Awakens of 2015 which debuted at $247.966M.

Tom Rothman, Chairman, and CEO of Motion Picture Group owned by Sony Pictures expressed this morning, “This weekend’s historic Spider-Man: No Way Home results, from all over the world and in the face of many challenges, reaffirm the unmatched cultural impact that exclusive theatrical films can have when they are made and marketed with vision and resolve. All of us at Sony Pictures, are deeply grateful to the fabulous talent, both in front of and behind the camera, that produced such a landmark film. Thanks to their brilliant work, this Christmas everyone can enjoy the big screen gift of 2021’s mightiest Super Hero —your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

In a statement for the press, Justin McDaniel, the Cinemark SVO of Global Content stated, “Spider-Man fans proved they are some of the most enthusiastic moviegoers with their record-breaking support of the film’s debut around the world, making this live-action multiverse an international sensation that must be seen on the big screen.” More further he added: “After delivering Cinemark’s best-ever domestic opening-night box office, Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently tracking to the company’s second-biggest opening-weekend box office of all time, not only in our U.S. theatres but across Latin America, as well. Additionally, moviegoers are seeking the ultimate superhero experience with ticket sales significantly over-indexing in our Cinemark XD auditoriums. We are proud to work alongside our partners at Sony to deliver the incomparable in-theatre experience and are thrilled with the phenomenal success of their latest film.”

Is the new blockbuster movie really giving the boost to cinema that was much needed? In a way yes taking a look at the crowd of people that are out and the revenue Spider-Man: No Way Home is proving to be the cinema saver. Even though the movie was not released in the most cine friendly conditions aimed at the pandemic and Covid’s new variation Omicron insight. But clearly, it did not have the slightest mark on the Spider-Man: No Way Home release. The revenue numbers seem crazy. The movie seems to become the highest-grossing movie of the year and also Sony Productions the record successful release ever.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home is an exclamation point on the comeback we’ve seen at the box office in 2021, and an emphatic reminder of the unique power of the theatrical experience — especially IMAX — to unite audiences worldwide in a global event,” expressed Rich Gelfond, CEO of IMAX. “With these historic results, IMAX continues to see blockbuster releases generate box office at or exceeding pre-pandemic levels — which is very encouraging heading into a fantastic 2022 slate.”

Tom Holland is also urging fans to come to the cinemas as in a post he shared stating, “Thank you thank you thank you and if you haven’t seen Spider-Man no way home yet … merry Christmas and you know what to do.”

Even with the record-breaking opening and with incredible domestic numbers it is yet to be seen if the film will keep going on. However, if Spider-Man: No Way Home can attract more people to come back to the cinema in the coming months, it will potentially break all records..

In an Instagram post yesterday Tom Holland showed his gratitude and thanked his fans while writing, “Wow guys I can’t believe these number. You made this possible. Your love and support means the world to me. Thank you thank you thank you and if you haven’t seen Spider-Man no way home yet… merry Christmas and you know what to do ♥️”


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Spider-Man fans are going crazy like never before. A large number of young men and women (21%) aged under 25 are coming to the movie with a group of friends. 15% of the people who came to watch the movie were with one friend and 16% came with their date. 33% of the fans were who bought their tickets for the premiere weeks before the release. And there is one fan who claims that he has watched the movie 4 times in three days. In a Twitter post he claimed: “Yep, I’m seeing ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ for a FOURTH TIME in three days, not only because it’s that good, but also because I’m ADDICTED to the unreal crowd reactions.
Search for “no way home reactions” to see what I mean.”

Amid the pandemic and its aftermaths, Spider-Man: No Way Home is performing incredibly well since its debut in the theaters while smashing several records on the course of success. However, it is too early to say if the film will become the biggest ever hit in history or not.

Have you already seen Spider-Man: No Way Home? If not, we urge you to buy tickets asap and enjoy this multiverse screenplay.

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