‘Stranger Things’ Breakout Priah Ferguson to Star in Netflix’s Halloween Movie With Marlon Wayans

The “Stranger Things” actress Priah Ferguson, who gained immense popularity due to her breakout role in the series, has decided to continue her acting career in this niche.

Priah has recently signed up for another Netflix movie, which will be some sort of Halloween adventure comedy. She will star opposite Marlon Wayans, who too has a massive following and has established his ground in the industry.

As of now, the title of the movie has not been disclosed; however, what we know about the storyline as of yet is that the story will be centered around Priah as a teenage girl and her adventures. Priah accidentally releases an ancient and dark spirit on Halloween.

Now, this spirit causes a lot of mischiefs, such as bringing the Halloween decorations to life and causing havoc. To set things right, Priah must team up with her father (Marlon Wayans), but due to the skeptical nature of her father, she is a bit put off.

Priah played the role of Erica Sinclair in Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” She joined the show in the second season, whereas the fourth season is expected to release in 2022.

The young and highly talented actress received a nomination for exceptional performance by an ensemble in a drama by the SAG. Priah is also an ambassador for many brands such as People Store, Industry Entertainment, Jackoway Austen Tyerman Wertheimer Mandelbaum Morris Bernstein Trattner & Klein, and Narrative.

Marlon is known for his comedic roles – such as in the ‘Scary Movie‘ franchise – but suggested last year that he wanted to show a more serious side with his acting, stating that;

When I look in the mirror at myself, 30 years into acting, I find I’m really looking forward to my next 30 years. The first 30, I really enjoyed being on the wild journey of comedy and parody and sketch. And now I’m looking forward to doing less and getting better results. So I’m trying to choose movies where I can be a lot more subtle in my performance and really try to own being a dramatic star. So now it’s time to go kill it like De Niro did.

The script for the upcoming film is written by Rob Rugan, Todd Berger, and John R. Morey, while the “Truth or Dare” director, Jeff Wadlow, will be directing the movie for Netflix.

Furthermore, Wayans, along with acting, will also be co-producing the movie with Rick Alvarez under the umbrella of “Ugly Baby Productions.” In addition, with these two, Nathan Reimann will also be producing the film, while Wadlow will serve as an executive producer.

As the film’s production continues, Priah’s relationship with Netflix gets stronger, as well as Wayans. Wayans acted in and also produced the comedy film “Sextuplets” playing all the six main characters, as well as the 2017 Groundhog Day romantic-comedy “Naked.

Both Wadlow and Reimann now have more than one project with Netflix. Reimann produced “Sextuplets,” while Wadlow directed “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” in 2016 for Netflix.


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