Stranger Things 4: Joseph Quinn Meets and Jams on ‘Master of Puppets’ with Metallica


In a recent music festival, actor Joseph Quinn from “Stranger Things 4” had a dream-come-true experience in Chicago. 

The relationship between Metallica and Eddie Munson from “Stranger Things 4” has now reached a new level. According to some media outlets, Quinn, 29, who sang a ferocious cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in the “Stranger Things” season 4 finale, got to meet the band backstage during the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

Quinn, who plays the guitar-smashing Eddie in “Stranger Things,” is apparently a skillful guitarist in real life too. He got the chance to prove to the band that his scene in the show was the real deal.

“You’re taller than on the TV,” told the band lead James Hetfield to Quinn, during the meet and greet backstage. Other band members Quinn met included Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo, and the meeting was recorded and posted online by Netflix.

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Joe Quinn seems pretty elated while meeting with the band. Watch the tweet shared by Netflix below:

According to the reports, the bassist Robert Trujillo of the legendary metal band gifted actor Quinn a bespoke B.C. Rich guitar, identical to the one his Eddie Munson character used to fend off demons in the pivotal scene of Stranger Things 4. On top of that, Quinn was also given an all-access pass by Ulrich, one that would allow him to catch the band at any of their shows.

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Quinn thanked the musicians for allowing “Master of Puppets” to be used in “Stranger Things.” He also asked if he is a fan of the show.

“I’m a big fan of it,” Hetfield said. “And have been since Season 1. My kids and I, it’s been a bonding experience for us.”

Hetfield was thankful to Quinn in return “for doing it justice.”

Hetfield said, “You definitely did,” 

“It’s all I was listening to for two years,” Quinn stated, “I feel very connected to you guys.”

Trujillo then asked Quinn if he wanted to “go jam.”

Quinn said, “I’m a bit rusty, so I might need a lesson,” 

He had no issues, however, and Ulrich even made a joke about adding him as a fifth member before the band gave Quinn a unique gift as a gesture of their appreciation.

Quinn made an effort to revive interest in the 1986 song’s renewed popularity, which has since reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The meeting came weeks after Metallica paid tribute on TikTok to the scene in which Quinn’s character performs the band’s 1986 track in the Upside Down in an effort to distract the demobats, Entertainment Tonight reported. In that TikTok video, the band plays “Master of Puppets” alongside scenes from Munson’s performance.

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