Bon Jovi Narrates Doc Series “Surge at Mount Sinai”, Streaming on Discovery+

The non-fiction streaming service Discovery+ outside USA will solely bow the documentary set The Surge at Mount Sinai worldwide on July 1st.

The series, narrated by Jon Bon Jovi, with a feature song from Billie Eilish, has 3 healthcare workers,2 patients journeys, and professionals from across the medical facility within the world’s biggest medical institutes in the United States during an unprecedented worldwide pandemic. With personal accounts of all those on the front lines, the movie chronicles racing against time as New York City had become the worldwide epicentre of the COVID 19 outbreak, with much more than 300 daily deaths.

Made in collaboration with Mount Sinai Health System, the documentary is executive produced by Mark Dowley, David Feinberg, Peter Maiden and Cindy Vanegas Gesuale; created by Sarah Hawkins and Michelle Leung; and also co-produced by Lucia Lee and Nicole Hudson, with post-production by Hooligan NYC. The documentary will premiere on Discovery plus outside US on 1st July.

Peter Maiden, founder and CEO of Convicts stated in the press release,

Our purpose for this film was to give the world a glimpse into what life was like for the heroic frontline workers during the height of the pandemic. These individuals went above and beyond and dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and energy to saving the lives of NYC residents. Capturing their perseverance through the pandemic felt like the most important story that could be told during this time. We are grateful for Mount Sinai for the opportunity to engage with their staff and excited to partner with Discovery+ to bring these stories to the forefront.

He also added,

We hope the film will inspire audiences to find the goodness in humanity, even in the dark, and to keep purpose at the heart of all they do.

Just as the COVID 19 pandemic began, Jon Bon Jovi appeared to be a frequent presence online, taking part in virtual fundraisers, writing songs influenced by the problems, and much more. Thus, it is not surprising which he has been tapped to narrate the documentary which examines one particular feature of the pandemic: New York City’s reaction to it.

The clip for Bon Jovi’s 2020 individual “Do What You Can” showcased Jon wandering throughout the streets of New York – that have been deserted because of lockdown – along with shots of other scenes and essential workers of the pandemic.

Lisa Holme, group SVP of content and commercial strategy, Discovery stated,

We are honoured to shine a light on the heroes who came to the world’s rescue during an unprecedented global pandemic. At discovery+, we take pride in bringing our subscribers the best real-life stories and there is no more important story from the past year than following the trials of our healthcare workers.

David A. Feinberg, SVP, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at Mount Sinai Health System, Dean of Marketing & Communications at Icahn School of co-executive producer of Medicine on the documentary exclaimed, the documentary revolves around the emotional aspects of the pandemic on individuals especially those on the front line who went beyond measures in this time of unique global calamity. He also mentioned the selflessness and the fighter spirit that the medical and scientific society displayed. There were many challenges that one could not even have thought of. Indeed, it was one of the darkest and scariest times in world history.

The medical community did everything it could, without any personal desires of gain. They brought in innovative ways to handle the deadly pandemic and were able to do so very successfully whilst giving up everything going on in their personal lives.

The pandemic has changed the human mind, society and created a sense of care for everyone around. This is one positive change that this virus has brought to the world, building feelings of compassion.

Don’t miss out on the Documentary as it airs on 1st July, find out all the intricate details and how the medical and scientific community saved the world!

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