Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals His Struggle with Depression & Mental Health Issues

Dwayne Johnson Opens Up of How He Came Out of Depression

Dwayne Johnson says he’s learned the importance of discussing mental health issues. As a man, the actor admitted to feeling pressured to keep his feelings disguised. In an interview with E! News, he said it’s important for people to be honest about their feelings.

“I grew up an only child, and a dude,” the 49-year-old star told the outlet. And you know, it’s not in our nature to just talk about it because it makes us feel vulnerable. We don’t want to feel vulnerable. It makes us feel weak, we shouldn’t feel weak. We should have our s*** together. But that’s not life.”

Bobby Johnson’s mental health has taken a turn for the worse, the reality TV star has revealed. The 53-year-old had his “first attack of depression” in 1990. The Black Adam star revealed that his mental health took a blow when injuries were disrupted and also suffered from depression after being thrown out from his team through a split in the mid-’90s.

He was deeply hurt by saying that injuries ruined his college football career and that he, later on, encountered severe mental health issues.

“I didn’t know what it was,” he told E! of experiencing depression for the first time. “I just felt like, ‘Man, I feel like s***. I don’t want to do anything.”

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Johnson has since realized that getting “through the sludge of things” and succeeding requires facing those feelings, talking them out, and seeking help with the right medicines like Britney Spears stated earlier that she’s on the right medication after the end of 13-year mental trauma.

It’s a message he’s committed to spreading in the NBC series Young Rock, which is based on his life. Last year, the TV drama received high praise for depicting a young Johnson’s mental health difficulties, which the actor revealed to the audience.

If you have missed it, then you should watch the Young Rock series to understand his pain better. The show depicts beautifully what Dwayne went through and the lessons he learnt.

 “If you’re going through it and you’re struggling and you’re depressed, you’re not alone, and it’s OK to ask for help. Asking for help isn’t a weakness. Asking for help is actually our superpower.”

“The most touching feedback that I consistently received has been our openness to talk about mental health,” Johnson told E! of his work on the show.

People with mental illnesses and addictions can recover and live full, rewarding lives if they receive the proper care. Seeking aid is not a show of weakness, but of strength stated by Johnson. It’s also vital to realize that treatment works for those who need it most.

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