Tom Holland refers to Maguire and Garfield as the long-lost brothers of Spider-Man.

The three Spider-Man heroes are “long-lost” brothers, says Tom Holland.

Tom Holland labels past Spider-Man heroes, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, his “long-lost brothers.” Holland’s eagerly awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe film is almost a week away from debuting on big-screen. Spider-Man: No Way Home will be a new addition to Marvel movies in order.

Releasing on December 17, 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be featuring Holland in the Spidey costume for the third time in his solo Homecoming appearance, and his sixth overall performance in the MCU since Marvel Studios started collaborating with Sony Pictures in 2015. Fans who watch Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+ loved his performance in the previous movies.

Previously it was confirmed that Spider-Man: No Way Home would feature a multiverse plot with the comeback of previous Spider-Man villains from past titles. Ever since, it was fervently assumed that Maguire and Garfield’s Spider-Man characters will also return to keep the battle at the level. However, amid all the unremitting rumors and claimed disclosures, Garfield has strongly repudiated his involvement. However, the fans are considering this a gambit to keep up the curiosity regarding the surprise appearance of Garfield in No Way Home.

It’s still unclear whether Maguire and Garfield would reappear in the film; the current Spider-Man lead actor has been bombarded with questions regarding the involvement of his two predecessors during No Way Home’s press tour. 

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During a recent interview given to AP Entertainment while sitting beside his co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya, Holland expressed his feelings about his personal relationship with Maguire and Garfield. He warmly referred to them as his “long-lost brothers.” Holland stated:

“I guess we’re friends. We’ve bumped into each other at parties and seen each other out and about. We bumped into Tobey the other day at a restaurant, and we are the only three people to have played this character on the big screen, so there is an affiliation between us. Does that make sense? You know what I’m trying to say. There is a communal bond between the three of us, so when we see each other, it does feel like a long-lost brother. I saw Andrew that other day at a party in LA, and I gave him a big cuddle, and it was very nice. I’d love to share the screen with them one day. Unfortunately, I don’t ever think we’ll be able to wear the suits together, but it would be nice to make a film with both of them.”

Whenever Holland talks about Maguire and Garfield, it only increases the speculation regarding their involvement in No Way Home. Although, Marvel and Sony have clearly stated that both of the previous Spider-Man heroes will not be featuring in the film, which seems like a desperate attempt to protect the surprise element. 

As speculated, if Maguire and Garfield eventually make a surprise appearance, which wouldn’t be a surprise really, given the ongoing rumors, it will be one of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest gambles in some time. Nonetheless, No Way Home’s premiere is knocking at the door, and it will eventually end all the rumors. 

While Maguire has largely kept himself away from the press regarding this whole conjecture, Garfield has been seen endorsing his two latest movies, The Eyes of TammyFayeand tick, tick…BOOM! and has been swamped with questions about his suspected appearance. Although he’s clearly not willing to reveal anything, Garfield expressed his admiration for Holland.

Since Tom Holland has clearly branded Garfield and Maguire as long-lost brethren, perhaps No Way Home will finally prove to be a reunion of the three Spider-Man heroes on screen.

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