How Venom’s Death Confirmed Him As Marvel’s Most Powerful Cosmic Being


Venom was pushed to the limit in one Marvel breaking point. But how did the symbiote become an all-powerful Marvel god in its final stand?

Venom: The End #1 (by Adam Warren, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Guru e-FX, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) is a one-shot in a series depicting Marvel characters’ possible fates. Unlike other stories, the conclusion of “The End” umbrella is maybe the most extravagant and mind-blowing yet.

However, Venom is a tale of an alien who dares to go against his nature to be a cosmically powered superhero. As a result of its choices, the Venom symbiote is named, perhaps surprisingly, the Marvel universe’s most powerful being. Most would still argue Marvel has better villains, and yet Venom came out on top. Don’t remember all the villains? Then watch the Marvel movies in order to recap why people think that.

Venom’s Cosmic Powers At The Conclusion Of The Marvel Universe, Explained:

Venom's Cosmic Powers At The End Of The Marvel Universe, Explained

The story follows the Venom symbiote to war with Superhuman Artificial Intelligence (A.S.I.) in order to save humanity. Venom’s refusal to give up wasn’t the only thing that set it apart from other space-faring, Celestial-level dangers. 

Venom suffered countless losses that only served to motivate its goals. However, its “can’t quit attitude” wasn’t the only thing that made it as powerful as other threats.

Venom has learned that sparing human life is preferable to sacrificing it over his years as a lethal protector. Thanks to its internal codex, the symbiote can remember and replicate the powers of each host. Venom enhanced its own life by utilizing its most basic abilities. Venom is a super-mutant who can create new, venomous versions of himself thanks to the powers of Multiple Man. We might see more of him in the much-anticipated and upcoming Marvel MMO Multiple Man video game!

Moreover, Quicksilver was able to travel through time and battle the A.S.I. using his powers. He created a pocket universe where life could once again thrive, thanks to an overloaded codex. It was also able to form bonds with as many entities and living animals as possible.

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How Venom Became The Marvel Universe’s King Of All Life

How Venom Became King Of All Life In The Marvel Universe

Venom and Eddie Brock have attained a level of Godhood in the main Marvel 616 universe that has never been witnessed before in tandem. Following the event, together, they have defeated Knull and became the new King in black. Eddie gains the capacity to communicate with all symbiotes in the Klyntar hive by assuming the King in the Black title. This enables him to pilot other symbiotes and show them a different way of life that isn’t based on violence.

However, his mortal body can’t bear the great strain when they’re united, forcing him to age rapidly. Eddie Redmayne appears to die physically in Venom #1 (by Al Ewing, Ram V, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Alex Sinclair, and Clayton Cowles). His symbiote connection may have rescued him, as his consciousness now resides in a more humanoid form, making him even stronger.

What Does Cosmic Venom Have In Common With Other Symbiote-Powered Gods?

How Cosmic Venom Compares To Other Symbiote-Powered Gods

Cosmic Venom is a powerful being in its own universe. Other characters have their own abilities that could compare. Knull has Godlike strength and could even kill Celestials. Necro-Thor absorbed the Necrosword, making him infinitely more powerful for a brief moment. Venom is a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe when compared to the 616 universe’s most powerful characters

Wrap UP

Is it possible his strength will be seen in the MCU? For the time being, it is doubtful. The MCU is full of surprises, so anything may happen, even if only for a little minute. 

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