How To Fix ESPN Error 1008 In NZ?

If you are thinking of how do I fix ESPN Error 1008 in NZ, then you are at the right place. As ESPN is a geo-restricted channel and viewers are unable to watch their favorite sports, therefore, we are here to shed light on How to fix ESPN Error 1008 in NZ.

If you want to access ESPN+ content in New Zealand, you will require a VPN service provider that can be choosen from the list of ESPN Plus VPNs and our top recommendation is ExpressVPN.

ESPN is an American-based sports television channel which is owned by ESPN Inc.

It is a joint venture of The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications which mainly broadcast from studio facilities located in Bristol, Connecticut ESPN features Kabaddi, Hockey, Badminton, Cricket, and Football.

The top shows on ESPN include La Liga, UEFA Champions League , Europa League, and Tokyo Olympics.ESPN, with the shifting of technology, has upgraded its service to ESPN+ which allows sports lovers to watch their favorite game shows live.

The only drawback of this recent service update is the channel faces problems and errors.

ESPN channel is available in more than 200 countries but still, if you are facing any glitch or error while trying to reach the official website of ESPN then you will require a VPN service provider to overcome its geo-blocked policy otherwise you face an error saying “ESPN app not working”.

How To Fix ESPN Error 1008 in NZ? (Easy Steps)

If you are wondering How I fix the ESPNplus error in NZ? then by overcoming the below-mentioned reasons you can do so. By following the below-stated steps thoroughly you will be able to fix ESPN error 1008.

  1. If your connection is slow, shift to a faster connection or reset it otherwise an error message will pop up saying: “ESPN plus not working”.
  2. Clear the cache by clearing your entire browsing history and cookies.


Delete your cache and cookies.

  1. Install or update your antivirus.
  2. By restarting your system, ESPN not error shall be removed.
  3. Contact ESPN support to avoid ESPN startup errors.

What Are The Probable Reasons For ESPN Error 1008?

. Following are the possible reasons why the ESPN+ error 1008 occurs:

  1. Interrupted internet connection
  2. Congested connection
  3. Presence of a potential virus

Interrupted Internet Connection

As ESPN is not an OTT streaming service therefore a faster and more stable internet connection is a must for a better experience. If the connection is slow the server takes a lot of time in loading the page due to which the error code occurs mentioning that “ESPN not working”.

Congested Connection

While multi-tasking there is a lot of load on your internet connection.

Due to this heavy load on the internet, the connection is congested and if you forget to close different working tabs, this results in a slower and congested connection as the speed is divided in the browser which might also be the reason for ESPN 1008 error.

Potential Virus

The potential virus is an unwanted program because it causes harm to a system and corrupts ongoing tasks. Due to a malicious virus your ROM, Access websites, and the Complete system is affected.

Therefore a potential virus must be removed from a system in order to work safely without errors and difficulties. This virus is a reason for the ESPN plus error 1008.

Outdated ESPN App

If you are using an outdated ESPN app mistakenly, you will face an ESPN app error 1008 because the outdated ESPN app is incompatible with the device, therefore to enjoy the featured content of ESPN without any ESPN app startup error you will need an upgraded version of the ESPN app.

If you want to get an updated ESPN version, go through these steps accordingly:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and search for ESPN App to avoid ESPN startup error 1008.
  2. Open ESPN and check if the update is available. If yes click on update.
  3. After installing the update, open the ESPN app and check if it is working properly without showing any ESPN error code 1008.

Corrupt Cache and Storage of the ESPN App

Another reason for the ESPN error 1008 is the corrupt cache and storage of the ESPN App. If the cache or storage has gone corrupt the ESPN App might not be able to access data essential for the ESPN app.

Therefore to get rid of this ESPN error 1008, follow these necessary steps which will lead you to clear the corrupt cache and storage of the android version of the ESPN App.

  1. Go to the settings in your android phone and click on application manager.
  2. Search for the ESPN App, click on it, and go to Settings.
  3. Force stop option will appear, by clicking on it click on confirm.
  4. Now open the ESPN App again and check if it is working without any error 1008.
  5. If it is not working fine, repeat steps 1-3 and click on storage.
  6. Click on clear cache and tap the clear data button.
  7. Tap on confirm button so that the data of the ESPN App will be cleared, restart your phone after this step.
  8. Open the ESPN app and go to log in. Check if the ESPN error 1008 is removed after restarting your phone.

FAQs- ESPN Error 1008

The only drawback of the innovative technology of ESPN is that it faces some problems and errors where ESPN error 1008 is the most common error that viewers encounter.

ESPN cache can be cleared by simply going to settings in your android phone and clicking on application manager. Search for the ESPN app and click on force stop in the settings option.

While staying on the same page by clicking on clear cache click on the clear data button and confirm it. This is how an ESPN app cache is cleared.

ESPN keeps on prompting with errors due to several reasons like slow or congested internet connection, corrupt cache and storage of ESPN app, potential virus, and outdated ESPN app.

Wrapping it Up!

ESPN is one of the top sports video streaming networks in the US which is owned by the joint venture of ESPN Inc. and Disney. ESPN features a variety of sports games like cricket, hockey, soccer, racing, golf, boxing, rugby, tennis, and many more which you can strem on ESPN Plus on Firestick.

The only drawback of this technology is that it has some problems and errors that viewers face, the most common being the ESPN error 1008 causing ESPN app startup error 1008.

Through this article, you are now well-equipped to easily remove ESPN error 1008 in New Zealand and unblock this network if it is unavailable in your area as ESPN is a geo-restricted channel.

To overcome its globally blocked policy you can easily unblock ESPN by using a VPN service provider. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN. due to its fast speed, reliability, and secure connection.

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