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Watch Every Breath She Takes Outside USA on Lifetime

 Tamal Jones is set to star in a movie that explores the life of the character she portrays and her abusive husband. Witness how her story unfolds as the TV movie premieres on March 18t, 2023, only on Lifetime. With this, you must learn how to watch Every Breath She Takes in New Zealand on Lifetime.

Lifetime, an American basic cable channel, is only available for viewers in the USA. This also means that its streaming platform is only accessible to users with US IP addresses. But a VPN like ExpressVPN can allow you to access Lifetime in New Zealand and watch its streaming library outside the USA.

The only thing you need to do is to connect to one of its US server locations.

Here’s how this works:

Watch Every Breath She Takes in New Zealand On Lifetime – Easy Steps

Follow these simple and quick steps to watch Every Breath She Takes in New Zealand on Lifetime:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (The most reliable and trusted VPN).
  2. Prepare your streaming device and install ExpressVPN on it.
  3. Connect to a US server location of your choice.
  4. Go to Lifetime’s website or download the Lifetime app.
  5. Open Lifetime and watch Every Breath She Takes.

Why do we need VPN to watch Every Breath She Takes?

A VPN for streaming Every Breath She Takes is necessary because it has the US server locations where you can get a USA IP address, allowing you to watch the TV movie outside of the USA. Without a VPN like ExpressVPN, you are not able to access Lifetime and watch its streaming library outside the USA.

Where to watch Every Breath She Takes in New Zealand?

The American cable channel Lifetime is the answer to Every Breath She Takes where to watch. It is one of the popular shows on Lifetime that many viewers are anticipating. You can also stream the TV movie through Lifetime’s website and app by signing in with your local cable provider account. You may also use Hulu + Live TV to stream Every Breath She Takes.

What is the Every Breath She Takes plot?

The Every Breath She Takes movie plot explores the life of Jules Barker, portrayed by Tamala Jones. After believing she was free from her abusive husband, Billy, she started moving on. However, as she starts to do so, she experiences various dangerous events and sees Billy everywhere.

Who is the cast of Every Breath She Takes?

The following actors and actresses are confirmed to play a part in Lifetime’s original TV movie Every Breath She Takes.

Cast Character Portrayed
Tamala Jones Jules Baker
Brian White Billy
Tisha Campbell Detective Charice Walker
Lamon Archey Paul Jones
Brooklyn Sudano Dana Marks
Jackée Harry Linda Moss
Tuc Watkins Ron Winslow
Dan Gauthier Kenny
Nikki Blonsky Maria Bonilla
Jai Rodriguez Devin
Matt Dallas Detective Young
Bunny Daniels Helen
Danielle Burgio Miranda
Anthony Cherry Grant

Is Every Breath She Takes based on a true story?

Yes, it is. Lifetime’s new TV movie, Every Breath She Takes, is based on a true story. The movie will star Tamala Jones and Brian White. Every Breath She Takes release date will be on March 18, 2023, as reported by its original network, Lifetime.

Why Every Breath She Takes is worth watching?

Every Breath She Takes is worth watching because this movie combines various genres such as thriller, mystery, and drama. You will be hooked by its plot line, be on the edge of your seat in every scene, and be curious about how the movie will go.

Is there a trailer for Every Breath She Takes?

Yes, there is. The Every Breath She Takes trailer was uploaded on Youtube by its original network, Lifetime. The trailer showed glimpses of Jules and Billy’s happy relationship until everything changed. After a house fire, the investigators alleged Jules of setting up the fire that killed Billy. On top of that, she began to see Billy from everywhere as she started to move on.

How long is Every Breath She Takes story?

Every Breath She takes has a runtime of one hour and 30 minutes. In the span of its runtime, the movie explores the happy life of Jules and Billy, its downfall, how she was alleged in starting the fire that killed Billy, and why she started seeing Billy again anywhere after trying to move on.

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Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Every Breath She Takes in New Zealand on Lifetime?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Every Breath She Takes in New Zealand on Lifetime because of its high-speed, reliable servers, which can give you access to those. Aside from that, ExpressVPN also secures your safety in browsing by providing strict encryption.

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Every Breath She Takes is rated R by the Motion Picture Association (MPAA).

Darin Scott is the director of the movie Every Breath She Takes.

Elizabeth Cullen, Sean Dwyer, Larry Grimaldi, Mary Beth McAdaragh, Hannah Pillemer, Dan Golden, Fernando Szew, and Amy Katherine Taylor are the producers of the movie Every Breath She Takes.

Wrap Up

You are sure to feel all the thrill as you watch Every Breath She Takes in New Zealand on Lifetime. As this movie promises to deliver various genres that will bring you to the edge of your seat, be sure to have access when it premieres by subscribing to ExpressVPN: the best VPN for streaming geo-restricted movies.

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