Sling TV Not Working With VPN in NZ? [Easy Fixes for 2022]

Will Sling TV work with a VPN in NZ? The answer is yes, it will. The only times it will not work is when Sling TV blocks your VPN server as your browser has a cookie revealing your location to Sling TV, and you’re not connected to an optimized server for watching the service.

But why is Sling TV beloved of subscribers? You can watch movies, TV series, news, live sports networks and best movies on Sling TV in New Zealand. However, it is geo-restricted so if you want to watch Sling TV in NZ, you’ll need a VPN to access it.

There are tons of great shows on Sling TV like Yellowstone, The Peripheral, Star Wars: Andor, and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, it’s obvious that Sling TV is a good streaming service. So if you experience Sling TV not working with VPN in NZ, don’t worry because this guide will help you fix it.

How to fix Sling TV not working with VPN in NZ? [Troubleshooting tips]

If you already have a subscription to a VPN but you encounter a Sling TV not working with VPN in NZ problem, then it is likely that the VPN service you are using is not compatible with Sling TV. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to access it.

A virtual private network (VPN) might not be compatible with Sling TV for the following reasons:

  • Sling TV has created a blacklist containing the VPN servers and the IP addresses of those servers.
  • Your actual location outside the United States can be determined by a cookie that Sling TV has placed in your browser and which gives away your location.
  • You are not connected to a server in the United States that is optimized for streaming via a virtual private network (VPN).
  • Your true IP address is being shared with Sling TV despite the use of a VPN.
  • There is a possibility that your GPS position and IP address do not match if you are attempting to stream on an Android or iOS device.

Following are the tips to fix Sling TV if it is not working with VPN

Tip 01: Restart Sling TV App after Closing It

If you always leave your computer without turning it off while still connected to your internet, restarting your browser and/or PC is a good place to start. There are times when this is all that is required to get everything functioning the way it was intended to!

Tip 02: Switch to a different Server


Switch to a new USA server like Washington or Chicago!

If you switch to a different server in the United States, you might be able to discover one that Sling TV has not yet blocked. Keep in mind that your VPN may have many servers located in the United States, and not all of those servers may be compatible.

Because of this, you should get in touch with your VPN service provider and inquire about which server is optimal for streaming content. By switching to a different server, you can fix the Sling TV not working with VPN prompt.

Tip 03: Clear the Cache of Your Device


Clear your cookies and cache.

When you clear the cache, this causes the servers used by Sling TV to forget your prior IP address and location. Then, they will instead acknowledge the US IP address that was provided to you by your VPN service.

Tip 04: Reinstall or Update Your VPN

If you are using an older version of the app, there is a chance that you do not have access to the most up-to-date server options and encounter a Sling TV not working with VPN error. To revitalize the experience, you might try reinstalling the program or updating it.

Which VPN works best with Sling TV in NZ?

Does Sling TV work with VPN in NZ? Yes, it still does. With a good VPN, you can smoothly access Sling TV on Roku as well. In fact, we have tested some of the VPNs and have come up with the following three best VPNs for Sling TV.

  • ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN has lightning-fast servers that are compatible with Sling TV as well as a plethora of other well-known streaming services. Excellent with regard to confidentiality and safety.
  • Surfshark: The most cost-effective option to watch Sling TV is Surfshark. Blocks may be easily avoided, and robust security measures are utilized. It doesn’t impose a connection limit.
  • NordVPN: NordVPN, with its unrivaled download speeds and a large number of servers available to unblock the geo-restrictions, is one of the best. Security and privacy are at par with the industry’s best and the app is available for most platforms that are simple to use.

Sling TV not working with VPN in NZ – FAQs

Do you have other inquiries about Sling TV not working with VPN in NZ? Check out our most frequently asked questions about using a sling with VPN in NZ.

Yes, it is legal to watch Sling TV with VPN in NZ, including in the United States and other western nations. This protects your internet connection and privacy. It also lets you access content that would otherwise be geographically restricted. So you can freely enjoy your cherished content at a reasonable price of Sling TV.

Yes, you can use a free VPN for Sling TV in NZ but it does not mean it is safe. Sometimes, these free VPNs will sell your data to third-party companies. By connecting to the internet using a trusted virtual private network (VPN), such as ExpressVPN, you will be able to take advantage of its premium security features as well as its lightning-fast download and upload speeds, even if you are accessing Sling TV on Firestick.

Sling TV is restricting its users’ ability to access content from locations outside the United States by taking action against certain virtual private networks (VPNs). So if you’re asking “why my Sling TV is not working?”, then maybe your VPN is already blocked by Sling TV in Australia.


We hope that after reading this blog post, you are now aware of how Sling TV operates in New Zealand and can begin streaming the content you enjoy most with the assistance of one of the VPNs discussed above.

If things don’t turn out as rosy as you expected during the Sling TV free trial, you can even cancel Sling TV. Nevertheless, if you have any questions about Sling TV not working with VPN in NZ problems after reading this, you can ask us anything by leaving a comment down below. Happy binge-watching!

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