How to Watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu


Class of ‘09 is one of the few FBI Drama shows that explore the role of AI in criminal justice. The future depicted in this time-traveling limited series is heavily reliant on technology, and the show an absolute must-watch.

Class of ‘09 will be streaming exclusively on Hulu on 10 May 2023, and you better gear up for this Hulu addition. Considering that Hulu is geo-restricted, you will need the best Hulu VPN to watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN!

The streaming service is blocked in New Zealand because of content licensing agreements. Thus you need a premium VPN to watch Hulu in NZ. You also need a Hulu subscription, but you might get lucky with a Hulu free trial if you are a new subscriber.

Because the Class of ’09 complete series release date is fast approaching, we have curated this guide to give you insights into Class of ’09 episodes, and how to stream Class of ‘09 in New Zealand.

[5 Easy Steps] How to Watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu?

To watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu, you need a VPN because of geo-restrictions. Use these 5 easy steps to execute the Hulu location trick and watch the show in New Zealand:

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN for HD streaming).
  • Download and install the VPN app to your streaming device.
  • Open the VPN server list and connect to a US server (Recommended: New York server).
  • Go to the Hulu website and sign in using your credentials.
  • Watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu.

Where can I Watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand?

You probably want to know where to watch Class of ‘09 in New Zealand, and it’s on Hulu.

The Hulu FX drama release date has been announced and will be coming on Hulu. If you are in New Zealand, however, you will not be able to access the show because of geo-restrictions so it is imperative that you get a premium VPN subscription.

A reliable VPN like ExpressVPN will help you work around these restrictions and stream Class of ‘09 in New Zealand. Hulu price ranges from $7.99 monthly, and you can also get a Hulu free trial if you are an eligible new subscriber!

When is the Release Date of Class of ’09 on Hulu?

Class of ‘09 TV show release date on Hulu is 10 May 2023.

The premiere will feature the simultaneous release of the first two episodes, with more episodes coming each Wednesday. To watch FX Class of 09 on the release date, get ExpressVPN to bypass Hulu restrictions.

What is the Class of ’09 Plot Summary?

In Class of ’09, the characters’ storylines span thirty years as they are recruited, undergo training, and eventually become top agents. When significant factors in the justice system and a changing society are altered, the weight of being an FBI agent is examined.

After the passing of a classmate, a group of FBI agents who all graduated from Quantico in 2009 get back together. The story is recounted through overlapping narrative arcs to explore themes of humanity, justice, and the decisions that shape their lives and the world they left behind.

What is the Cast of Class of ’09?

Brian Tyree Henry with Kate Mara, renowned actors, star in the show. The two will play FBI agents Tayo Miller and Ashley Poet, who spend their lives together from the moment they meet at the academy until they are deep in the action of a constantly developing criminal justice system.

Here is the full Class of ’09 Hulu cast:

Name Character
Isaiah Stratton Evans
Phil Armijo Riviera
Camry Brault Rose Cole
Sarafina King Amanda Bennett
Bryan McClure Jesse Parker
Briar Boggs Henry Lee
Ethan Hernandez Fernando Flores
Nick Hagelin Clarence Brown
Nick DeKay J Moore
Jefferson Cox D Allen
Alexander Grace Victor Scott
Kate Mara Ashley Poet
Rosalind Eleazar Vivienne
Brian Tyree Henry Tayo Michaels
Sepideh Moafi Hour
Brian J. Smith Lennix
Jon Jon Briones Gabriel
Brooke Smith Drew

How many Episodes are in Class of ’09 Mini Series?

Class of ‘09 mini-series has 8 episodes, and here’s a brief summary of each episode:

Episode No. Episode Name Episode Summary
1 2023 Part of Something Agent Poet completes her most difficult covert operation only to be thrust into another when the class of 2009 gathers for the first time at Quantico. In the near future, with the Bureau transformed, Poet’s career hits a crisis point.
2 The Fitness Test The class of 2009 is required to pass a physical fitness exam; the trainee at the greatest risk is Tayo, who has struggled in the past and present; these circumstances motivated the radical changes that he would bring to the Bureau in future.
3 Thank You for Not Driving Poet must complete a difficult driving course at Quantico; in the present, her undercover operation has brought the FBI to a critical juncture; in the future, she will examine Tayo’s authority.
4 Not Your Girlfriend At Quantico, Class of ’09 confronts what it means to take a life, both in the present, when they must stop a terrorist attack by killing one of the attackers, and in the future, when they must deal with the psychological fallout of that event.
5 Episode #5 TBA
6 Episode #6 TBA
7 Episode #7 TBA
8 Episode #8 TBA

The next section will answer any questions you may have regarding the number of Class of ‘09 seasons available.

How many Seasons of Class of ’09 are on Hulu?

1 season of Class of ‘09 will be available on Hulu beginning 10 May, in case you are curious about how many seasons of class 09 are there to stream.

Is there a Trailer of Class of ’09 on Hulu?

Yes, Class of ‘09 trailer is available.

The trailer will keep you on your toes as you look forward to the thrill Class of ‘09 trailer will bring on your screen.

What Makes ExpressVPN the Recommended VPN to Watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu due to its ability to provide buffer-free streaming.

Discover why ExpressVPN is the ultimate choice for streaming Class of ’09!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu for lightning-fast and uninterrupted streaming.

The VPN boasts a large server network comprising over 3,000+ servers in 105 countries, with a significant number of 20+ servers located in the United States. By having sufficient bandwidth, you can guarantee that you will not miss any part of the drama.

The VPN was tested for its unblocking capability using the New York server, and it worked seamlessly when we opted to watch Clock 2023 Movie in New Zealand.


Connect to the New York server to stream Class of ’09 on Hulu!

Recommended server: New York
ExpressVPN’s optimized servers allow for uninterrupted streaming of the best shows on Hulu in New Zealand with the ultimate data protection. The download and upload speeds are 92.26 Mbps and 89.45 Mbps, respectively, indicating a high level of performance when streaming.


ExpressVPN’s AES-256-bit encryption ensures the privacy and security of your streaming activities while accessing Hulu from in New Zealand.

The Lightway Protocol, which is exclusively ExpressVPN’s, is designed to provide unparalleled speed, full anonymity and reliable performance. This makes it an excellent option for individuals who want to watch Class of ’09 on Hulu from in New Zealand.

MediaStreamer by ExpressVPN is a recommended option for individuals whose devices lack VPN support. This feature enables users to access and stream the best movies on Hulu across multiple streaming devices.

The ability to use up to five devices simultaneously with one subscription is a significant advantage, particularly for households with multiple individuals streaming content. As you watch Hulu on iPhone, a different user can stream Hulu on Firestick, all while using a single account.

The VPN allows for the streaming of Hulu content on various media streaming devices, such as iPhones, Roku, PCs, smart televisions, Firestick, Android smartphones, game consoles, and Chromecast.

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Class of '09

What New to Watch on Hulu in 2023?

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Steven Canals directed two episodes of Class of ’09. Tom Rob Smith is the executive producer of the Class of ’09, a respected producer of titles in the crime genre, and is known for writing for London Spy, American Crime Story, and The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Class of ‘09 is an FX production that’ll be available for streaming on Hulu, in case you are asking yourself where can I watch Class of ’09.

Class of ‘09 was filmed on October 21, in Los Angeles, California.

Wrapping Up

To watch Class of ’09 in New Zealand on Hulu, you have to use a VPN. Like most streaming platforms in the US, Hulu is geo-restricted because of licensing agreements. Unless you use a VPN to bypass the blocks, you cannot watch Class of ‘09 in New Zealand.

Class of ‘09 is making its exclusive debut on Hulu on 10 May 2023, and you cannot afford to miss out on the thrill that the crime drama show brings. Get your Hulu and ExpressVPN subscription and stay ready for the premiere date.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Class of ‘09 on Hulu without lags, on secure and reliable servers, with a 30-day refund guarantee!

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