13 Best Reality Shows On Netflix in New Zealand Right Now

Best-reality-shows-on-Netflix-in-New Zealand

Looking to give your brain a much-needed break? The best way to go about it is by watching the best reality shows on Netflix in New Zealand. 

From dating galore Love Village to uniquely enlightening competition series “Blown Away,” Netflix has no shortage of reality TV goodies filled with drama, charismatic celebrities, and jaw-dropping ideas.

Reality TV is one of the most popular and beloved genres in the entertainment industry. Thankfully, Netflix recognizes the greatness and demand of this genre and offers a cascade of free-flowing original reality TV series mixed with other marquee franchises.

Some of the best shows on Netflix hail from the reality TV genre. In fact, there are so many tempting options that it becomes a herculean task to decide which shows are actually worth watching.

Apart from reality TV, there are many amazing travel shows and movies such as The Marksman, Horizon LineReminiscence, The Box, Faithfully Yours, Hereditary, etc, or you can delve into some of the best documentaries on Netflix.

With its region-specific content catalogs, you will need the best VPN for Netflix to watch a wide range of best reality TV shows on Netflix in New Zealand.

Coming back to the point, we have picked the best of the best reality TV shows to watch on Netflix. Let’s uncover them!

What are the Best Reality Shows on Netflix in New Zealand?

There’s a plethora of the best reality shows on Netflix that will blow your mind. From The Great British Bake Off spreading scrumptious recipes to comedy-horror reality show Prank Encounters, we have got you covered. Let’s explore our must-watch list of Netflix best reality shows.

Love Is Blind (2020-)

love-is-blind-in-New Zealand

Genre: Game-Show, Romance, Reality-TV

Director: Brian Smith

Writer: Surbhi Sehgal

Cast: Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Deepti Vempati, Iyanna McNeely, Shayne Jansen

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

Number of Seasons: 3 seasons

The reality show is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey and is considered one of the best reality shows on Netflix. The show starts the matchmaking experiment with a bunch of contestants that get to know each other through “pods”.

Pods are the connected rooms where they talk but never get to see the other person. If they make up their mind to get engaged, only then they can see each other’s faces.

Ultimate Beastmaster (2017-2018)

ultimate-beastmaster-in-New Zealand

Genre: Game-Show, Reality-TV

Director: Patrick McManus

Writer: David Broome, Sylvester Stallone

Cast: Luis Ernesto Franco, Anderson Silva, Tiki Barber, Terry Crews, Sayaka Akimoto

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Number of Seasons: 3 seasons

Ultimate Beastmaster is one and only of its kind in the best reality TV shows on Netflix. The show was an obstacle course-based competition, and famous actors, comedians, athletes, and celebrities were put in the spotlight through different events.

As unique and hilarious as its concept may be, the Ultimate Beastmaster only was renewed for three seasons.

The Big Flower Fight (2020-)

the-big-flower-fight-in-New Zealand

Genre: Reality-TV



Cast: Natasia Demetriou, Vic Reeves, Kristen Griffith-Vanderyacht, Yan Skates, Helen Lockwood

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Number of Seasons: 1 season

Do you ever desire in yourself to just zone out and look at some nice flowers in nature? Well, if you said yes in the answer, one of the best Netflix reality shows, The Big Flower Fight, is for you.

In this competition series, 10 florists/garden artists come to compete with each other and test their capability to convert something that is already charming into something that is even more charming and beautiful.

And let us tell you it is just as soothing and aesthetically pleasing as it sounds.

Prank Encounters (2019-)

prank-encounters-in-New Zealand

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Reality-TV

Director: Anthony Gonzales

Writer: Doug Perkins

Cast: David Storrs, Gaten Matarazzo, Peter Giles, Susan Spano, Henry Dittman

IMDb Rating: 5.2/10

Number of Seasons: 2 seasons

In Prank Encounters, Gaten Matarazzo stars as the host of this reality-based show. Several actors and actresses come to aid and play a big role in every scary prank that Gatens wants to act.

With each proceeding scene of the show, things get very scary until Matarazzo walks in and announces to everyone that it was just a funny prank.

The Circle (2020-)

the-circle-in-New Zealand

Genre: Reality-TV, Game-Show

Director: Tom Lowry


Cast: Michelle Buteau, Chloe Veitch, Matthew Pappadia, Deleesa Carrasquillo, Nick Uhlenhuth

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Number of Seasons: 4 seasons

Another one in the list of the best reality shows on Netflix. While on the show, the contestants live in apartments, and the building showcases the notorious circle on its outside. These contestants are neighbors literally but never get to meet each other. They only communicate via a social app named “The Circle.”

On this app, they regularly rank others based on the impressions they give via on-app interactions. The top-rated ones become influencers who can even eliminate others.

The Great British Bake Off (2010-)

the-great-british-bake-off-in-New Zealand

Genre: Reality-TV

Director: Andy Devonshire


Cast: Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc, Prue Leith

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

Number of Seasons: 12 seasons

Mostly, reality TV does not get related to purity and wholesomeness, but when it comes to The Great British Bake Off, it is not that true because it is one of Netflix best reality shows.

The Great British Bake Off is an entirely cheerful but only sometimes stressful world full of baking art. Each season of the series selects 12 home bakers to take part in 3 challenges each weekend until there are only 3 bakers left for the series final.

The Million Dollar Game (2019)

the-million-dollar-game-in-New Zealand

Genre: Game-Show

Director: Rich Kim

Writer: Victoria Ashbourne

Cast: James Davis, Russell Rope, Hayley Seat, Ikechukwu Mbagwu, Katie Vasbinder

IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

Number of Seasons: 1 season

We can not skip this one while creating the list of reality shows on Netflix. So basically, a group of people just score the quarters continuously for 24 hours. Having no helping equipment like paper, pen, or breaks, naps. So let the competition begin!

In Awake: The Million Dollar Game, these sleep-stripped contestants have to take part in many Minute to Win It method challenges that are designed to take advantage of their exhaustion. But if you want to win a million dollars, you should not let this exhaustion hold you back.

Next In Fashion (2020)

next-in-fashion-in-New Zealand

Genre: Reality-TV



Cast: Alexa Chung, Tan France, Marco Morante, Charles Lu, Charles Lu

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Number of Seasons: 1 season

Another one of the best reality shows on Netflix not to miss. Next is fashion also resides in the category of best competition shows on Netflix. In this reality TV, Queer Eye Tan France can be seen as the host once again on Netflix. Co-hosting with him is Alexa Chung.

The series features the contestants competing in order to win a cash prize along with a fashion collection. The designers from around the world come and their designs are dissected and evaluated by judges.

Bullsh*t The Gameshow (2022-)

bullshit-the-game-show-in-New Zealand

Genre: Game-Show, Reality-TV

Director: Alan Carter

Writer: Jonty Nash, Christopher Potts

Cast: Howie Mandel, Ashley Johnson, Alison Betts, Megan Monteleone, Ellyn Marsh

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Number of Seasons: 1 season

Another of the best reality shows on Netflix is Bullsh*t The Gameshow, which is a mix of a typical quiz show and a card game, Cheat, aka Bullshit.

To win the game and the grand prize it offers, the players work their way up on the money ladder by giving the answers to the questions accurately or wrongly. However, they can and will be getting called out of that.

If you like this show, definitely you would like to check business-related series on Netflix also.

Blown Away (2019-)

blown-away-in-New Zealand

Genre: Reality-TV

Director: Mike Bickerton

Writer: Ron Carroll

Cast: Nick Uhas, Katherine Gray, Deborah Czeresko, Elliot Walker, Alexander Rosenberg

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Number of Seasons: 3 seasons

Meanwhile, where most game shows are focused on either baking, cooking, or going through an intensive series of challenges, Blown Away is very different. The game show stands out due to its elegant form.

Through a number of contests, participants create one of the most delicate blown glass art, taking their chance at winning the $60,000 prize. If you are a fan of art, design, or precision, this one is worth the watch if you are looking to watch the best reality shows on Netflix.

Too Hot To Handle (2020-)

too-hot-too-handle-in-New Zealand

Genre: Romance, Reality-TV, Game-Show


Writer: Robin Morgan

Cast: Desiree Burch, Carly Lawrence, Emily Miller, Chase de Moor, Cam Holmes

IMDb Rating: 4.6/10

Number of Seasons: 3 seasons

The show brings 10 hot single people having notorious commitment issues about relationships and puts them together in an island villa, a 4-week “sexcation” for what they think.

When they get on the island, it all depends on them to remain abstinent for 4 weeks before they retreat. This show really is too hot to handle, and that is why it has made it into the category of best dating shows on Netflix.

Skin Wars (2014-)

skin-wars-in-New Zealand

Genre: Reality-TV



Cast: RuPaul, Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina, Rebecca Romijn, Kayla Delehant

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Number of Seasons: 3 seasons

Skin Wars, as hinted by the name, is a reality competition of body painting. Rebecca Romijn is the host. Contestants in the series are challenged to perform makeovers of body painting in every episode.

The key is to find one of the most versatile and talented body painters present in the whole country.

Nailed It! (2018-)

nailed-it-in-New Zealand

Genre: Game-Show, reality-TV

Director: Paul Starkman


Cast: Nicole Byer, Jacques Torres, Weston Bahr, Charity George, Jay Chandrasekhar

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Number of Seasons: 7 seasons

Nailed it! Seems to be made for anyone who, when watching cooking shows, feels worse about their cooking skills. Well, Nailed It! here, will change that for you.

Instead of showing experts on the show, they bring the painfully usual home bakers to compete for a grand prize of US$10,000. It is one of the best American reality shows on Netflix!

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Whether watching reality TV is your guilty pleasure or it’s a source of inspiration, education, or fun for you, the best reality shows on Netflix will serve you a tempting smorgasbord of reality TV.

You can consume this supply either in a small dosage or as a binge-able marathon. Unfortunately, Netflix’s free trial has been discontinued, so you have to get a subscription plan; Netflix costs only US$9.99 per month only.

Remember that for some shows, you might need to get American Netflix, as some titles are exclusively made for US viewers.

If your reality TV thirst is quenched, but you need the party to get going, you can turn your attention to the best Turkish series on Netflix.

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