How to Change Netflix Language in New Zealand? [Under 5 Minutes]

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Do you know how to change the language on Netflix in New Zealand? It is not the most challenging thing to do. Netflix now comes with over 20 language sets, including subtitles and audio.

Now that Netflix is available to over 190 million users in more than 180 countries, diversity in language and audio is a major requirement to keep all users happy and expand the content reach for all users.

Get ready to add international flavor to your Netflix viewing experience. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or just looking for something different to watch on Netflix in New Zealand and access new content, including Netflix New Zealand from anywhere.

But how to change the language on Netflix in New Zealand? The process is not rocket science, and just a few steps will help you watch your favorite Japanese manga and anime or any other foreign movie of your choice.

Follow the methods below and change Netflix language settings according to your liking:

How to Change Language on Netflix

  1. Visit and sign in.
  2. Click on Netflix account settings through the top-right menu.
  3. Access the profile you want to change the language.
  4. Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu.
  5. Save the changed settings and select Done.

Change of Language and Add Subtitles by Show

  1. Start the show you want to watch.
  2. When the screen appears, click on Options. (Small dialogue box with writing)
  3. Select whatever language or subtitles you want.
  4. Continue watching your show.

Change Netflix Language Settings on Phone

If you want to change the language settings on your phone, then follow the methods mentioned below:

  1. Login to the Netflix app.
  2. Play the show you want to watch.
  3. Tap anywhere on the screen and select the dialogue box when it appears.
  4. Select your language preference and save it.
  5. Continue streaming your show with the changes applied.

From Which Countries Can I Access Netflix Libraries A-Z?

As a Netflix Fan you can expand your viewing horizons and enhance your streaming experience by connecting yourself to different Netflix libraries available in Different regions, from which some of them are as follow:

Netflix Philippines in New Zealand Netflix Australia in New Zealand
Netflix Costa Rica in New Zealand Netflix Italy in New Zealand
Netflix Germany in New Zealand Netflix Hong Kong in New Zealand
Netflix Spain in New Zealand Netflix Denmark in New Zealand
Netflix France in New Zealand Netflix Finland in New Zealand
Netflix Canada in New Zealand Netflix Japan in New Zealand
Netflix Norway in New Zealand Netflix Netherlands in New Zealand
Netflix Ireland in New Zealand Netflix Sweden in New Zealand
Netflix Switzerland in New Zealand Netflix UK in New Zealand
Netflix Taiwan in New Zealand  Netflix South Africa in New Zealand
Netflix Argentina in New Zealand Netflix Singapore in New Zealand
Netflix India from anywhere Netflix Portugal in New Zealand
Netflix Thailand in New Zealand Netflix Panama from Anywhere
Netflix Belgium in New Zealand Netflix Iceland in New Zealand


On your Android or iOS device, stream the show you want to, tap anywhere on the screen and select the dialogue box icon; there you will see the option to change the language on Netflix (subtitles and audio). Press OK, and your show will start streaming in the audio of your choice.

Depending on the device you own, you can change the settings through the App settings or navigate the settings option on the top right corner of your screen.

You can’t strictly set it for that option, but you can search for English-only titles to show Netflix movies in the English language.

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