How to Watch Angelyne on Peacock TV Outside USA


Angelyne is a 71-year-old American singer, media personality, model, and actress who made headlines in 1984 after appearing on billboards all over California. This new series is about her story, and we’ll show you how to watch Angelyne on Peacock TV outside USA.

The lady behind this story garnered attention after provocative billboards appeared in Los Angeles, California. The billboards propelled Angelyne to prominence as the original billboard icon in LA. This Peacock show will have eight episodes telling Angelyne’s story and will premiere on May 19, 2022.

Rossum plays the role of billboard icon in this show, and here’s the information on how to watch this Peacock TV original outside US.

Easy Steps: How to Watch Angelyne on Peacock TV with ExpressVPN Outside USA

Peacock TV is a streaming service with a huge collection of movies and TV shows but is only available in the United States. Luckily, you can use a VPN to watch Angelyne on Peacock TV outside USA, and here are the steps to follow:

  • Create an account with a reliable VPN provider with fast servers in the US. We recommend ExpressVPN, now 35% off.
  • Install the ExpressVPN app on your streaming device.
  • If you’re streaming on a browser, clear the cookies and cache to remove any information about your location.
  • Connect to a server in the United States.
  • Go to Peacock TV and watch Angelyne.

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Angelyne Trailer

Emily Rossum, who plays Angeline in the series, introduces the trailer with “since I was a girl, I’ve known that fame is my destiny.” “Huge gigantic fame, so I said, I’m going to get the love of the world.” The images on the billboard pictured her posing suggestively, and everybody wanted to know who Angelyne was. Watch the full trailer here.

Best Peacock TV VPNs to Watch Angelyne Outside USA

Peacock TV is one of the best streaming services in the US, with content from NBC, DreamWorks Animation, and Universal Pictures. However, the service is not available outside the US. If you try accessing the site from an unsupported country, you’ll receive an error message.

But you can use a VPN to avoid the restriction, and here are the best VPNs for Peacock TV.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Angelyne on Peacock TV Outside USA


ExpressVPN is the best option for watching Angelyne on Peacock TV outside USA. The VPN service is heralded as the best VPN, and for a good reason. The VPN has servers all over the world and supports all major platforms, and even its relatively high monthly charges are justified.

The VPN service has 3000+ servers that are well placed in 94+ countries worldwide. ExpressVPN has 24 servers in the United States for unblocking Peacock TV and other US streaming services. Prominent US server locations include Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, NYC, etc.

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The VPN doesn’t disappoint on our 100Mbps network with top speeds of 89.42Mbps download and 84.64Mbps upload.


ExpressVPN has all the features you can expect from a high-end VPN, such as built-in threat protection, split tunneling, and bypassing ISP throttling.

You’ll find apps for all your preferred streaming devices, including the common OS systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. That’s not all; ExpressVPN supports Kindle Fire, routers, smart TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, and gaming consoles. It’s important to note that ExpressVPN only allows five simultaneous connections.

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Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Angelyne on Peacock TV Outside USA

Surfshark is a VPN that’s slowly gaining popularity, with the main selling point being its low monthly cost. This makes Surfshark an option when you want to watch Angelyne on Peacock TV outside USA on a budget.

The VPN is a great option if you plan to share the account with friends and family because it offers unlimited simultaneous connections on one subscription.

Surfshark works with Peacock TV with 600+ servers in the United States. Overall, the VPN has 3200+ servers in 65+ countries around the world.

The VPN provides excellent speeds for online streaming, with a download speed of 88.14Mbps and uploads of 83.72Mbps on a 100Mbps connection.


The Surfshark VPN app is simple and easy to use, which could easily be the VPN’s main selling point if you don’t want a VPN with unnecessary complications. The VPN supports Linux, iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and other streaming devices via the smart DNS feature.

Surfshark has great features, including CleanWeb, which eliminates malware, trackers, ads, and other phishing attempts. You also get the Bypasser feature, the VPN’s version of split tunneling. It also has a Kill Switch, AES-256-GCM encryption, and IKEv2/IPsec protocol for better protection and performance.

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NordVPN: Largest Servers Network VPN to Watch Angelyne on Peacock TV Outside USA


NordVPN is a great VPN and is a top VPN because of its high number of servers. No other VPN comes close to the extensive NordVPN network, but the VPN also offers great unblocking capabilities and robust security features.

The VPN has 5310+ servers in various countries worldwide and an impressive 1970+ servers in the United States. The large server network shows how the provider values user privacy and unblocks streaming services.

NordVPN servers are fast, and you can watch Angelyne on Peacock TV without experiencing the frustrating lagging issues. On a 100Mbps connection, NordVPN records top download speeds of 86.49Mbps and 79.42Mbps upload.


The VPN company has dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux, and you can use one account on six simultaneous devices. It’s also available on other streaming devices such as PlayStation, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, Fire TV, Chromecast, Nintendo Switch, etc.

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What Devices Can I Use To Watch Angelyne?

You can watch Angelyne on Peacock TV on a host of streaming devices such as:

  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Smart TV
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Firestick
  • Xbox

Introduction of Angelyne

Angelyne tells the story of the original billboard icon. She went from being a D-list celebrity to the talk of the town through a series of provocative billboards in LA in the 1980s.

Angelyne sported big blonde hair and a fierce persona, posing suggestively with her name written on the billboard. No other information was included on the billboard, adding a sense of mysteriousness to her character. The show will be available for streaming on Peacock TV on May 19, 2022.

Cast of Angelyne

Want to know who’ll be the cast in the highly-anticipated Peacock TV show Angeline? Here’s the full list of actors appearing on the show:

Emmy Rossum as Angelyne
Alex Karpovsky as Jeff Glasner
Hamish Linklater as Rick Krause
Lukas Gage as Max Allen
Joshua Charles Parker as Curly Haired Man
Tonatiuh as Andre Casiano
Scott Connors
William Guirola as Worker 1
Brian Carpenter as Wally George
Blair Hickey as David Duncamp
Diana Gitelman as Ruth Bauer
Kerry Norton as Edie Wallach
Ted King as Mitch
Olivia Jellen as Rachel Goldman
Antjuan Tobias as Bud Griffin
Martin Freeman
Charlie Rowe as Freddy Messina

What are the Regions and Streaming choices where the Angelyne will broadcast?

Angeline is a Peacock TV exclusive, and you can’t find the show on any other streaming service in or out of the US.

In addition, Peacock TV is only available in the US, so you’ll need a VPN to watch from whichever country you’re in. Peacock TV is inaccessible whether on vacation, working, or living in a different country.

But a VPN spoofs your location to the US so you can watch Angelyne on Peacock TV like you would back home in the US.

Can I Watch Peacock TV anywhere Outside USA?

Using a VPN is the only way to watch Peacock TV anywhere outside the United States. Most streaming services, including Peacock TV, apply geo-restrictions so the content can only be accessed in the US. But a VPN allows you to get around the geo-restrictions by providing a US IP address to unlock the content on Peacock TV.


You can only watch Peacock TV in the United States and it territories. But you can stream Peacock TV from any country with a VPN with servers in the US.

Angeline is a limited series about a mysterious billboard icon of the 80s who rose to fame after billboards began to appear in LA. The billboards featured her curvier figure and suggestive poses that got people talking.

It’s safe to use a VPN to watch Peacock TV, but it’s against the streaming service provider’s terms and conditions. We suggest using a high-end VPN service like ExpressVPN to get the best streaming experience.

Wrapping up

Angelyne is a limited series and will be available for streaming on Peacock TV on May 19, 2022. However, Peacock TV is only available in the US, but you can use a VPN with fast US servers to unlock the streaming service from anywhere.

So, stop wasting time and get ExpressVPN to watch Angelyne on Peacock TV outside USA.

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