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TransMedia Group announced the appointment of film industry leader Bill Hofmann as the public relations firm’s President of its film and TV production arm, TMGroup Productions.

Hofmann, the founder of HOF-1 Films, is a producer, director, and veteran of the United States Air Force. He brings to TransMedia Group many years of experience in the film production industry.

Before working with TransMedia Group and HOF-1 Films, Hofmann excelled in the automotive industry as an account executive with MOMO USA, before moving into corporate racing, where he worked with famous celebrities, including race car drivers and movie stars. Hofmann later was in charge of operations for Speedline America and went to IndyCar and IMSA Races with such clients as Chip Ganassi, Bobby Rahal, Mario, and Michael Andretti, among others.

Hofmann will be tapping his relationships with former clients, top producers, and investors as he develops major films, documentaries, docu-series, drama series’, comedy series, sitcoms and more. Hofmann will work closely with TransMedia Group President Adrienne Mazzone on creating production opportunities for the firm’s many authors, screenwriters, and interesting stories.

These include works by America’s enterprising Watchdog for Justice, Larry Klayman, along with Terence Gordon’s ‘What’s In A Name!’ documentary on Alfredo Versace, Edgar Scott’s recently released Sci-Fi thriller, ‘418: I Am A Teapot’, and a comedy series based on the best-selling book “King of the Condo,” written by the Founder and CEO of TransMedia Group, Tom Madden.

“I’m humbled to be a part of all the amazing projects that are ever coming through TransMedia’s door as the PR firm continues to spread its creative wings,” Hofmann said. “TransMedia Group has the most diverse and interesting clients with stories perfect for converting to film and I’m proud to assist in providing these opportunities.”

Here’s Some of Our Conversation with Bill Hofmann Watch the Complete Interview above!

Hi guys! This is Mohid Moosani from and today I have two lovely guests with me today, Bill Hoffman and Adrienne Mazzone. Bill has recently joined as the president of the production at TM Group and Adrienne on the other hand is the group president. So, Bill whats’s planned up for the firm?

Thanks for having us on ScreenBinge we appreciate it! I am Bill Hoffman, I had a company called HOF-1 Films for many years …. Adrienne and I decided to work on some projects together, starting in February of this year.

And uh we decided that we would be stronger together to join forces. So, um we’ve uh formed three divisions, one is TransMedia Group public relations which Adrienne is president of and Madden town is also Adrienne’s and I’m the president of TransMedia Group productions.

So, Bill how do you plan to help the TransMedia Group? What will you be doing exactly?

Our main goal is to help to fund, what we do basically is… uh we find funding and distribution for different film projects but also production if needed.

So, basically just to give you a little more detail we’re working on three feature films right, we’re working on two document series um… we’re working on two drama series for television like a police drama. Also working on two common theory shows and we’re working on several documentaries right, so you know we got our fingers in a lot of different aspects of the business. And one of the things that Adrienne brings is she brings a lot of talent and a lot of clients to us and I bring a lot of the same. I bring in my networks that I’ve built along the way.

Bill, I have a lot of questions from you because you’ve had a very diverse career. I mean you were into the automotive industry, as an account executive at MOMO USA back in the 80s. Then you entered a corporate racing world where you worked with Speed Line as the general manager, could you shed some light on all that?

So, just to correct that a little bit when I was with MOMO, I was the corporate racing liaison for the IMSA Le Mans Series. When I started getting into racing I started working with Michael Andretti and Jean-Pierre Moretti and a few other people.

Then in the 90s I went and worked with Speed Line America right, I started out in operations but I was then promoted to general manager. We supplied Indy car with a lot of magnesium, after that when we were bought out in the early 90s, I went to work for a few other companies … just working in the automotive thing.

And I decided I was going to retire and I kind of retired like in that in 2005/2006 I don’t know the exact year. I stayed out of business for I was kind of like get bored and I decided in 2011 I said um what am I going to do starting in 2012 I need to go back to work… I need to do something.

How did you end up in to film production, from such a different background?

I said what do I love doing? And I love film, I’ve always loved film and I’ve always loved cars so, I formed the company HOF-1 Films in January 2012. And basically, I’m pretty well self-taught I had two television shows, I worked for Fox sports for a while, the NCCA football, I did um my own TV show called “Florida on Wheels,” because I’m a car guy obviously.

And then I did 30 some TV commercials, I got into TV commercials because they pay really well so I decided on doing that, right, I did very well with that. I also produce, if you know a show called “South Beach Classics.” It was a show on the Discovery channel and I produced a number of episodes.

I went working for another race team, but I kept doing my film and um… I did some pretty cool projects for the Discovery channel in Germany, that was all in German but I speak no German but I was still one of the producers so they had translators so it was pretty cool.

Then this year I closed the backdown, the company and then I said in January this year I said I’m going to start filming again right.


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