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Eve Mauro talks about her Cypher, written by Martin Tingle and directed by Majdi Smiri, the show has a solid storyline packed with epic acting by the cast!

Eve Mauro stars as a series regular in the television shows “Cypher”, “The Oath”, “Dystopia” and “Living Dead.” She has been a recurring character on “CSI Miami” and has guest-starred on the hit shows “Dexter,” “Bones” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Mauro also appeared alongside Will Ferrell and Danny McBride in LAND OF THE LOST.

ScreenBinge had an interview with Eve Mauro, here is a little of our conversation. Watch the full interview above!

Mohid Moosani: So how was it working with Martin Tingle?

Eve Mauro: It was amazing! He’s a really creative writer/director, he was an actor before he, told me. He’s very popular in Tunisia. He just knows what he wants…we would walk onto set one day and he’d see the set in the FBI office and he looked around he says no this doesn’t work.

And we’re all instead of getting paid he says I’m not going to shoot this; this isn’t what I had in my head…has them tear it down everything…he’s like I want glass!! Plexiglas… here I want screens everywhere …I want this written here… we just sit there and wait and he’s like I don’t care about the money, this is what I want this is my vision.

Mohid Moosani: How do you manage to do such great work on all your projects? I mean Cypher is doing great, so did living dead and Oath, just to mention a few. How do you manage to perform so well in all the projects and exceed expectations every time?

Eve Mauro: Well, that’s the thing right, uh so…you want to go into these jobs and you want to fulfill all these expectations and these streams and you want to do well…but um as much as hard as the work can be sometimes. It becomes out of your hands at certain points. And you have to rely on other people it’s a community in the acting world in the entertainment industry.

And uh but when you watch things and that’s where I find the beauty of most of the work is when you’re watching things and you find what could I have done better?

What could I have changed and so for me, I’ve never reached a point of perfection or anything of that nature…I’m always finding my faults.

Mohid Moosani: Cypher is doing pretty well, what do you think is the key to that? Except for the amazing storyline?

Eve Mauro: To work on Cypher was great to work on, great cast, great director Majidi…um he’s Tunisian amazing award-winning director. I had a lot of fun and it’s gotten a lot of reviews; I was really happy with the role.

When it comes to directors, editors, sound, lighting everything and so… with Cypher we did a really good job. We waited for a while for it to come out to find the perfect home which we did with Roku.

Mohid Moosani: How did you find working with Jacqueline Hills?

Eve Mauro: Oh, she’s brilliant…she has a calm demeanour about herself and she’s really grounded. She has that elegance about her but she’s strong as well! Umm it’s something, she doesn’t overdo much just very calm and you know she brings forth what is needed and necessary for a character no more and I really like that!

Jacqueline Hills cypher

She has that allure…like a gangster with someone who knows they have this power or this control or confidence. She leans back, she makes you come to her, she doesn’t go to you and as an audience.

When reading a book, when watching a play I want to be drawn in. I want to fall into this world of imagination, right? When I read a book I want to be able to discover things and create within my own mind. With her acting that allows you to do that, you know and I dig it yeah!


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