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Siobhan Fallon Hogan has been seen in several blockbusters over the past twenty-five years. Her many films and television credits include “Men In Black,” “Forrest Gump,” “SNL,” “Seinfeld, “New In Town,” and “Wayward Pines.

She has done several foreign films including three with Denmark’s Lars Von Trier in “Dancer Dark,” “Dogville” and “The House that Jack Built” and Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games.” She can also be seen with Johnny Depp in “The Professor.

She began her career on stage in her own character-driven, one-women shows. After appearing in her show “Bat Girl,” she was cast on Saturday Night Live (1975) in 1992. This show opened many doors for Fallon, and she then began to work steadily in film.

Here’s some of our conversation with Siobhan, watch the complete interview above!

Hello and welcome to ScreenBinge Siobhan! How’s your day been? What’s the update on your film “Rushed,”?

Good good! We had our upstate premiere of the movie last night in upstate New York. Thank god we missed the storm and um we had the premiere Friday in New Jersey so we’re rocking and rolling.

Everybody’s talking about your latest movie “Rushed” where uh you got out of your usual comical character and went on for a very serious role. You’ve also done the production for it, you’ve written it and you’re also a part of the cast. It’s immensely impressive that even after 35 years of being in the industry you have that spark to keep on going and experiment with new ideas.

Thank you so much! You know as you said I’ve been in the industry for 35 years I did a lot of comedy “Saturday Night Live,” “Men in black,“… “Seinfeld” and um I was lucky early on to have AV Kaufman who cast rushed. She put Robert Patrick from The Terminators in it, Jake Weary from Animal Kingdom.
And um I sent the movie over to Lars Von Trier in Denmark because I had done three movies with him and they suggested I have Biblical Musa direct from Denmark, she was fabulous! And Lars co-produced his companies in Tropa. So, I had just done uh The House That Jack
built with Matt Dillon I’ve been to other films with him with Lauren McCall and uh Nicole Kidman and um Dog Villain Dancer in the Dark of Bjork…so, I was lucky to be able to cross over from comedy and I decided to write my own script and call up everybody I’d known over the years who I loved and have them work on it.

What is “Rush” about? Can we get to know a little about the storyline?

You know every mom worries about their kid when they go out…so, it’s the story of revenge… thriller, and it is the story of a mom who goes
toe-to-toe with the frat boy after her son goes off to college and she doesn’t like what happens to her son and we’ve been really lucky because
and the rest we will see in the movie ….that’s right! No spoilers. You can follow the movie on Instagram or Facebook at Rushed movie and we have rave reviews if you go on Rotten Tomatoes…yeah and people are just really loving it thank God.

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