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Kim Hopkins is an international award-winning actress and creator of “The Working Actor Formula,” “Live In The Moment Acting,” and “Last Minute Audition,” which help actors demystify show business and have the career of their dreams.

Starting with a modelling career at three years old, Kim went on to model in New York City to then become an international model and actress with a career spanning five decades.

Paving the way for new generations, she helps to aspire and working actors create content that will bring recognition and booking opportunities. Kim’s clients have won multiple awards, signed with the industry’s top agents, and enjoy successful careers.

Kim has been on the cover of many magazines and has appeared in over 300 commercials globally. She’s been a series regular and starred in cult films, such as “Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie“, “The Hollywood Knights“, and “The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood“.

She has also appeared on “Hitbaby”, “The Tonight Show”,New Mom Who Dis”,I Want To Know Your Story” and many podcasts. A passionate performer, she has also directed and starred in her own films garnering over 27 awards in the past 9 months, including Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director.

Here’s Some of Our Conversation with Kim Hopkins Watch the Complete Interview above!

Hi guys! This is and next to me is Kim Hopkins. Hello and welcome Kim! Firstly Kim, congratulations on winning uh 27 awards in the past nine months which include, the Best Actress Award, Best Supporting Role Award and the Best Director Award.

Hello, I’m glad to be here, thank you for inviting me! And yeah, I’m very proud of the recent awards.

So, you started your career at the age of three in New York and then things kept flowing in the right direction?

Yep, it just kept going I was there until I was about 12 and then came to Los Angeles and then went to Mexico, Japan and Europe…. all over the world yeah!

What was the reason for travelling to all these different countries?

Uh, at 18 I believe I started travelling for work and I believe Tokyo was the first place where I landed. I was alone, I went with a modelling agency but I was pretty much by myself which I wouldn’t do today…when you’re young you tend to take all sorts of risks.

You just do what you do when things come to you. You do them because it’s fun and different and it’s an adventure. And now I think about things a little bit more I still do, yeah.

The aim behind moving to different countries was that they were booking me on contracts to come and do modeling jobs and commercials and some acting in those places depending on where it was. It was them asking me to come so I went where they asked me to go trying to develop my career.

So, right now you’re heading to New York to do a series regular role on Abigail Breslin’s show, “Door Girls.” Would you like to shed some light on it?

Yes! Abigail Breslin, who is at the moment starring in Still Water with Matt Damon um that’s everywhere you have. If you haven’t seen it go see it. She does an amazing job in that film, she’s so talented just an…. amazingly talented young woman and she’s an angel of a person on top of that.

She’s a very supportive person for other women….so, I’m not sure when we’re going to New York to do that. Unfortunately, we were supposed to do it at the beginning of this year but her father passed away from Covid… God rest him and it was very hard on Abby.

It seems like the numbers are going up again, people are dying and it is very scary I mean there are things we can do and people aren’t doing them. So, that’s pretty frustrating to me I mean I pray for the people who have lost their families and I feel badly for anybody who’s lost anyone because of Covid, but I’m also hoping that people will open their eyes and realize that this isn’t a political or a race thing. This is really just about protecting yourself and your family and the people around you.

Coming back to “Door Girls,” it’s on the burner and we’re going to go do it!

I’ve heard that you’re also writing a limited series, is that true?

Umm yes! I decided to write a limited series and Abigail Breslin is dropping a new album. She also sings and so she’s dropping a new album towards the end of September and I asked her if she would be interested in letting me use one of her songs for it. And she said she would be happy to write for it.

So, she’s going to be writing a song for this and after some discussion, we decided that we’re going to be writing the series together with the gentleman that she writes with all the time. His name is Trevor… so the three of us are going to write it. Abby is going to act in it as well so, I think this is going to be a really big thing.

Let’s talk a little about your acting career, was “Assault in Paradise” 1977 your first film? How did you like that gruesome film as your first project? It was so intense, how was that experience?

I think I don’t remember if it was Maniac or Assault in Paradise… it was one of the two they were both Roger Corman films and I did them back-to-back…. I think I did… yes Assault in Paradise. It was actually called something else when we made it.

It was exciting and it was uh new… I hadn’t been in such a big production before. I had never done anything that big before so it was a little bit intimidating and I wasn’t sure where to be when to be how to be but the director was very kind and helpful and I think I actually have the poster for Maniac which was the one. I do have it, I’ll send it to you.

Coming to “Cheek & Chong’s Next Movie” (1980), now that’s one complete reefer movie, how was the experience?

Yeah, it was a fun film… it was a really fun film Tommy Chong is one of my favourite directors that I worked with um… he’s a really good director, very precise and just really good. I’ve run into him several times recently but Cheech was a little nutty, in fact, they were both a little nutty it was a fun set.

Cheech and Chong is you know… a current classic or I mean classic… they’re doing a new movie!


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