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Paul’s latest film, “The Soviet Experiment” is launching pretty soon, the release was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We all might know what the Russian Sleep Experiment was about, but watching it on the big screen is surely going to give you the chills!

Of course, it wasn’t easy for Paul to achieve so much at a young age but he knocked on all doors, even if that meant acting in low-budget films that were never meant to take off.

Luckily, he ran into the famous casting director Mali Finn. Even though Mali didn’t give him the role at the time, but she made him read for almost every movie she was casting for.

Gradually Paul got his first break in the epic film “Intermedio“, a horror flick that rocked the box office and since then Paul’s acting career kicked off really well!

Here’s a Highlight of Our Conversion with Paul from the Interview.

Welcome to ScreenBinge Paul! How are you doing?

Paul Cram: I’m really happy to be here talking with you … Thank you and thank you ScreenBinge! I have been in a lot of movies over the years uh… I have to say though I think a lot of people might not totally recognize who I am. Because people don’t know I’m a character actor, I do a lot of work in a lot of different genres of movies… so probably some people may be… if they love watching movies have seen me.

many faces of paul cram

Umm… I think you’re more popular than you think you are! That happens with a lot of stars, it’s really humble of you!

Paul Cram: I appreciate you saying that. It’s interesting because I think everybody’s experience, no matter if you’re an actor, or if you’re a plumber, or if you drive a bus, or whatever your job is in life… you know every person has their own challenges in life whatever those may be.

You know just because you might be a celebrity or something like that, it comes with its own set of hardships. So I mean it’s challenging to say like…this person’s life must be so much easier because everybody’s got their hardship and all.

In these times of crisis, with the pandemic and lockdowns and everything, what would you like to say to your fans? You have a very positive outlook on life and a lot of people admire you.

Paul Cram: I think we should focus on the things that connect us! What do we have in common as human beings and how can weyou know connect?

I might disagree with somebody on like a political idea or something like that. But what do I have in common with them? you know there things like that we can connect on as human beings? You know there’s that would be my hope for people and myself it’s like…

How can I connect with other people? What do they have in common with me? What are our shared experiences? Because we have a lot, I really think that!

Paul, I would like you to talk about your upcoming project, “The Soviet Experiment”.

Paul Cram: There’s a project… we wrapped and we’re done filming. It’s called the soviet experiment and really…  it’s really dark but it’s kind of this urban legend that lives online. It’s based on a story that you know… started going around on the internet … and I’m excited about it because it’s one of the movies that for me I got to play. Well, one I got to have a Russian accent and two I like the role I played.


There’s I don’t know… I’m not in the movie a lot but it’s a fun thing I keep recurring too much. I won’t talk much about it…because I am a really big spoiler.

Paul Cram was destined to be an actor, being born in a family where his father and five brothers are related to the military while his two sisters are in the police. His family also has a legacy of making maps. However, Paul’s interests were always very different from that of his family.

His interest in acting, arts, music, and dancing started to rise at a very early age. Although Paul was homeschooled from Kindergarten till high school, that didn’t mean his artistic endeavors would suffer.

From 1995 till 1999 Paul consecutively won the Blue Ribbon at Minnesota State Fair in the oil painting competition. Later in 1999, he was also put into the NWC good arts event as the country’s best 25 piano player.

Check out Paul’s complete interview placed at the start of the blog, it’s quite interesting to know the various stories he has to tell!

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