How To Watch Hulu in Canada 2020

How To Watch Hulu in Canada 2020

Want to watch Hulu in Canada? You might be aware of the fact that Hulu is only available in the United States. No need to frown though, you can still watch Hulu in Canada with the use of a VPN service. It’s pretty simple to use and you don’t have to be a tech guru to operate it.

In this blog, I will guide you on How to watch Hulu in Canada with a VPN, so without further ado let’s start!

First of all if you try to watch Hulu in Canada without a VPN, you will receive the following error:

“Hulu isn’t available to watch in your location.”

Hulu geo-restriction error

Why Hulu is Blocked in Canada?

Content creators and distributors have licensing agreements which result in geo-restriction of content. Websites have a tracking system that block visitors when they try to visit from regions where the site is not available officially.

However with the best VPN for Hulu, you can easily bypass restricted websites and watch Hulu

Quick Guide: 4 Easy Steps to Watch Hulu in Canada with a VPN

Follow these 4 easy steps to access Hulu in Canada:

  1. Download and subscribe to a VPN (We highly recommend Surfshark).
  2. Open VPN app and sign-in with your credentials.
  3. Now connect to US server from the list (Recommended US server to watch Hulu in Canada: Miami, Chicago, and Denver).
  4. Head to Hulu website or app > sign-in to your Hulu account and enjoy it!

Note: Surfshark is our top recommendation for watching Hulu in Canada, but if you want to check out more options, visit our blog 7 best Hulu VPNs.

How VPN Allows You To Watch Hulu Canada?

As mentioned above, websites use tracking systems to detect your location based on your IP address. In our case, the use of a VPN will change your Canadian IP address with an American one. This will enable you to watch Hulu overseas.

Hulu Canada price and plans

Hulu has three plans to offer its customers:

Hulu Basic ($5.99/Month)

The Hulu Basic plan is fairly cheap considering the amount of content it offers, however the basic plan features ads which make it so pocket friendly. So if you’re the kind of person who gets annoyed by advertisements in between the show, the basic plan isn’t for you.

Hulu Premium ($11.99/Month)

If you want a completely ad-free streaming experience then this is the right plan for you! While this plan is almost double the cost of the basic plan, the premium plan does not have any advertisements so you can watch your favorite shows without being interrupted.

Hulu + Live TV ($44.99/Month)

This is the best plan for those who want to watch live TV. The plan offers more than 60 live TV channels and of course the entire Hulu library so that justifies the price. The best part about this plan is that if you are a sports lover, you can watch any sport event live online.

Note: You can cancel the live TV subscription and go back to your basic or premium plan once your favorite sport season ends. Subsequently you can also get the Disney+ Hulu ESPN+ Bundle in Canada. This is because Disney Plus and Hulu both are owned by Disney.

On What Devices You Can Watch Hulu in Canada?

Here is the list of devices on which you can watch Hulu in Canada:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS
  3. Android
  4. iPhone
  5. Apple TV
  6. Android Smart TV
  7. iPad
  8. Roku
  9. Xbox One & Xbox One
  10. PS3 & PS4
  11. Chrome Extension
  12. Linux
  13. Kodi (Not Recommended)

Hulu Canada Shows

  • The Handmaids Tale
  • LetterKenny
  • Burden of Truth
  • Heartland
  • Cardinal
  • Vikings
  • Mary Kills People

Hulu Canada Movies

  • Ugly Dolls
  • A Simple Favor
  • Colossal
  • The Nightingale
  • Missing Link
  • Prospect
  • Capote

Hulu Canada Alternatives

If Hulu isn’t exactly what you want, there are still a lot of alternatives that you can check out for streaming:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • Sling TV
  • Crunchyroll
  • TV
  • Crackle
  • Popcorn Time
  • USTVnow
  • Putlocker

When is Hulu Launching in Canada?

Hulu Canada reddit communities are of the idea that Hulu isn’t coming to Canada anytime soon, and there hasn’t been any official statement yet, so it’s just simpler to use a VPN and get Hulu in Canada.


Hulu is limited to the U.S only but with the use of a VPN you can watch it in Canada as well.

You need to get a VPN service like Surfshark in order to get Hulu in Canada, once you sign in to the VPN client, connect to an American server.

Yes, you can sign up for Hulu in Canada provided that you’re connected to a U.S server using a VPN. 

Hulu is a limited to the United States only due to licensing and copyrights agreements, therefore, you can’t get Hulu in Canada without a VPN.

Some of the best streaming services in Canada include: Disney Plus, Crave TV, TSN Direct, Sportsnet Now, MLB.TV, CBC Gem, CBS and Netflix.

Wrapping it up!

Well, now you know how to watch Hulu in Canada, just subscribe to Surfshark and stream on! If you have any further questions please comment below and team ScreenBinge will be more than happy to help you out!