How to Watch Hulu in Singapore in 2020

How to Watch Hulu in Singapore in 2020

Wondering how to watch Hulu in Singapore as the service is only available in the US? Well for this, you will require a VPN that has the ability to bypass the geo-restriction.

In this Hulu Singapore guide, I will show you steps to use Hulu in Singapore with the help of a VPN. So without any further delay, lets get started:

Like Netflix, Hulu is a paid online streaming service that offers some of the best amazing shows and movies including Veronica Mars, Castle Rock, The Act, The Handmaid’s Tale and more.

Walt Disney owns this popular American streaming service and it is only available in the USA. This is why when you try to watch Hulu in Singapore, the following error geo-restriction error will appear on your screen:

“Hulu isn’t available to watch in your location.”

Hulu geo-restriction error

Why Hulu is Blocked in Singapore?

Like Disney Plus, Hulu service is not available in Singapore because of content geo-restrictions. And not only Hulu there are tons of other popular streaming channels that impose content geo-restrictions since they need to meet the criteria set by the content distributors.

These online services including Hulu use a tracking system that blocks users immediately when they try to access the service from a country where service is not officially available such as Singapore.

But with the right VPN, you can still access Hulu in Singapore and enjoy your favorite content. Here is how:

Quick Guide: 4 Easy Steps to Watch Hulu in Singapore with a VPN

Follow these 4 easy steps to access Hulu in Singapore:

  1. Download and subscribe to a VPN (We highly recommend Surfshark).
  2. Open VPN app and sign-in with your credentials.
  3. Now connect to US server from the list (Recommended US server to watch Hulu in Singapore: Miami, Chicago, and Denver).
  4. Head to Hulu website or app > sign-in to your Hulu account and enjoy it!

Note: These are the most basic steps to watch Hulu in Singapore. So, if you already have a Hulu account you can start watching Hulu in Singapore by following the mentioned above steps or read my complete guide on 7 best Hulu VPNs to watch it from anywhere in the world.

How VPN Allows You To Watch Hulu Singapore?

Best Answer: In simple words, your internet contains your local IP address. Therefore, when you try to access Hulu in Singapore, the streaming service tracks your IP address and immediately block you to stream the content.

But when you use a VPN, it allows you to change your local IP with USA IP address. This will trick the Hulu service that you are residing somewhere in the USA and allows you to stream the content

Best Hulu Shows and Movies to Watch in Singapore

Here is the list of top shows and movies you can watch on Hulu in Singapore:

Best Hulu Shows

  1. The Act
  2. Casual
  3. Castle Rock
  4. Difficult People
  6. Veronica Mars
  7. The Handmaid’s Tale
  8. PEN15
  9. Shrill
  10. Harlots

Best Hulu Movies

  1. Dimension 404
  2. The French Connection
  3. WU-TANG: An American Saga
  4. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  5. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  7. Eyes Wide Shut
  8. Sorry to Brother You
  9. Heathers
  10. Minding the Gap

For more, you can see the complete list from here.

Hulu Singapore Price and Subscription Plans

All the following Hulu subscription plans allow users to access complete library with some additional features:

Hulu Basic with Ads ($5.99/Month)

The basic subscription allows users to access 85000+ episodes of popular TV series, 1000s of films and Hulu Originals but with ads.

Hulu Premium with No Ads ($11.99/Month)

If you are the one who gets quickly annoyed by ads while streaming content, then this Hulu Premium plan is for you. By subscribing to this premium plan, you will get access to the entire content library that is available in basic plan without ads.

Hulu + Live TV ($44.99/Month)

If the entire Hulu library is not enough for you, you can opt for Hulu + Live TV subscription. By subscribing to this plan you will get access to all the TV shows, Movies and Hulu originals plus 60+ live channels including entertainment, news, and sports to stream on your mobile device on the go.

Note: With Hulu, you can change your subscription plan at any given time. It means if you want to watch your favorite sports team plan, you can opt for Hulu + Live TV subscription.

Your favorite sports season ends and you don’t need live TV anymore, you can switch back to Hulu basic with ads or premium plan with no ads and watch your favorite shows and movies.

On What Devices You Can Watch Hulu in Singapore?

Here is the list of devices on which you can watch Hulu in Singapore:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS
  3. Android
  4. iPhone
  5. Apple TV
  6. Android Smart TV
  7. iPad
  8. Roku
  9. Xbox One & Xbox One
  10. PS3 & PS4
  11. Chrome Extension
  12. Linux
  13. Kodi (Not Recommended)


Yes, you can watch Hulu in Singapore with the use of a VPN. To do so: sign-up and download a VPN -> Open VPN app and sign-in with your username and password -> Now connect to USA server from the list -> Head to Hulu website or app -> sign-in to your Hulu account and enjoy.

Yes, you can get Hulu in Ireland or anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN. Simply install and subscribe for best Hulu VPN -> Open VPN app and log-in with your credentials -> Connect to American server from the list -> Visit Hulu website or app -> sign-in to your Hulu account and enjoy.

Currently, Hulu is only available in US ( and Japan ( However, by using the best Hulu VPN you can watch Hulu in your country or anywhere in the world. 

No, officially Hulu is not available outside the USA right now. However, with Hulu VPN, you can stream it anywhere in the world no matter where you are.

Final Thoughts

I hope by going through this Hulu Singapore blog, you already start watching Hulu in Singapore. However, if you still have any queries, you can ask me by mentioning your comment below. Happy Binging!