Top 5 Interactive Titles on Netflix to Watch in 2022

inertative title on netflix

Netflix took the world by surprise when it introduced the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch interactive title however, this wasn’t the first interactive series brought in by Netflix. The interactive titles started back in 06/20/2017 with Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, but it did not gain much attention from the audience probably because the show wasn’t popular enough.

Interactive titles allow you to choose what action the character should take, hence giving everyone a completely unique story and ending.

Netflix offers time stamps on critical decision-making points where the viewer decides what action or turn in the story should be taken and hence that completely changes the stories setting. As you go further with the story more options are brought to you, this gives every viewer something special.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

black mirror

The mind bending series, Black Mirror took the world by storm when it released its Bandersnatch episode with the interactive story mode. People lost their sh*t, firstly the mysterious show itself has a following of millions of fans.

And when you give these fans to make choices according to their will, a hundred million possibilities and anticipations sprout up the mind.

The kind of popularity Bandersnatch gained has been parallel to none!

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale

Puss in Book

This is a special for kids, feels like a mixture of a video game and a cartoon! Children loved this series as they could control all the actions Puss takes, the series has around 10 points where the viewer gets to make choices to help Puss escape the fairy tale book he is trapped in.

The series is so well scripted that children can relate to it in many ways, while Puss is trapped in the fairy tale book. Children get to choose whether Puss should join Sinbad or enter into the world of Snow White? Puss must master some skills before he can get out!

Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

Buddy Thunderstruck

Starting with whether buddy should gulp down 3 triple espressos or a pizza, viewers get to choose it all. The show is basically aimed at children aged 6-11 and is pretty safe for children with the type of content it has.

Despite keeping it safe, the story-line reflects some cockiness from The Simpsons and The State, as buddy is no regular dog. He is cool, he is smart and he is simply Buddy!

Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout

Stretch Armstrong

The story is about a 3 heroes who have to track down and capture villains in the city and make it safe again, the break out is a special episode of the stretch Armstrong series. Viewers get to make choices as to how their favorite heroes must combat the evil forces and plan their capture!

You vs. Wild

You vs. Wild

Get that weird feeling in the stomach when Bear Grylls pops out a snake’s eye and eats it? Or makes a coat out of rotten sheep fur? Well now you can choose his actions and maybe take a little less intense choices than Bear himself.

The viewer gets to decide whether Bear should jump off a mountain or climb up a tree, You vs Wild is extremely engaging and one of the best show to have interactive choices!

Make sure, you get Bear out alive!

Wrapping Up!

The introduction of interactive series is just the beginning of something huge to come, the way we watch movies and TV shows is going to change enormously so much that it is hard to even imagine it at this moment.

However, the problem is that all of these mentioned-above titles are not available in every country on Netflix because of geo-restriction policies and copyright agreements. But don’t worry you can change Netflix country and access all of these titles and much more from anywhere around the world. Using a VPN can help you in streaming content that is restricted, so if you’re wondering what is the best VPN for streaming check out the blog!

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