How to Watch Netflix in China 2019

How to Watch Netflix in China 2019

Wondering how to watch Netflix in China? Now it is easier to stream Netflix in China with ExpressVPN .

When moving or travelling to China, it is sometimes impossible to grip the constant changes and figure out which social media sites and streaming channels are blocked.

And for some of us, the hardest part of being in China  is getting access to streaming channels like Netflix.

If you are looking for the best ways on how to watch Netflix in China then this is it. I know watching Netflix in China is a challenge at times. China has a huge wall of content restriction but there are some ways to get around this with the use of a VPN.

Actually, it all boils down to money! Netflix creates licensing agreements and forges to partnership with content providers.

These agreements tend to protect both the producer and content. Netflix has these licensing agreements with many countries of the world. At one point, Netflix attempted to partner with a Chinese company, but the negotiations didn’t work.

This was all about the Netflix restriction in China, if you are paying for the Netflix you should be able to watch it. Let us dive into the details of how you can stream Netflix in China. 

How to Stream Netflix in China

How ExpressVPN can help access any blocked content in China? Well, the use of a VPN helps you to bypass Chinese censorship and Geo-restrictions.

It builds a secure connection between your device and the server and all your traffic passes through a tunnel, keeping your data encrypted at all times; making it impossible for users to take a sneak peak into your data.

 If you are in China and want to stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora all you need to have is ExpressVPN and connect it to their UK servers. 


It is one of the widely used VPN to unblock Netflix in China. 

  • It’s a British Virgin Island based company having servers in 94 countries. 
  • The best server choices are Hong Kong, Los angeles and Tokyo. 
  • They have some of the best VPN protocols like OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP.
  • Compatible platforms that work best with ExpressVPN are Windows, Mac, IOS and Android.
  • Enjoy 5 simultaneous connections on a single ExpressVPN subscription.
  • They have recently started offering browser extensions and it’s available on Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

Now with a 49% off, it gives you 100% risk free security while streaming Netflix in China.

ExpressVPN pricing


It is another great choice if you want to watch Netflix in China. 

  • They are a Panama based company which recently introduced a VPN obfuscation option through which it is less likely to be detected by the Great Firewall of China.
  • NordVPN uses some great encryption tools like Double VPN, Onion Over, VPN DNS leak protection and automatic Kill Switch which keeps your data private at all times.
  • They are present in 60 countries with 5600 servers to choose from.
  • It has a no-log policy, a P2P sharing and torrenting.
  • With its smart Play option, you can unblock 150 blocked streaming websites including Netflix.

Enjoy 6 simultaneous connections with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 75% off.

NordVPN pricing


  • They are headquartered in Hong Kong (Internet friendly location), highly capable of bypassing geo-restrictions in China. 
  • Some of the military grade encryption that comes with PureVPN are SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP and OpenVPN.
  • Partially defined log policy and their payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cashu, and PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • With over 2000+ servers present in 140 countries.
  • Germany servers are the fastest servers when it comes to streaming restricted content in Europe and Middle East regions.

PureVPN pricing


  • An emerging and a low cost VPN that is based in British Virgin Island with no data retention laws.
  • It has set of powerful encryption protocols like Kill Switch, CleanWeb, diamond-strong protection, IP masking, Zero-knowledge DNS and WiFi protection.
  • Their apple and Android app can be downloaded in China and their Google, Firefox and browser plug-in are available.
  • You can use unlimited devices with a Single SurfShark account.

Surfshark pricingBest Shows to Watch on Netflix in China

Netflix has a treasure trove of terrific shows, movies that you can stream in China anytime.

Whether you are looking for a two-hour commitment or a single episode, Netflix has got a boatload of great TV shows and movies that will indulge you for days and even weeks. 

For your convenience, I have rounded up some of the top rated US, UK and Australian Netflix shows and movies to watch in China.

Best Shows/ Movies on US Netflix

  1. Mudbound
  2. Black panther
  3. Okja
  4. Roma
  5. Gerald’s game
  6. No country for old men
  7. The perfection
  8. Moonlight 
  9. coco
  10. 13th
  11. Orange Is the New Black
  12. Glow
  13. Russian Doll
  14. You
  15. The crown
  16. Jessica Jones 
  17. When they see us

Best Shows/ Movies on UK Netflix

  1. Black mirror
  2. Happy valley
  3. Skins
  4. Peaky Blinders
  5. Broadchurch
  6. Afterlife
  7. Mindhunter
  8. The IT crowd
  9. Bodyguard
  10. Collateral
  11. The staircase
  12. The fall
  13. Ripper street
  14. Ex Machina
  15. Layer cake
  16. In bruges
  17. The King’s speech
  18. Apostle
  19. Carol
  20. Howards End
  21. Mute 
  22. About time
  23. The theory of everything

Best Shows/Movies on Australia Netflix

  1. I don’t feel at home in this world anymore
  2. The ritual
  3. Gerald’s Game
  4. The discovery
  5. Wine country
  6. I am a Mother
  7. Icarus
  8. Tidelands
  9. Secret City
  10. Glow
  11. Ozark
  12. Glitch
  13. Rake
  14. Chef’s table
  15. Wentworth Prison
  16. Extreme Engagement
  17. Dead to me
  18. Friends from college
  19. Offspring
  20. Cable girls

How the VPN works and how you can stream Netflix via VPN from browse?

If you are not sure about how to get started with ExpressVPN from your browser, this step by step instructions will get you through:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and choose a plan
  2. Download the app on your computer
  3. Setup and connect to the right server.
  4. Enjoy streaming your favorite Netflix shows and movies

How to use Chrome extensions of VPN

When you are online and your browser is constantly sending your data related to every site you visit.

This information might contain your IP location, the operating system you are using, hardware, websites you visit and the devices you connect to the network, thanks to the unprotected browser you are using.

Here comes the role of a good VPN extension, while it encrypts your browser traffic so that it remains protected from spying eyes, it also masks your IP location so that you can access geo-blocked content like Netflix.

Top VPN chrome extensions for Netflix


  • It gives you full control over the connection by encrypting all your data over the network.
  • With an uncompromising privacy, it spoofs your HTML 5 geo-location so that you can watch Netflix easily.
  • With Lighting fast speed and powerful online security, it is indeed a fan-favorite and the best possible option for streaming vpn. 


If you are looking for an ultimate combination of privacy and data freedom, then the NordVPN browser extension is your choice.

  • It is lightweight and won’t slow down your computer.
  • After signing in, it automatically connects you to the best available server.
  • It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Android platforms.
  • With its Cybersec feature, the extension also works as an ad and malware blocker.

Hotspot  Shield

Another great security tool for the browser extension is Hotspot shield.

  • With  easy setup guide it is great for beginners.
  • Built in WebRTC that protects from IP leaks.
  • Comes with a 45-day money back guarantee. 

People May Also Ask

Can you play Netflix in China?

You can play and watch Netflix in China anytime you want. You just need a good working vpn for it that unblocks streaming platforms for you in china.

Can you watch Netflix in China with a VPN?

It is only possible for users to watch netflix in china with a VPN only since its blocked there and in order to access Netflix or any other streaming platforms users from China must have a working VPN with them.


I expect How to watch Netflix in China guide gives you the best knowledge to access Netflix in China without any difficulty now.

Truly, for accessing Netflix in China requires a good working VPN like ExpressVPN that has top grade security and excellent unblocking features.

Feel free to drop in your comments in the section below and let us know how did it work for you. 


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