Top 25 Best Star Trek Episodes that are Also the Most Memorable

Top 25 Most Memorable and Best Star Trek Episodes

Star Trek has been around for decades and it’s safe to say that the franchise has managed to capture a fair share of the market. The cast and crew’s endless hard work shines over the seven seasons and 178 episodes of the Star Trek show.

Undoubtedly, people have named some of the episodes as the best Star Trek episodes. If you ever decide to watch Star Trek then you can follow our Star Trek streaming guide to watch it online.

Today, we’ve compiled the 25 best Star Trek episodes that are also the most memorable ones.

The City On The Edge Of Forever (TOS)

It is one of the best Star Trek episodes. “The City on the Edge of Forever” is the 28th episode of the first season of best Star Trek Episodes. Steven W. Carabatsos and Gene L. Coon worked with Harlan Ellison as contributors and editors on the script.

Gene Roddenberry rewrote the script. On April 6, 1967, NBC aired the program directed by Joseph Pevney. Capt. Kirk and Spock accompany a deeply drugged Dr. Leonard McCoy back in time to fix the timeline in the episode.

Kirk falls for Edith Keeler but understands he must let her die to secure his future. McCoy escapes the Enterprise and streams down to the lonely planet the crew has been circling after an accidental overdose of a dangerous narcotic.

Captain Kirk and his boarding party uncover a temporal vortex through which McCoy has fled while searching for the good doctor. Besides episodes, you can also watch Star Trek movies in order.

The Devil In The Dark (TOS)

The Devil In The Dark (TOS)

After a 15-year separation, two brothers decide to get together for a weekend of shooting in the British Columbia wilderness to forget their past and reconnect. While hunting, they come face to face with some otherworldly forces and attempt to battle and escape.

Visiting his separated brother Clint in Washington State, Adam tries to rekindle the flames of their family ties after fifteen years of estrangement.

Since their father, Glen, has always preferred Client, Adam is filled with regret and sadness. Organizing a hunting group over the weekend to shoot deer and overcome their difficulties was their solution.

When they come upon a cave encircled by deer antlers, they immediately evacuate the area. They are, however, being pursued and hunted by a mysterious entity of unknown origin. What are the chances that they will make it out alive from the entity?

Yesterday’s Enterprise (TNG)

Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG)

It is one of the best Star Trek TNG episodes. The Enterprise sees an anomaly in space, a celestial anomaly similar to a wormhole when a starship seems to have traversed it.

Rather than the Enterprise-D, the ship is an older version of the Enterprise, led by Captain Rachel Garrett. This is a complete surprise to everyone. Histories, however, are rewritten as soon as the Enterprise-C arrives.

Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise were at battle with the Klingon Dominion for more than two decades, and their fatigue is beginning to show.

Tasha Yar is alive, and Lt. Worf has not been seen since the last time he was caught. Guinan understands that the Corporate must retain its original time and location to repair its timeline, which Picard recognizes as impossible.

The Visitor (DS9)

The Visitor (DS9)

Following a business trip, Walter Vale comes home to discover Tarek and Zainab, two illegal immigrants who have taken residence in his flat. Once Tarek gets into problems and faces deportation, they get along swimmingly.

They find out that the house was leased to them by a con artist, and Vale feels terrible for them to the point that he extends an invitation for them to remain with him.

When Tarek is accused of leaping a subway turnstile, the two become fast friends until Tarek ends up in a jail institution. As a result, Vale does all he can to save him from being deported.

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The Doomsday Machine (TOS)

The Doomsday Machine (TOS)

Fear of nuclear war is universal. A few button clicks might ensure our planet’s destruction. Former Cold War atomic war architect Daniel Ellsberg sees this danger as highly genuine.

The leading nations tested hundreds of missiles during this period, demonstrating their frightening nuclear arsenals. To begin, the surroundings must be mentioned. Nuclear weapons pose a more significant threat to the planet than previously thought.

Not only does an atomic weapon harm animals, pollute water, and waste energy, but it also damages the ozone layer, often destroying it whole. He describes how the possibility of nuclear war is genuine because of the US government’s secrecy.

This book discusses and analyzes the second batch of released US atomic papers. In addition, he permitted subordinates to fire missiles without his consent in an emergency during the Cold War. If you are interested in war then watch the best war movies of all time that are also educational.

All Good Things (TNG)

All Good Things (TNG)

David marries Katie, and the two of them settle in the state of Vermont together. But, after his affluent father insists, he goes home, and Katie enrolls in college. Katie suddenly vanishes without a trace as the space between them widens.

David Marks, the heir of a real-estate empire, lives in his father’s shadow, Sanford Marks. But, after meeting Katie, a lady from humble beginnings who recognizes David’s actual value as a person rather than merely his family’s money, he decides to give true love a second go.

But, following their marriage and their plans to have a kid together, David and Katie’s once-loving relationship begins to disintegrate as David agrees to his father’s demands to work in the family company. If you are more into science then watch sci-fi movies on Netflix right now.

In The Pale Moonlight (DS9)

In The Pale Moonlight (DS9)

To rescue the Federation from a grave situation, Sisko realizes that he must breach the Federation’s core ideals to do it. Accordingly, Captain Sisko engages Garak’s assistance to “compel” the Romulans to enter the Federation/Klingon coalition to win the war.

Unfortunately, the Federation-Dominion battle continues to lose ground, and the threat of defeat looms. On the other hand, Sisko quickly learns that to rescue the Federation, he may have to sacrifice the principles that the Federation stands for.

The Enemy Within (TOS)

The Enemy Within (TOS)

After discovering a conspiracy by his superior to use military action to remove the elected President, who has consistently resisted Pentagon budget hikes, and replace him with a much milder Vice President, the Colonel who works at the Joint Chiefs of Staff is fired.

In this episode, Colonel Casey uncovers what looks to be preparations by General Lloyd to utilize fictitious military exercises to aid Jack Giddings in his efforts to depose President Foster from his position.

A coup is being plotted, and Colonel Casey and President Foster should locate proof of this and prevent it from happening. Unfortunately, time is of the essence.

The Measure Of A Man (TNG)

The Measure Of A Man (TNG)

It’s vacation time for the staff of Starbase 173. Captain Picard meets an old acquaintance, Captain Phillipa Louvois, who created a new JAG office at the facility, while Data learns the ins and outs of poker.

Although she tried to bring him to justice, she and he had a mutual admiration for one another. Problems emerge, however, when Commander Bruce Maddox obtains authorization for him to deconstruct Data to figure out how he works.

Refusing the treatment because of worries about Maddox’s chances of success, Data steps down from his post. Soon, he finds himself the subject of an investigation by the courts to establish if he’s merely a computer or a human being with the right to make his judgments.

Captain Louvois defends Data’s suit against Commander Riker in court alongside Captain Picard, who must give the opposite reasons.

The first human ancestors appeared between five million and seven million years ago and if you want to know more then watch The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Brothers (TNG)

Brothers (TNG)

Sam’s helicopter gets shot down while he is on tour in Afghanistan, and he is thought dead. When he arrives home, his bumbling brother is in charge of the household.

Eventually, Sam returns to the United States, but with enormous luggage. Sam and Tommy Cahill are as different as siblings can be; while Sam is a Marine serving his nation, Tommy is a wanderer who has just been released from jail.

Tom promises to look after Sam’s family when he is shot down and assumed dead in Afghanistan. Tom and Grace are Sam’s wife and his children. Tommy and Grace get near, and when Sam arrives home unexpectedly, the ramifications of their actions undermine the basis of the whole family’s relationship.

Space Seed (TOS)

Space Seed (TOS)

A genetically engineered world tyrant and his companions from Earth’s 20th century are discovered and revived by Captain Kirk and his crew on a deep-space patrol.

While sailing through deep space, the Enterprise stumbles upon the USS Botany Bay, an old Earth vessel from the twentieth century carrying a group of bioengineered people in hibernation mode (a legacy of Earth’s Eugenics Wars in the 1990s).

Khan, a flamboyant Sikh warrior-type with five times the power and ambition of other humans, is brought back to life by visiting this spacecraft.

Upon his return, Khan quickly captures the attention of the ship’s historian, Lt. Marla McGivers. Khan Noonien Singh, the one and deadliest of Earth’s dictators, is slowly revealed to Kirk and Spock. They watch as Khan utilizes Marla and the Enterprise’s library to resurrect his superhuman companions and seize control of the ship.

Our Man Bashir (DS9)

Our Man Bashir (DS9)

When a carrier emergency transforms Bashir’s James Bond dream into a dangerous reality, he finds himself in a James Bond movie. The Enterprise crewmembers are returning after a long and exhausting conference.

The runabout’s warp core experiences a sudden spike of power. The spacecraft has been sabotaged, and it explodes immediately. But the blast wave destroys Eddington’s transporters as he is just able to beam them away.

Although their trends are still in the system, Eddington can save them, but how? A holosuite is being used to portray secret spy Julian Bashir, played by Bashir’s doctor.

When Garak shows up there, he’s taken aback and ultimately lets him join. And then Anastasia Komananov, a KGB spy, started to resemble Kira. After what seems to be another unwelcome visitor, reality quickly dawns on Bashir.

Their roles in the holo experience have evolved throughout time. Having turned off the safety nets, Bashir must do all to keep everyone alive while Eddington and Rom work to find a solution.

Year Of Hell (VOY)

Year Of Hell (VOY)

Voyager stumbles upon a Krenim time that is erasing whole species off the face of the planet to alter the current history. Voyager has entered the Year of Hell, which Kes predicted.

A Krenim times, under the command of Captain Annorax, is attempting to rewrite the area’s history by wiping out whole races of warp-capable anthropomorphic creatures from the face of the planet.

While being thousands of light-years away, Voyager becomes a thorn in the side of Annorax’s attempt to bring the Krenim Imperium back to its former glory by using temporal shielding to defend itself from a hostile force in time.

For The Uniform (DS9)

For The Uniform (DS9)

After her mother’s death, Manuela is sent away to a boarding school managed by the dictatorial Fräulein von Nordeck. As a result of her sadness and resentment at being sent away, Manuela first isolates herself from the other girls.

But the attractive and caring young teacher Elizabeth von Bernburg gradually draws Manuela out of her shell. However, as Manuela’s admiration for her instructor develops into a love relationship, the situation becomes a source of controversy across the school.

Unification@ (TNG)

Unification@ (TNG)

While on a diplomatic mission to the dying Federation ambassador Sarek’s homeworld, his son Spock refused to say goodbye to his parents and instead took off with all his possessions after a public spat with Sarek over the Cardassian war, is presumed to have defected to the ever-scheming Romulans.

After a visit from Picard, Spock and Sarek determine that Park, a long-time friend of Spock’s, is the key to solving the mystery. On Romulus, Picard suggests that K’Vada, grudgingly commanded by Captain K’Vada, be used as a cloaked spacecraft for this operation, with Data, both ready to mimic Romulans on Romulus.

The investigation into the loss of a Federation ship going towards or returning from the Ferengi is particularly hazardous for Commander William T. Riker and Lieutenant Commander Troi.

The Wounded (TNG)

The Wounded (TNG)

Julie Clayton, a forest ranger, and Don Powell, a bear hunter, locate several dead grizzlies in the woods. When the FBI agent Eric Ashton and his partner, along with other rangers, show up there, they must answer to their senior officer. So they form a squad to track down the poacher and go into the woods by helicopter.

He murders the rangers and an FBI agent, but Julie is critically injured. When she wakes up in the hospital, she discovers that her beloved Don has been killed. But when Julie meets the drunken police investigator Nick Rollins, he inspires her to live with hatred and seek vengeance.

This encounter severely influences Julie. By using Julie as bait, the FBI manages to capture Hanaghan. Hanaghan, on the other hand, has become strangely fond of Julie.

Duet (DS9)

Duet (DS9)

To get medical assistance, Aamin Marritza, Cardassian suffering from Kalla-Nohra, contacts DS9. Major Kira Nerys identifies the sickness almost immediately. An accident at the work camp Gallitepp on Bajor during the Cardassian occupation was the only way he could have acquired it.

In addition to having personally assisted in the camp’s liberation, Kira is also aware of the horrors perpetrated by the camp leader, Gul Darhe’el. She is adamant about bringing Marritza to justice for the war crimes committed against her. In his first denial of possessing Kallo-Nohra, Cardassian states that he was simply a file clerk.

Considering that Bajor wants to condemn him and Cardassia wants him released, Sisko is faced with a difficult choice. Then comes the arrival of photographic proof. Want to see more scary faces? Then watch the best horror movies of all time.

Little Green Men (DS9)

Little Green Men (DS9)

Quark sees an opportunity as Nog prepares to depart for the Academy. The shuttle his cousin Gaila promised him ten years ago has arrived. So he asks Rom to check it, but Rom finds nothing amiss.

Quark and Rom decide to accompany Nog to the Academy. Quark wants to take kamacite with him, not because he likes the youngster. That Gaila’s intentions were not so benign after all.

This means they can’t escape warp, and the spacecraft will ultimately break apart. Inversion wave in the warp core, crash land on Earth, and hope for the best. Rom can only think of one option.

They are trapped in a room when they wake up. Earth has altered. Roswell, NM, 1947. To escape and return to their own time, Quark must trick their captors into persuading them into believing they are extraterrestrials, which they are.

The Menagerie – Parts One and Two

The Menagerie - Parts One and Two

This strange clip show-style episode is the only two-parter from the original Star Trek Episodes. A pilot called “The Cage,” featuring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike was filmed before William Shatner was cast.

It was Leonard Nimoy’s Spock who remained from the unaired pilot. Because Enterprise records are utilized as evidence in “The Menagerie,” he is naturally the star of that Starfleet courtroom drama.

Unfortunately, a vehicle accident left Hunter’s character a disfigured husk of his former self. Therefore Hunter didn’t resume his part as Pike. Instead, Spock kidnaps Pike and commands the Enterprise for a strange reason so gently that it gives the story a great ticking clock.

Broken Bow (ENT)

Broken Bow (ENT)

This Klingon was transported to the Starfleet Hospital in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, in 2151 after a farmer shot him with his plasma weapon. Soval, the Vulcan diplomat, wants to turn off the life support system and return Klaang’s body to his warrior kingdom on Kronos.

But Captain Jonathan Archer volunteers to accompany the Enterprise on her first trip and return Klaang alive to his homeworld. T’Pol is assigned to Enterprise’s risky first mission, and Jonathan asks Ensign Hoshi Sato and Dr. Phlox, who treats Klaang, to join his crew.

Unfortunately, the Taliban abduct Klaang after a shootout in the hospital when the starship’s machinery shuts down. As a result of Dr. Phlox’s advanced genetic engineering, the Suliban slain was a mutant, not an alien in the shooting. Want to see how the Aliens shoot? Then watch the fantastic Alien movies in order.

T’Pol alters the Enterprise’s sensors to follow the Suliban ship to planet Riger X. He was a messenger for the Suliban Sarin to the Klingon lords in Kronos, they discover.

Past Tense (DS9)

Past Tense (DS9)

Following their arrival on Earth aboard the Defiant, Captain Sisko, First Officer Bashir, and Second Officer Drax will give a speech at this year’s Star Trek: The Future Saga’s Starfleet Symposium, taking place in San Francisco, California.

Then, they never show up. O’Brien doesn’t know what happened: the records indicate that he arrived on the train. They’ve been transported to San Francisco in 2024, where they discover themselves. Bashir and Sisko are detained in a detention camp-like Sanctuary District because they lack identification.

At this point in history, Sisko realizes that the riots brewing in the District is just days away, a turning point in Earth’s history. Meanwhile, Chris Brynner, a businessman, has taken Dax under his wing. She begins hunting for Bashir and Sisko in his house when he drives her there.

Arena (TOS)

Arena (TOS)

During the destruction of an Earth colony by the Gorn, the Enterprise is attacked by a Gorn vessel, which causes the Enterprise to be destroyed. Following the Gorn ship, Captain Kirk eventually leads them to an undiscovered solar system while progressively (and dangerously) increasing the speed of the Gorn ship.

Kirk prepares to demolish the Gorn ship until they are stopped by another species of strong aliens known as the Metrons, who compel the two captains to engage in a deadly battle aboard the Gorn ship.

The primary goal of this one-on-one combat is to resolve their disagreement; the winner will be freed, while the loser, together with his boat and crew, will be destroyed.

Is mankind alone in the universe? Or are there somewhere other intelligent beings looking up into their night sky from very different worlds? Well, this can be revealed if you watch the best Alien movies on Netflix in 2022.

Balance Of Terror (TOS)

Balance Of Terror (TOS)

In response to a crisis event from Federation Outpost, a surveillance station on the Federation side of the faceoff circle with the Romulan Empire, the Enterprise arrives on the scene.

The outposts were constructed over a century ago, and no one has ever seen a Romulan in their natural habitat. However, in addition to a cloaking mechanism that makes the ship invisible, the Romulan spacecraft seems to be equipped with high-energy explosive weapons.

The Enterprise crew must cope with a disgruntled member when it appears that the Romulans are genetically identical to the Vulcans. In addition, he must participate in a potentially lethal cat and mouse battle with a very brilliant Romulan commander.

Sacrifice Of Angels (DS9)

Sacrifice Of Angels (DS9)

The Dominion prepares to make its way into the Alpha Star Trek Quadrant from the opposite side. At the same time, the Federation strikes DS9 to maintain a minefield around it in place.

Return to the past has officially started. Goals include breaking through and retaking Deep Space 9 and preventing the Dominion from detonating a minefield that is preventing them from reaching the wormhole.

Although there has been some progress, the blockade is still in place, and the resistance members are in detention on Terok Nor (Deep Space 9). The Resistance and the Defiant have come to their senses, but is it too late to prevent the arrival of Dominion reinforcements?

Hard Time (DS9)

After being accused of espionage by the Argrathi, O’Brien was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years in prison in an alternate world. In reality, just a handful of hours had elapsed since O’Brien felt like he’d been imprisoned for twenty years.

However, for the chief, the recollections are all too real. Although the crew of Deep Space Nine does all they can to help O’Brien adapt to the ‘new’ environment, it is evident that what has occurred has significantly influenced him.

He becomes progressively aggressive, even against his closest friends, and he refuses to see a doctor for treatment. O’Brien even lies about being alone in his cell on purpose, even though this is not the case.

A particular aspect of his cellmate Ee’Char has caused him significant discomfort. Being hunted by an Ee’Char who seems hallucinatory is driving him insane. Want to see more dangerous creatures? Then watch movies like Underworld in 2022.


A. Here are ten must-see episodes of The Original Series to give you a decent idea of what to expect. If you watch the episodes of TOS in this sequence, you’ll quickly see why so many people call them the “best” of the series.

The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Menagerie Parts 1 and 2
Balance of Terror
A Taste of Armageddon
Amok Time
Mirror, Mirror
The Doomsday Machine
The Trouble with Tribbles
The Enterprise Incident
The Tholian Web

The Devil in the Dark
The City on the Edge of Forever
Journey to Babel.
The Trouble with Tribbles
The Measure of a Man
The Hunted

Wrapping Up

As per HollywoodReporter, in 1966, the best Star Trek episodes expanded to include more than twelve feature films following its first broadcast on NBC. Most recently, the successful premiere of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, the brand’s sixth spinoff series.

Even with the incredible tales recounted in the decades ahead, it isn’t easy to top the best Star Trek cast and characters. Even though the series only lasted three seasons, it has become associated with the genre.

It has established itself as a cultural icon that has amused, enlightened, and motivated dreamers all over the globe for three seasons. The above article lists the Top 25 Most Memorable & Best Star Trek Episodes.

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