How to Watch Star Wars Rebels Online from Anywhere

The 1977 Marvel comics, Star Wars is a universe in itself with countless movies being made dating back from the ’70s to up till now! With extremely engaging parts like The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, The Phantom Menace, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars also has a special animated series for kids! Or in fact, anyone who loves animated content. Star Wars: Rebels!

Where to Watch Star Wars Rebels Online?

Wondering where can I watch star wars: Rebels? Here’s a complete list of options

NetflixArgentina, Brazil, Mexico$8.99 per month
iTunesUnited States$89.99 (complete series)
Play StoreUnited States$14.99 per season
Amazon Prime VideoUnited States$2.99 per episode/$19.99 per season
Disney XDUnited States (PlayStation Vue TV, YouTube TV, SlingTV)$39.99 per month

Watch Star Wars Free Online

If you are subscribed to the above-mentioned platforms you can watch Star Wars: Rebels for free! For subscribers of Netflix, PlayStation Vue TV, YouTube TV, and SlingTV it is really easy to watch content such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Star Wars: Rebels and so much more!

With Netflix, if you want to watch the Star Wars: Rebel, the series is only available in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

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The unfortunate part is that the above-mentioned platforms are geo-restricted, therefore you have to be in the United States to view the Rebels on PlayStation Vue TV, DirectTV Now, YouTube TV and SlingTV. However, there’s a simple work around to make it work anywhere.

How to Watch Star Wars

To bypass geo-restrictions, you will be needing a VPN service that will make the website believe you are in an allowed region. So to access these blocked sites we recommend you get yourself a VPN service, such as Surfshark which will hardly cost you $1.99 per month! So if you are a streaming lover like me, subscribe to a good and reliable VPN service.

Follow these steps to access blocked websites or platforms:

  1. Download and Subscribe to Surfshark
  2. Login and enter your credentials
  3. Select a US server (for Netflix: Argentina, Brazil or Mexico)
  4. Now go to the relevant platform, website or Netflix
  5. Search for Star Wars: Rebels

Watch Star Wars Rebels Season 1

Ezra Bridger faces the Ghost crew and joins hands with them on a mission to free Wookiees from a monarchial Star Destroyer. In the midst of all this Kanan’s disappearance makes it a big deal for the team to find him. However, the team goes through a roller coaster of events and obstacles to save Kanan.

Season 1 has a total of 14 episodes.

season 1

Watch Season 2

As a part of Phoenix Squadron, the Ghost crew joins a mission to take on the shield generators from an Imperial enemy. Under the wrath of Darth Vader, an Imperial defector leads the Sith Lord to battle with Kanan and Ezra.

Hera also goes on a dangerous mission to steal a ship called the B-Wing, Sabine also has to secretly pass on important information hiding it even from her old friend and partner. A newly found ally also helps gain information about Sith, Kanan, Ezra.

Season 2 has 20 episodes.

Watch Star Wars Rebels

Watch Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper and Hera get out to save Hondo Ohnaka, while on the other hand, Kanan discovers an ancient Force creature known as the Bendu. Further on Hera and Kanan quarrel to keep the squadron alive while stuck on Atollon. Ezra tries to break the blockade with help from an unlikely source.

Season 3 has 21 episodes.

Watch Star Wars Rebels season 3

Watch Star Wars Rebels Season 4

The rebels work with Mandalorian tribe Wren to free Sabine’s dad from the dangers of the Empire. Sabine also discovers that the deadly weapon that the empire is using is actually derived from her own prototype and faces the tough decision that whether to keep it or destroy it.

In the middle of all this Lothal gets enslaved and the team must take extremely drastic steps and free him up!

Watch Star Wars Rebels season 4

Wrapping Up!

With an 8/10 on IMBD, there is no doubt that the Star Wars Rebels is an outclass animated TV series to watch! And with a VPN like Surfshark by your side, there is no stopping with the entertainment! The Disney team has created above-par graphics and details which make the Star Wars: Rebel an amazing TV series to watch! There are a total of 74 episodes, so plan a long vacation or take that sick leave you’ve been saving and enter into the Star Wars universe!