“Let Everyone Know” Lucifer Star Lauren German Join Hands with Fans to Get Season 6


Since Netflix confirms that Lucifer season 5 would be the grand finale of the show, fans starts a petition and different campaigns to get season 6.

And surprisingly all Lucifans get huge support by one of the show star Lauren German. She plays the role of Chloe Decker, a detective in the series.

On 14th June 2019, she was supporting the fans fight for getting another season after season 5 ends on Twitter:

It seems like after seeing the fans reaction regarding how serious and emotional are they to get season 6, Lauren finally supports them publicly and also appreciate them by saying:

Thank you. Sincerely for your words and support. I can’t even believe how much I’ve seen from you all that you want a season 6 and more. As is, we are only doing a S5. However I have to thank you all for the love, interest, and encouragement. We adore you, & thank you #Lucifer.

Moreover, the good news is nearly 50,000 people have already signed the petition at Change.org petition.

Also, fans have responded to Lauren’s tweet with some apprehension. Most have written the comment, “I’m confused.” While others are not ready to invest their time fighting for something that does not have the full cooperation of cast and crew. Jake wrote “I’m here, but I’m waiting for confirmation from at least 1 other cast member.

The primary objective of this show is to “let everyone know” about the campaign to get Lucifer season 6.

Ellison Shirley

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