10 Mind bending Moments from Ozark that you Won’t Forget!


The Netflix Original, Ozark is a highly addictive series with so much packed in that you just can’t simply put it in the crime genre, it has a thrill, suspense, loads of emotions and gloomy darkness luring over the entire show. We also categorize it as one of the top business series on Netflix available.

The best part of the show is that it is very well written, the beginning of the middle the end of every episode is so compelling that once you start there is no stopping!

10 Mind bending Moments from Ozark!

1. Marty’s smart pitch saves his life!

ozark 1

Well, when Bruce screws up with the cartel they come up for revenge, killing his family members and his close ones first. Marty being his partner is then also lined up to be killed but his quick and smart pitch to the cartel saves his life!

He negotiates with them and offers them to launder all the money for the cartel, being a man of finance he has multiple ways and ideas to do so!

Even though Marty has to bare the sight of his colleges being murdered more than once, but this smart idea to saves him and his family’s life.

2. See No Evil

ozark 2

Marty finds out that Louis is stealing money from the company this is when Bruce and Marty are actually picked by Del as potential employees to launder his money, upon Marty’s acceptance — Louis is found murdered with his eyes removed.

This is where we see the unique persona of the drug lord Del, hiding under the cover of a ceramic tile manufacturer. The scene speaks a lot about how things are in the world of drug lords and what’s the consequence of joining hands with them and how heartless the kings of the underground crime world can be. It’s not a favor that Del does for Marty, it’s more like making an example.

3. Cash… so much cash

ozark 3

The show often portrays how smart Marty is and how his quick thinking skills have saved him so many times but at one part when he has to hide $50 million cash, he stuffs it inside the room wall of a resort which can be easily removed.

Well maybe Marty is smart enough to launder millions of dollars, but hiding it? That’s not his cup of tea!

4. Jonah’s got some balls!

ozark 4

When Jonah and his sister Charlotte find out what Marty is up to, Jonah takes it seriously and learns how to use a gun so that when the time comes he can protect his family. He watches videos online of what level of violence cartels can go to in order to take revenge.

So when one of the cartels men breaks in to their house, the kid is ready to shoot and so he does. Jonah first looks at his mom and when she nods, he pulls the trigger. The scene is insanely engaging and sudden that the viewers remain awestruck for a while.

5. Darlene does not tolerate disrespect

The drug lord, Del, who has Feds and all kinds of enemies up his ass is finally killed by who? Darlene, I guess that why they say be careful with your words. Del calls Darlene a red neck, and that enough to send Del six feet under the ground.

Del is killed by Darlene something the anti-crime authorities and rival gangs couldn’t do! Who knew the fate of such a vicious criminal was in the hands of Darlene? The scene is much unexpected as no one really thought that it would be Darlene killing off the mighty untouchable Del, the scene totally comes out of the viewer’s imagination.

6. Deadly garbage truck

ozark 6

Wendy brings in a lot of business for a real estate agent, she in fact offers more and wants to make it even bigger. However, the problem arises when the agent’s mom does not agree to this idea. While the two argue and quarrel regarding Wendy’s offer, it’s a total no from the mother’s side.

With the arguments taking place the agent’s mother walks back on to the street and boom! Suddenly a huge garbage truck hits her, obviously killing her. Now that she is no more there is nothing to argue about.

7. Mom-less newborn

There is so much gore in the series that thankfully they only go as far as killing the pastor’s wife, otherwise what was actually threatened by the cartel members were much harsher. They actually said that they would rip the baby from the mother’s womb. How she is killed is left for our imagination and thankfully, such a scene had not been shot.

8. Baptism

Amidst such turmoil, the pastor losing his wife left with a new born baby show cases baptism, it’s almost impossible to watch the scene except for those with a strong heart as the pastor pushes the baby under water for a long time and when the baby is finally pulled out from the water it’s gasping for air.

9. Marty and Wendy’s Failing Marriage

ozark 9

Marty and Wendy both aren’t angels here, the two with so much frustration between them try to find out ways to ease the emotional burnout. While Marty himself is involved with Rachel, he hires a personal investigator and finds out that his wife has been sleeping with a man named Gary!

The investigator provides a video of the sex tape of his wife, after watching the sex tape Marty tries a couple of moves that were used by Gary, after all, that’s done Wendy is confused and asks what exactly just happened. Marty acts like it was nothing and tries to brush it off but I guess Wendy gets the signal.

10. Obsessed with Vultures

ozark 10

Jonah develops a weird obsession of picking up the carcasses of dead animals, maybe it’s just his way of coping with whatever is going on but in reality, what he is actually doing is studying how vultures behave and hence uses the carcasses as bait. It’s a really creepy obsession but everyone has their way of coping up with adversities and maybe this is Jonah’s way, maybe the kid is actually understanding the reality of life and death, but considering the child’s age, it is a worrisome cloud that looms around.

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