How to Watch BBC’s “A Christmas Carol” Online In 2022 – Cast, Storyline & More

watch a Christmas carol 2019 online

Wondering where to watch A Christmas Carol Online, as the TV series is available on BBC iPlayer, FX, Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and a few other platforms. But the best option is the BBC iPlayer as it will cost you absolutely nothing! The 1843 Novel by Charles Dickens is still an interesting read even though more than a century has passed. The Novel has had many versions, however, the crux of the story remains the same. Many movies have been made since 1932 based on the Novel.

The novel has been adapted countless times, but this BBC mini-series is truly epic, penned by Peaky Blinders writer Steven Knight. Guy Pearce plays the lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge while Andy Serkis plays the Ghost of Christmas Past and Stephen Graham plays Jacob Marley.

If you live outside the US or UK, you will not be able to access these networks as they are geo-restricted. But worry not as we have a simple workaround to bypass restricted websites from anywhere in the world. If you’re short on time click on the bar below otherwise read the full guide.

A Christmas Carol BBC

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Steps to Watch A Christmas Carol Online from Anywhere

The simple use of a virtual private network service like ExpressVPN can enable you to access geo-restricted websites easily in under 5 minutes. And let you watch A Christmas Carol online on BBC iPlayer or FX Network. However, we don’t recommend FX Network as you need a cable provider subscription to access it. Luckily you can watch it for free on BBC iPlayer once you are connected to the relevant server.

Follow these steps to unblock and watch a Christmas Carol online via BBC iPlayer:

  1. Download and Sign-up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN client on your device and log in with credentials.
  3. Find and connect to the UK server.
  4. Go to the BBC.
    BBC sign up image 1
  5. Now Register using your email address & UK postal code.
    bbc sign up image 2

For Postal Code use EC3A 8BF for London, M1 2BG for Manchester. All set now enjoy streaming A Christmas Carol online free and all the amazing TV series, like A Christmas Carol and His Dark Materials from wherever you are.

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Christmas Carol – Official Trailer

More About Christmas Carol

Well, the mini-series is a reboot of the original story by Charles Dickens and the best part is that Tom Hardy has co-produced it and is also in the movie, and Tom Hardy movies are always outstanding!

watch a christmas carol 2019 online

The series takes on a serious tone as compared to Jim Carrey’s version of the movie which was packed with loads of comedy and laughter. This one is more of a thriller with Steven Knight as the writer, while Nick Murphy has directed it.

Steven Knight also revealed that,

“A Christmas Carol is done. And is in the can, and is bloody marvelous. I mean I would say that, but Guy Pearce is brilliant. Stephen Graham is brilliant, and it looks quite amazing.”

Christmas Carol – Cast

The main cast of the mini-series is as follows:

  • Guy Pearce as Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Andy Serkis as Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Stephen Graham as Jacob Marley
  • Charlotte Riley as Lottie/Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Joe Alwyn as Bob Cratchit
  • Vinette Robinson as Mary Cratchit
  • Jason Flemyng as Ghost of Christmas Future
  • Kayvan Novak as Ali Baba
  • Lenny Rush as Tiny Tim
  • Johnny Harris as Franklin Scrooge

Wrapping Up!

It’s Christmas season and BBC has promised to present a unique and original take on the Charles Dickens novel, so you better not miss out on it! Just subscribe to ExpressVPN and enjoy watching a Christmas carol online the intriguing mini-series on BBC from Ireland, the USA, or from anywhere in the world.

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