Watch Flirty Dancing Online Series 2: Cast, Episode & More

Ashley Banjo, winner of Britain’s Got Talent has a different take on finding true love. He believes dancing brings out real chemistry between people whereas apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr are way too superficial, so instead watch Flirty Dancing Online.

You put your best picture up, write a bio that is nowhere near reality and swipe right to any (in some cases every) person you see. What is this bogus?

This is where Flirty Dancing changes the game! Participants are not allowed to talk to each other, instead just dance and see if they click. Watch Flirty Dancing online on channel 4 as series 2 starts this November 8th at 8pm.

Here’s the trailer!


However, there’s a small problem if you reside outside the UK as Channel 4 is geo-restricted but worry not, ScreenBinge is here to help you!

If you try to access Channel 4 outside UK, you will receive the following error:

flirty dancing channel 4 not available error

How To Watch Flirty Dancing Online Abroad

The good news is that you can watch Flirty Dancing free anywhere in the world, but for that you need the help of a VPN service. Basically what a VPN does is that it replaces your local IP address with one that is accepted in the region where the content is available.

Follow these simple steps to watch Flirty Dancing outside UK:

  1. Download and Sign-up a VPN service
  2. Sign in with your credentials
  3. Select UK server from the list of servers
  4. Now visit “Channel 4” and enjoy streaming

flirty dancing channel 4 working

There you go! We have successfully unblocked Channel 4 from outside the UK with the use of a VPN. So the next question that pops in the mind is that which VPN service should you opt for?

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What to Expect From Flirty Dancing Series 2?

Love is on the dance floor! The contestants for this season have not been disclosed yet but we do know that 23-year-old Kerry, who is a country music fan is tagged with Jordan, a 26-year-old musical and cheerleading coach.

And Nife, a customer care advisor will share the dance floor with Shaun, a retail assistant.

Banjo talks about his experience in the previous series,

“I loved working with our singles last year, creating something special for each of them and watching the sparks fly.”

Further talking about the show he said,

“For me the show provides an incredibly unique experience for people to meet through dance, and it is so rewarding (as well as nerve-racking!) to watch it all play out. I can’t wait to help create some romance for all our new hopeful daters.”


So, now that you know how to watch Flirty Dancing online anywhere in the world with a VPN, don’t miss out on the live telecast. Who knows you might end up learning a move that could change your entire life!