Watch Madam Secretary Online In 2022 | Final Season 6, Cast, Review, Release Date

Watch Madam Secretary Online

The spectacular TV show Madam Secretary is back for its last season, with Elizabeth McCord in a more important role. Watch Madam Secretary Online on CBS as after a two year jump she’s President!

Where to watch Madam Secretary Online Season 6

If you want to watch Madam Secretary online simply head on to CBS and start streaming the show, however, the problem is that CBS to the US geographies only.

So, if you try to access CBS outside the US you will get the following error:

Madam Secretary online - not working

There’s a simple workaround to get rid of this region error, so yeah you won’t be missing out on the final season.

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Steps to watch Madam Secretary from Anywhere

With just a couple of clicks Surfshark will unblock CBS for you:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN (OTop Choice service).
  2. Login and enter your credentials.
  3. Select a server from the US.
  4. Go to CBS.
  5. Search “Madam Secretary” and start watching.

Madam Secretary online - working

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Madam Secretary Season 6 Trailer

Eyes wide open! Téa Leoni puts on a perfect flair for her new role!

Madam Secretary cast

The main cast of Madam Secretary includes these actors:

madam secretary cast

  1. Téa Leoni as Elizabeth “Bess” Adams McCord
  2. Tim Daly as Henry McCord
  3. Bebe Neuwirth as Nadine Tolliver
  4. Željko Ivanek as Russell Jackson
  5. Erich Bergen as Blake Moran
  6. Patina Miller as Daisy Grant
  7. Geoffrey Arend as Matt Mahoney
  8. Wallis Currie-Wood as Stephanie “Stevie” McCord
  9. Kathrine Herzer as Alison McCord
  10. Evan Roe as Jason McCord
  11. Keith Carradine as Conrad Dalton
  12. Sebastian Arcelus as Jay Whitman
  13. Sara Ramirez as Kat Sandoval

Madam Secretary on Netflix

Yes, Madam Secretary is available on Netflix here is the title link but here too we encounter the same problem. It is only available on the US Netflix library Only, which means you’ll have to use ExpressVPN and connect to the US server to watch the show or else you receive the error message.

Madam Secretary Season 6- what to expect?

As secretary of state, Elizabeth McCord nailed it! Bravely appearing as a human rights and peace champion. But things change greatly in season 6 as she progresses from a member of President Dalton’s cabinet to leader of the free world.

The role was extremely challenging for her and in an interview with TVLine she stated that

I would rather have a root canal, naked, in Grand Central.

Further adding

I think, in my professional life, it may have been the second most terrifying day.

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