How to Watch Married at First Sight Australia 2021 Online Abroad [Updated 2022]

how to watch married at first sight 2021

Wondering how to watch Married at First Sight Australia online abroad? The show airs on 9Now and Channel 4 both of which are free. However, the problem is that the channels restricted to Australia and the UK respectively. This means you have to be in these countries to watch the show.

But worry not, I have a workaround that will let you watch Married at First Sight no matter where you are. In this guide, I will explain to you how you can watch the show from anywhere online using a VPN service like ExpressVPN. This will allow you to bypass the regional restrictions and watch the show in your country!

Series 4 and 5 of the excentric dating series have been brought back to the network over the summer and viewers can expect even more action, from which series 6 kicked off on 4 January with 13 new couples on the look for love.

If you try accessing 9Now or Channel 4, the following errors will be shown on your screen:

“This page is temporarily unavailable”

channel 9 not working error

“Not available. All 4 is only available in the UK”

MAFS channel 4 not working error

How to watch Married at First Sight Australia 2021 Abroad

Follow the below-mentioned steps to watch MAFS 2021:

  1. Download and Install ExpressVPN.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Now enter your credentials and Sign-in.
  4. From the list of countries connect to Australia for 9Now or UK for Channel4.
  5. Once connected, visit the channel online and create your free account.
  6. Now you can watch Married at First Sight from anywhere in the world.

Note: For Australia use postal code 2620, while for the UK you can use SW1A during the registration process.

Here you can see the show working perfectly on 9Now with the use of ExpressVPN.

MAFS Channel 9 working with VPN

With ExpressVPN we have also unblocked Channel 4, you can see the show streaming below:

Married at First Sight channel 4 working with VPN

We have easily unblocked both the channels that were limited to UK and Australia only! This way you can also access different geo-blocked websites and streaming platforms.

Unblock MAFS with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Why Do You Need A VPN MFAS 2021?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a great tool to secure your online activities and let you access restricted websites and platforms. It encrypts your data for security and replaces your IP address with the IP address of the country you want to connect to. Your IP address indicates your location, therefore replacing the IP lets you access it. This tricks websites into believing that you are accessing from a non-restricted region and hence you get to access the site and restricted titles like Big Brother.

Married at First Sight Brides and Grooms

This is not exactly an “All Celebrities” season, because the mix is also made up of some average Joes.

“I’m told there are a good few “regular” people (not already in showbiz) in the new season haha,” a fan account joked.

brides and grooms MAFS 2021

  • Booka – Rockstar
  • Jake – Former AFL
  • Bryce – Radio Host
  • Georgia – Host
  • Johnny – Theatre Actor
  • Coco – Insta fitness model

Who Are The Experts And Judges This Time?


Replacing Dr. Trisha Stratford is sexologist and TV host Alessandra Rampolla, and according to relationship expert Mel Schilling, this is a must-watch season!

In a post featuring her fellow MAFS experts Alessandra and John Aiken, Mel gave a hint as to what to expect in 2021 to write: “We are having a ball, working #BTS to bring you a game-changing #MAFS next year.”

Wrapping Up!

We’ve seen an array of Married At First Sight characters over the years. You can bet there will not be any plain Janes taking part in the controversial reality TV experiment, from shy introverts looking for love to downright cheating villains.

So, you can bet that the upcoming contestants will be similar as the 2021 season approaches.

Now you know how to watch Married at First Sight Australia 2021 from anywhere in the world, simply use the ExpressVPN app, connect to your desired country and start watching for free!

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