25 Enthralling Shows like Game of Thrones in 2022

Shows like the Game of Thrones

Now that the Song of Ice and Fire is over, Game of Thrones fans has been searching for something to quench their thirst for blood, violence, sex, and an addictive storyline.

The winter has come and gone, and all that remains of the iron throne is a pile of debris.

Keeping viewers engaged since 2011, the Game of Thrones created a massive fan following of millions breaking HBO’s own record.

Well, if you’re up for some more action, historic wars, loads of blood spill along with some romance in between then I have got a list of Shows similar to the Game of Throne, however, the truth is that no other movie or show can really compare to GOT.

(Please note that the shows are not listed in a particular order as per relevancy)

Shows like Game of Thrones

1.  Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus Blood and Sand

Betrayed by friends and forced into slavery, rises a Gladiator! A captivating story of a man who fights the royalty and gains his freedom.

The show is filled with violence and gruesome killings, nudity, and Roman history. The story reflects the tale of Thracian gladiator who rose up against the Roman Republic and caused an uprising for freedom. The series consists of six episodes.

The Show is not available in all Netflix libraries, therefore you will be needing to connect to a VPN such as ExpressVPN in the USA, Greece, Hungary or India.

2. The Tudors

The Tudors

The story shows the life of young King Henry VIII, his lustful character the way he reigns over his kingdom. The series shows the era of the 16th century and how the people under his reign is live.

The series does cut down on some real facts, but is highly intriguing and tells tales of tragedy. Expect to see random sword slaying on the peasants and the height of power and repression.

3. Da Vinci’s Demons

Da Vinci's Demons

Leonardo Da Vinci’s name will not be forgotten ever, it has lived on for centuries and will continue to do so because of the fact that Leonardo was not an ordinary person.

An artist, inventor, dreamer and idealist, lover, swordsman and simply a genius whose name grew from Florence to entire Italy and the rest of the world.

The movie, however, is based on loose facts so it should not be considered as a documentary. You’ll be seeing cult practices, demons, mythical creatures and of course intense scenes of romance.

The show is available on Amazon Prime.

4. The Borgias

The Borgias

The 15th century Italy was controlled by a very powerful crime family, named the Borgias. Rodrigo Borgia the head of the family tries to take a position as Pope Alexander VI using his several sons, alliances made by marriage, murders.

The show has strong elements of power, family, religion, and affairs of both the heart and state, this is a must watch!

5.  The White Queen

The White Queen

Murder, romance, seduction. The white queen tells the story of a 15th century post-war destroyed England.

The story features three women who will give up anything and everything to make their way to the English throne. Watch how these women use their beauty to lure men and make moves to gain power and control. The series consists of ten episodes and portrays historical drama.

The show is available on Amazon Prime.

6.  The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom

Bernard Cornwell’s book series The Saxon Tales is the main inspiration behind The Last Kingdom. The series shows the time of 872, it was a time when England was broken into many kingdoms, these kingdoms are gradually taken over by the Vikings to be ruled. The stories the main character is Untred, a Saxon who lost his parents when the Vikings invaded their land.

Saxon is then captured and raised as one of the Vikings, the show is pretty close to the Game of the thrones as there are jaw wrenching killings, high quality of photography and attention to each character.

The show is available on Netflix globally.

7. Knight fall

Knight fall

Swordplay, politics, a castle, and killings, Knightfall has it all. The story is about a military group in the middle ages who rises up to protect Christianity’s most precious relics. The series is about Landry, Templar’s leader.

He is on his quest to search for the precious holy treasure, but what comes in between is a series of battles and betrayals that eventually create the worlds most cursed day, Friday the 13th.

The show is available globally on Netflix.

8.  Vikings


The story of a Viking warrior, who has tough hands being a farmer and is a warrior that the greatest fighters would fear! Initially, the series was planned as a miniseries but due to astounding fan support, the producers came up with 5 more seasons.

9. Reign


If it’s on the list it definitely has sex, violence, blood, swords, wars, and women!

Queen of Scots is 15 years old when she arrives in France to marry Prince Francis, this is her first experience of court, the first time she faces political dramas and also the first time she faces sexual intrigue. However, the queens family wants to delay the marriage, in between this Francis’ half-brother develops romantic feelings for her.

10.  Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Today we have advanced so much that we are going into space exploration, studying galaxies and stars and planets, but what about the planet Earth itself?

Back in the 13th –century, it was Marco Polo who set out his feet to explore the world. On an expedition to China, he is taken prisoner by Kublai Khan, this is when Marco learns how to survive and thrive in life.

11.  Black Sails

Black Sails

Remember the novel Treasure Island? Well, Black sails tell the story of Captain Flint and his gang of pirates twenty years before the quest to search the Treasure Island.

The storyline is highly engaging and would make you watch episode after episode until you suddenly realize you’ve spent some 9 hours in front of the television. The show is highly intriguing making you anticipate what’s coming up next!

The Show is not available in all Netflix libraries, therefore you will be needing to connect to a VPN such as ExpressVPN in the USA, Greece, Hungary or India.

12.  Frontier (2016 – Present)


If you’re craving for some GOT style action, then this is the perfect show for you!! The frontier shows the 1700’s fur trade scene, ruled by Lord Benton.

The basic storyline is based on Declan Harp who is out for revenge from one of the most powerful for lords for executing all the members of the British army, except for Harp. You will be seeing a lot of Jon Snow style sword battles and action.

The show is available on Netflix globally.

13. Outlander


If romance, intrigue, and violence are what you’re searching for, it’s all here in the Outlander. The plot of the story is based on a World War II nurse named Claire, the main mind-bending element of the show is that she is mysteriously swept back into time to 1740th Scotland.

The Scottish thing she is an English spy, while her heart is attached to two completely different men in two different dimensions.

The show is available on Amazon Prime.

14. Rome 


The show came up long before Game of Thrones, sadly it did not get the recognition or attention it deserved. It truly is an underrated gem featuring the same spicy elements of blood, gore, sex, and yes, political intrigue.

The transition of the roman republic to become an autocratic empire is shown from the viewpoint Julius Caesar, his family, his successor, and the common soldiers. The show does not shy away from showing the dirty aspects of the Roman Empire.

The show is available on Netflix globally.

Upcoming Shows similar to The Game of Throne

  1. “His Dark Materials” – HBO/BBC One
  2. “The Witcher” – Netflix
  3. “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” – Netflix
  4. “The Lord of the Rings” – Amazon
  5. “The Chronicles of Narnia” – Netflix
  6. “The Kingkiller Chronicle” – Showtime
  7. “The Wheel of Time” – Amazon
  8. “Shadow and Bone” – Netflix
  9. “Cursed” – Netflix
  10. “Wild Cards” – Hulu
  11. “Catherine the Great” – HBO

Wrapping Up!

While no show can be compared to The Game of Thrones, which kept the audiences glued since 2011, that’s a very big time for a show to be successfully running with a growing fan base.

Some of the shows might not be available to you due to geo-restriction, therefore, the use of a VPN will help you greatly to access any platform or streaming site.

Happy Watching!

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