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Does the idea of watching beautiful singles try to find love while the twist of a large cash prize causing all kinds of drama excite you? If that’s the case, you’d want to learn how to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in UK on 9Now, since the Australian service geo-blocks viewing beyond its home country, and this post will guide you on how to do that.

Love Island Australia is one of the most popular shows on 9Now, and is somehow similar to Love Island UK and Love Island USA. The fourth season of Love Island Australia will debut in either November or December 2022 (yet to be confirmed). However, the platform’s legalities around licensing make direct access to the show impossible within the US.

You’ll need a first-class VPN client to overcome these restrictions, and we’ll soon reveal which one you should choose to satisfy your streaming desires without breaking the bank, revealing details of its solid features and benefits later.

But let’s start with the few basic but crucial steps that’ll unlock the show for you in no time.

How to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in UK- [Simple Steps]

Listed here are the four elementary steps that will provide you problem-free access to Love Island Australia Season 4:

  1. Subscribe to a quality VPN client (ExpressVPN is our #1 pick).
  2. Install the simple-to-download VPN app on your device and log in using your credentials.
  3. Connect to an Australian one.
  4. Open the 9Now website, search Love Island Season 4, and enjoy!

Where to Watch Love Island Australia?

You can watch Love Island Australia on the Nine Networks video-on-demand service 9Now. The platform allows subscribers to stream all episodes of the show’s previous three seasons and will air season 4 toward the end of 2022.

However, 9Now is only available within Australian borders. If you want to watch Love Island Australia from a different location, you’ll require the Best VPN to break through the platform’s geographical restrictions.

What is Love Island Australia Season 4 release date?

The precise release date for Love Island Season 4 remains undeclared, but the show is expected to premiere between November and December 2022. This season will shift the show’s schedule since the dating reality show’s previous two seasons premiered in October of their respective airing years.

What Kind of Show Love Island Australia Season 4 is?

Love Island Australia Season 4 is a dating reality show and part of the worldwide Love Island franchise, which runs in 13 countries, including the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

The Aussie version of the show follows the franchise’s standard structure, with contestants spending time in a luxurious residence while trying to find their soulmates and potential future spouses.

How Love Island Australia Works?

Love Island works by taking contestants to a luxurious location to spend their few weeks on camera. They are entirely isolated from the outside world during their stay. The show involves the Islanders finding partners through mutual affection or for their strategic interest of extending their stay till the end to snatch the $50,000 top prize.

Who are the Love Island Australia Season 4 Contestants

The names of the Love Island Australia Season 4 contestants have not yet been revealed since the show is undergoing its planning stage at the moment, and filming will take place towards the end of the year.

Last year’s list of contestants was also revealed by the producers only a  week before the show’s premiere, so fans will have to wait till November/December to get to know the new season’s participants.

Where Love Island Australia Season 4 is going to film?

Love Island Australia Season 4 will be filmed in the culturally rich city of Mallorca, Spain, where the contestants’ villa will be situated. The location is known for its picturesque limestone mountains, rich culture, and history dating back to Roman times. It was also the venue for the opening season of Love Island Australia.

How many Episodes  Love Island Australia Season 4 Have?

The exact number of episodes that will feature in Love Island Season 4 hasn’t been revealed yet, since the show is still in its planning stage. However, based on previous seasons, the episode count will likely be between 27 (the number of episodes in season 3) and 30 (the episode count for season 1).

How much do Contestants of Love Island Australia Season 4 Get Paid?

The compensation of the contestants of Love Island Australia Season 4 isn’t publicly available. Still, we can estimate they’re paid around $150 a day to cover their expenses, based on what an inside source revealed on a podcast last year about the show’s compensation for Season 3 contestants.

Who is the Host of Love Island Australia Season 4?

Sophie Monk is the host of Love Island Australia Season 4, reprising the role of guiding single contestants on their journey to find their soulmates and potential life partners. She has expressed her excitement about returning as the show’s host while exploring the gorgeous Spanish city of Mallorca.

How Much Prize Money Winner of  Love Island Australia Season 4 Going to Get?

The winner of Love Island Australia Season 4 will leave the popular dating reality series with an impressive prize of $50,000 (over 70,000 Australian dollars). The prize money is equally split between the show’s winning couple, although one gets to open the envelope containing the cash and can opt to keep it for themselves.

Who Won Love Island Australia Season 3?

Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis won Love Island Australia Season 3. The couple involved their families in the relationship, traveling to each other’s location of residence (Sydney in the case of Tina and Melbourne in the case of Mitch). Unfortunately, their relationship ended in February 2022.

Is there a Love Island Australia Season 4 trailer?

No, the trailer for Love Island Australia Season 4 isn’t available yet, because the show’s filming process hasn’t concluded. However, fans will get their hands on the upcoming season’s trailer shortly before it premieres on 9Now in either November or December 2022, so there is still some waiting time left!

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in UK?

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None of the couples from Love Island Australia Season 3 remained together, including the show winners, Mitch and Tina.

According to Channel 9, the show Love Island Australia isn’t scripted and is perfectly real, and season 4 is no exception.

Love Island Australia contestants get picked through a rigorous selection and scouting process, where thousands of applications are sifted through to choose the final ones.

Wrap Up

Love Island Australia Season 4 will be a great addition to your end-of-the-year viewing list if you live in the US and find dating shows from other countries enjoyable. So make sure to subscribe to ExpressVPN’s brilliant services and watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in UK as soon as it airs.

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