How to Watch Motherland: Last Christmas Outside UK

Watch Motherland: Last Christmas Outside UK

Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season with yet another Christmas special set to grace every home. Discover how to watch Motherland: Last Christmas outside UK. The series will premiere on BBC iPlayer on December 23, 2022.

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is available for users with IP addresses in the United Kingdom. This means that they can freely access the app hassle-free. Meanwhile, those devices outside UK territories must use a VPN service connection.

A reliable VPN like ExpressVPN will bypass the geo-blocks you encounter when accessing BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Here’s how it works:

Watch Motherland: Last Christmas Outside UK – Easy Steps

You can watch Motherland: Last Christmas outside UK by following these simple and easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to the plans of ExpressVPN. It is the most reliable VPN provider.
  2. Install the VPN on the device and input your details to log in.
  3. Connect to a server of ExpressVPN in the UK.
  4. Launch the BBC iPlayer app and stream Motherland: Last Christmas.

Where Can I Watch Motherland: Last Christmas?

You can watch Motherland: Last Christmas on BBC iPlayer in the UK. However, to watch it on BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you will need a reliable and secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

With ExpressVPN, you can connect to a UK VPN server, you’ll get another IP address to replace the one on your device. Once you have that, the BBC iPlayer is available for streamers to use and enjoy the special wherever possible.

When does Motherland: Last Christmas Release?

Motherland: Last Christmas will be available for streaming starting December 23, 2022. The special will be released after Motherland season 3. Those outside the United Kingdom can still access the BBC iPlayer app with the help of a VPN connection. Knowing the steps to set up the software, you’ll have access to it quickly.

What is the Plot of Motherland: Last Christmas?

Families and friends are gathered during the holiday break to celebrate the season. Julia’s household is no exception. She uncharacteristically invited people and offered to host Christmas at her place. Hence, this leaves Kevin on cooking duties. Liz has been invited to the festivities, while Meg will join to escape from her husband.

Anne will host Christmas together with her mammy and cousins in the other household. It will be a busy house, with 29 of her family members attending the celebration.

Meanwhile, Amanda will spend an awkward Christmas Day with the kids, Johnny, and his new wife, Tamara. Amanda’s mom will also be with them.

Who Will in the Cast of Motherland: Last Christmas?

For fans of the Motherland franchise – from its first season to Motherland season 2, until the third one, some names below might be familiar to you as most characters are returning for the special episode. See the list below for the complete names of the cast.

Actor/Actress Name Role Portrayed
Oliver Chris Paul
Louise Delamere Tamara
Philippa Dunne Anne Flynn
Ellie Haddington Marion
Anthony Head Bill
Joanna Lumley Felicity
Anna Maxwell Martin Julia Johnstone
Maggie McCarthy Mammy Aoibheann
Tanya Moodie Meg
Diane Morgan Liz
Terry Mynott Johnny
Lucy Punch Amanda
Paul Ready Kevin Brady

How many episodes of Motherland: Last Christmas are there?

Motherland: Last Christmas only has one episode. BBC news revealed that it’s a special episode dedicated to the holidays. In fact, you can binge it in one sitting. The special is also great for streaming during family gatherings, especially now that it’s nearing Christmas. Most of the scenes here are relatable to family and friends.

Is there a Trailer for Motherland: Last Christmas?

Yes, and it’s a clip everyone is looking for. The thirty-second trailer opens with Julia worrying about what Christmas gift she will have for her mother. Meanwhile, Kevin also is offering gifting ideas and claiming that being good during Christmas is one of his specialities, together with cooking rice and changing the duvets.


Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Motherland: Last Christmas Outside UK?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Motherland: Last Christmas outside UK because its servers easily bypass geo-restrictions. After connecting to its servers, you can guarantee a perfect UK IP address to access BBC iPlayer and stream the Christmas special.

Read on to have a better look at the features offered by this provider:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Motherland: Last Christmas Outside UK


Streamers highly recommend ExpressVPN as the best provider to watch Motherland: Last Christmas outside UK. The provider has servers in London, the Docklands, and Wembley, equipped with all ExpressVPN features. You can immediately find servers outside the UK in any of those locations.

As a whole, ExpressVPN operates in at least 3200+ servers in more than 94+ countries spread across the key locations. You can enjoy its features when you connect to these servers. The features and services include ISP throttling, automated kill switch, split tunnelling, and Lightway security protocol. 

If a device does not recognize VPN connections, streamers can still maximize the services of ExpressVPN with the MediaStreamer feature. It is capable of activating your device to connect to servers. Consequently, it will enhance the streaming experience. All these and more are accessible regardless of time zone and geo-location.

You also do not have to spend huge amounts of dollars to pay for subscriptions. For starters, streamers can avail of the provider’s 12+3 offer. This comes with premium ExpressVPN service for fifteen straight months at GB£5.4/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan).

More importantly, users are guaranteed a risk-free policy within thirty days from registration. 

ExpressVPN’s extensive coverage also allows subscribers to remove geo-blocks on other streaming platforms like Channel 4ITV UK, and, channel 5 outside the UK, and more.

You only need to perform a similar process as you did with BBC iPlayer. It’s an excellent deal for a very affordable cost.

You can also view other content such as I Hate Suzie Season 2The Best Man: The Final Chapters, The Head Season 2 and Family Dinner Season 3 and many more.


There are four writers of Motherland: Last Christmas. Their names include Sharon Horgan, Helen, Serafinowicz, Holly Wash, and Barunka O’Shaughnessy.

Yes, the Motherland series is a British sitcom that tackles the traumas and trials of middle-class motherhood.

The series is set in London, and the premise of the special episode is set on the households of different families in the original series. With this, fans can expect some familiar London locations when watching Motherland: Last Christmas.

Wrap Up

Reunite with your favourite Motherland characters and watch Motherland: Last Christmas outside UK. The BBC iPlayer will provide you with exclusive streaming opportunities.

Remember to connect to an ExpressVPN server in the UK. You might be outside the United Kingdom, but you’ll surely miss the festivity when the special is released.

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