How to Watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK


Sometimes, all you need in trying periods is just to have a good laugh, and what better way to do that than simply watching animals do some really random and rib-tickling things? If you agree and like comedy series, let’s figure out how to watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK on The CW.

The CW is an American streaming platform. It is restricted in UK, which means fans will need a VPN to be able to bypass these geo-blocks implemented by streaming platforms.

Here’s how it works:

Watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK – [Easy Steps]

To watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK, follow these simple steps:

  • Get a suitable VPN subscription. (Most people prefer ExpressVPN)
  • Download the VPN app and log in using your credentials.
  • Connect to a US server to access US-only content.
  • Log into The CW to watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK.

Where can I watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3?

You can watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 on The CW. Currently, you would be able to watch every episode of the new season and even other movies for free, as long as you are registered and you stream from their website or App directly.

However, international streamers will need an ExpressVPN subscription to watch the series in UK.

When is World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 release date?

More fun and light-hearted content are coming to your screens on the 22nd of October, and for people who have seen the first two seasons of the show, none of them can’t wait to see what animals are getting up to now and for newcomers, all you should expect is a lot of laughs.

What is World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 about?

The show includes amusing animal footage from blockbuster films and your favorite TV shows, viral internet clips of hilarious incidents, animal outtakes that scare the entire cast and crew, and videos of infants and pets, as well as celebrities and their pets.

Who hosts America’s Funniest Animals Season 3?

Elizabeth Stanton, who you may know from Popstar This Week, is the host of world’s funniest animals, and she has been the host since the first season premiere in 2020, and what she does is examine the animal performances of the animals whose videos were compiled for the show.

What channel are World’s Funniest Animals?

Still, wondering what channel is World’s Funniest Animals? The answer is CW network, and you can either watch it on their website or you can also stream the show on their official application, all for free, as long as you are in the US or connected to a US VPN server.

How do you submit videos to World’s Funniest Animals?

The submissions of videos used on the show are a result of research by the producers and the casting team of the show, and as of now, there is no clear-cut process known to the public on how to apply for the series, but more info could be released by CBS later.

What Happened At The End Of World’s Funniest Animals Season 2?

In the 16th and the last episode of season 2, Jackie Tohn was the special guest who came around. The funniest video was of a Bear playing in a house’s garden. A deer loves to play ball with its owner, a curious cat is astonished by a light system, happy horses play together, and a chameleon can paint! shocking right?

What We Can Expect From World’s Funniest Animals Season 3?

As usual, there is a lot of expectation on how this season will perform with the dropping ratings in the second season, and because the series was renewed for a third season, there is a very high possibility that this season is coming with a banger set of videos that would leave you quaking in laughter.

Is there a trailer for World’s Funniest Animals Season 3?

No, there are no trailers for World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 released yet, but there are still some weeks before the release of the TV show, so, there is still time for the production team to draw up a trailer that would give a hint of what to expect from this season.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK because it is affordable, reliable, and secure. Below, you will find qualities and unique capabilities that support that claim.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK


First off, you may choose from more than 500 servers for connecting to the US out of more than 3000+ servers ExpressVPN available in 94+ countries across the world.

Contrary to what most well-known VPNs do, they adhere to a rigorous no-log policy, which guarantees that your data won’t be logged no matter which website you visit or whether the government or anybody else asks for it.

Among the many alternative encryption protocols utilized, the 256ES-encryption protocol of military grade is the one that ExpressVPN uses. During all the testing periods and places, ExpressVPN provided an average download speed of 89 Mbps. You can enjoy shows like The Winchesters and many with buffering-free streaming.

The monthly charges for a 12-month payment are GB£5.56/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) payment is $9.99, and a single-month payment is $12.95.

If you subscribe for 12 months, you can save 3 months. Click this link to buy your selected plan. You may access material from various streaming services when you use ExpressVPN, including NetflixParamount+, and ABC.

You can view popular American television shows from anywhere in the globe when you use ExpressVPN, like Documentary NowHalloween EndsFear the Walking Dead Season 7, Stargirl Season 3 and Rosaline.


No, even while the ratings dropped a bit in the second season, that didn’t stop CW from renewing the series for the third season, which is scheduled to drop on the 22nd of October 2022.

The show suffered a brief slip in critics’ ratings, but as you know, most times, critics don’t get movies the same way you do, and most viewers still enjoyed the series regardless.

One of the most asked questions is, what kind of dog is ruby on world’s funniest animals, and the answer is that Ruby is a German shorthaired pointer.


If you have read this article up to a point, you should already know the steps needed to watch World’s Funniest Animals Season 3 in UK. To recap, all you need is a VPN to bypass the location restrictions.

Once you have your ExpressVPN subscriptions sorted, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the clumsiness you don’t see very often in animals.

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