DAZN Price In UK: How Much Do You Pay And What You Get


Do you want to know what’s the DAZN price in UK in 2022? DAZN costs GBP17.30 (US$19.99) a month or GBP129.80 (US$149.99) for an entire year in the US (a value of GBP10.82 (US$12.50) per month), and you can pause and restart your subscription any time. You can also get DAZN pay-per-view in addition to the DAZN one-time fee.

DAZN telecasts some of the largest combat sports events in the world with a monthly membership, along with a variety of interviews, vintage archived shows, premium documentaries, and special access to athletes and promoters like NFL Game Pass, NFL Redzone, and NFL Sunday Ticket.

You can likely miss out on NFL Game Pass, the NBA, the Premier League, the Champions League, and heavyweight boxing depending on where you’re streaming from. It is a geo-restricted site that’s why you cannot watch DAZN in UK. Therefore, it is necessary to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to prevent missing such events.

How Much Is DAZN Price in UK? [Quick Guide]


Check out the DAZN price in UK!

You can subscribe to DAZN on monthly basis. You would have to pay a flat rate of GBP23.10 (US$19.99) a month or GBP173.33 (US$149.99) per year (a cost of GBP10.82 (US$12.50) per month) in the UK. There used to be DAZN free trial, which was useful for getting a feel for service as well as for watching DAZN PPV fights for free.

However all regions except Japan have now deleted the DAZN free trial, but you can still cancel your DAZN subscription when you wish.

So, how Much Does DAZN PPV Cost?

Being an old subscriber of DAZN, PPV will cost you GBP56.24 (US$64.99). For new subscribers, it will cost GPB73.54 ($84.98) which includes one month subscription to DAZN

Selected mega-fights will be available on DAZN as Pay-Per-View add-on events. Existing and new DAZN customers in a few countries will be able to watch these sporadic Pay-Per-View fights live and on demand. Subscription costs may vary because of different DAZN prices by country

If you already have a membership, you’ll have to pay extra money to access the Pay-Per-View event. You must first become a member of DAZN if you don’t already have one in order to purchase the DAZN Pay-Per-View.

What Are The Payment Ways For DAZN?

Currently, to get DAZN packages, it accepts the following methods for payment:

  1. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners card)
  2. iTunes
  3. PayPal
  4. Google Play Billing
  5. Roku pay
  6. Amazon In-App Pay

Consumers can choose to join up using one of the numerous platforms for streaming like DAZN on Roku or JadooTV on Firestick. DAZN may be downloaded on a variety of Smart TVs, streaming players, and mobile devices just like many other streaming sites.

What Sports Can I Watch On DAZN?


Catch your favorite sports events live!

DAZN differs slightly from many other streaming services because it has a very specific concentration on boxing and mixed martial arts content. The website does provide access to various other sports outside boxing, such as soccer, darts, pool, and even esports

Although darts and soccer are among the various sports covered, these are more like supporting roles than the main event.

Following are some famous sports shows and competitions on DANZ to stream:

  • Red Bull TV Competition
  • Drone Champions League 2022
  • Total Combat
  • The DAZN Boxing Show
  • Hexagone MMA

DAZN Price in UK – FAQ

DAZN Price in UK for subscription is something that a boxing fan is upright to pay because it is worth it for them. But if you are expecting to get shows and exclusive content other than boxing you might not find the DANZ price worth it.

To buy DAZN you need to:

  • Download the app and sign in.
  • Choose the plan and select how you want to get your plan either monthly or annually.
  • Enter your email create a password and open your account.
  • Start streaming!

You need to directly register by adding your name and email to watch what DAZN has to offer free on its site and not create an account with DAZN or pay to watch.

Wrapping UP!

The only true incentive to subscribe to DAZN is that it is a boxing-first service. If you’re not really interested in boxing, you might spend the same amount each month on another streaming service that offers coverage of the live sports you care about. DAZN price in UK is still worthwhile for boxing fans to subscribe to, though.

It provides a big selection of live events, coverage of connected events, and a sizable selection of year-round on-demand content. Hopefully, this article gave you all the information on DAZN price in UK, for other queries you can comment below.

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