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Tantalizing skills, jaw-dropping goals, and an extremely high pace define Belgian Football League’s enthralling play, and as a football fanatic, you can’t afford to miss out on the action on ESPN+. But the platform only directly serves US viewers, and if you’re stuck with an error wondering how to watch Belgian Football League in UK, we’re here to help.

ESPN+ must conform to the content right mentioned in its licensing agreements, and, in doing so, the platform filters out non-US viewers from streaming Belgian League games, which got underway on the 22nd of July, 2022.

The solution is using a reliable VPN service that will remove the headache from your streaming experience without charging you exorbitantly. We’ll later recommend exactly which VPN client you should get and why.

But now it’s time to reveal the elementary steps you’re required to follow to unlock all your favorite Belgian football action.

Watch Belgian Football League in UK – [Quick Steps]

To unlock Belgian Football League on ESPN+ from your non-US location, pay attention to steps 1-4 listed below and execute them to run your desired stream smoothly:

  1. Subscribe to a stellar, market-proven VPN client (ExpresVPN is our clear #1 choice).
  2. Get ExpressVPN easily installable app running on your chosen streaming device.
  3. Navigate the app to find and connect to a US server (preferably the fast-connecting NYC server).
  4. Go to the ESPN+ website, subscribe if you haven’t done so yet, and search for Belgian Football League to get the football action going!

Why do you need a VPN to Watch Belgian Football League in UK

You need a VPN to watch Belgian Football League in UK on ESPN+ if you’re residing in UK borders because the platform faces legal obligations linked to the licensing deals that it is bound to honour.

As a result, ESPN+ tracks users’ IP addresses geographically, sending an error if they’re in UK. A proficient VPN switches your IP to a US one, thus removing the error and allowing uninterrupted streaming.

What is Belgian Football League?

The Belgian Football League is a group of leagues linked to one another and includes clubs from all over Belgium. The league system (similar for men and women) divides into four major divisions, with the respective top levels featuring 16 men’s and eight women’s clubs. The structure also includes several province-level divisions.

Where to Watch Belgian Football League?

You can watch Belgian Football League coverage on the American streaming platform ESPN+. The service will show every game of the exciting league competition to viewers in the United States directly. Meanwhile, those in UK territory will require VPN connectivity to avoid ESPN+’s geographical viewing restrictions.

Besides ESPN+, some other popular platforms also cover this league, like Fubo TV, Sling TV, and Paramount Plus, but for the latest updates on time, ESPN+ is a great choice.

When Belgian Football League is Going to Start and End?

Belgian Football League action for its 2022-23 season is already underway, officially beginning on the 22nd of July, 2022, and its action will commence on the 21st of April, 2022. Each of the league’s 18 teams will play 34 matches, with the one with the most points taking home the trophy.

What is Belgian Football League Schedule?

The Belgian Football League schedule lists weekly fixtures featuring the teams in the country’s top-tier league (known as the Jupiler Pro League), with each team facing all its competitors twice (once home and once away), resulting in a total of 162 games played. Check the full schedule on ESPN.

What are Jupiler Pro League Standings?

The Jupiler Pro League standings provide the points tally for the teams participating in the first division of the Belgian League. As of matchday 6, Racing Genk sits atop the leaderboard with 15 points, just ahead of Brugge and Royal Antwerperp (with 13 and 12 points, respectively).

Check full standings on the ESPN website.

What are Current Stats of Belgian Football League?

The current stats of the Belgian Football League reveal the league’s top scoring player as Ferran Jutgla from Club Brugge (five goals). In addition, there’s a tie for the highest assists between Louis Patris (from OH Leuven) and Daniel Munoz (from Racing Genk), while Jean Butez from Antwerp has the highest clean sheets (three).

What is the number of Belgian Football League Clubs?

The number of Belgian Football League clubs is 18, which has remained consistent since the 2020-21 season, with each team featuring in 34 regular season games each. Once the regular season is over, the top four teams compete in the Play-offs to determine the ultimate league champion.

How many players are going to play in Belgian Football League?

Five hundred five players will play in the Belgian Football League (also referred to as the Jupiler Pro League) during its 2022-23 season. Most of the players featured in the competition (292) are foreigners, and the average market value per player stands at an impressive 1.52 million euros.

How do Belgian Football League Playoffs Work?

The Belgian Football League Playoffs work with the top four teams in the regular season facing each other to decide the league’s champion. Meanwhile, teams five through eight will compete for a place in next year’s Europa League, while the remaining squads will end their season, two getting relegated.

Where to Buy Belgian Football League Tickets?

You can buy Belgian Football League tickets for the remainder of the 2022-23 season through online sellers like Football Ticket Club and Sports Events 365. The tickets vary by the position of their corresponding seats within the stadiums, with the long side tickets between the penalty box priced the highest.

How much do Belgian Football League players make?

On average, Belgian Football League players make 41,744 euros per annum, according to the Economic Research Institute (ERI). However, players featured in the top division (Jupiler Pro League) recorded an average yearly salary of 280,000 euros during the league’s 2021-22 season.

Who Won Belgian Football League 2021/2022?

After finishing second place during the regular season, Club Brugge won the 2021/2022 season of the Belgian Football League’s first division (Jupiler Pro League). The team topped defeated three playoff opponents (Union SG, Anderlecht, and Antwerp), winning four games and drawing two.

Who is the most Winning Team in Belgian Football League?

RSC Anderlecht is the most winning team in the history of the Belgian Football League, having won the league’s championship trophy a staggering 34 times. Club Brugge, with 18 titles, is the second most successful Belgian football club with 18 wins, while Union Saint- Gilloise has won it 11 times.

Why Express VPN is the Best VPN to Belgian Football League in UK?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Belgian Football League in UK due to its server count in different countries, speed, unblocking capabilities, and, most importantly, pricing.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to watch Belgian Football League in UK:

The service has a server presence in 94+ countries (20 of them in the US), with its international server count exceeding 3000+ servers. With just one subscription, you can freely run the VPN on five of your own devices or devices belonging to those with whom you want to share the streaming fun.

ExpressVPN’s list of compatible devices includes those running via nearly all desktop, mobile, and tablet operating systems, plus several gaming consoles, Smart TVs, and Wi-Fi routers. Some devices are by default incompatible with VPNs, but the service’s proprietary smart DNS (MediaStreamer) allows their VPN connectivity also.

Moreover, ExpressVPN provides best-in-class security features, including its in-built Threat Manager, which automatically bans numerous dangerous sites and third parties, and its password generator, which offers virtually unbeatable encryption.

ExpressVPN is the best choice to unblock ESPN+ and watch ongoing sports like the Irish Baseball League, German Football League, and other international leagues.

Beyond ESPN+, you can stream sports on other American platforms with ExpressVPN, like FOX Sports and DAZN. And all these unique features and functionality are pretty affordable, with ExpressVPN’s annual plan cost of GB£5.95/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan), all while providing three full extra months for free!

Belgian Football League


Yes, Belgium is good at football, with its national team formerly being the world’s top team.

Based on its sponsor, the Belgian Football League is called the Jupiler Pro League

The Jupiler Pro League works by featuring 18 teams, four of whom compete in the playoffs to decide the champ. 

Wrap Up

As a football lover, you can’t miss out on all the enthralling, action-packed coverage of the Belgian League this season. To get through ESPN+’s geographical restrictions and comfortably watch Belgian Football League in UK, subscribe to the industry-leading features of ExpressVPN today.

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