How Much Does Hayu Cost in UK 2022? [Complete Guide]


Are you wondering about the Hayu cost in UK in 2022? Hayu has a simple one-plan price package, that is you pay AU$6.99 per month and enjoy the services after the free trial of 7 days. In this blog, we will guide you all about Hayu.

Hayu is a subscription-based online video streaming platform owned by NBC Universal. It is the exclusive home to tons of fan-favorite reality TV shows. With several shows airing on the same day as in the United States, Hayu is a top choice of reality TV lovers.

Whether you are looking to watch The Real Housewives seasons and spin-offs, indulge in all the buzz of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or want a sneak peek into the personal lives of celebrities through the shows like Paris In Love, Hayu has it all.

Hayu boasts an impressive library of more than 300 Hayu TV shows, and there’s no surprise that reality TV buffs turn their attention to subscribing to this platform. The streamer doesn’t baffle you with multiple pricing plans and you can get a subscription for only GBP4.12 (AU$6.99) per month.

Launched back in 2016, Hayu offers its services in multiple countries, including UK, under the banner of NBC. However, it is a geo-restricted channel and if you want to watch Hayu in UK, we recommend getting a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

But how much is Hayu in UK? How can you subscribe to it? And is it worth spending money on reality TV junkies? Here’s everything you need to know!

Quick Guide: How Much Does Hayu Cost in UK?

To keep it simple Hayu costs about GBP4.12 (AU$6.99) per month. To make it even cheaper, you can get its 12-month plan which costs GBP36.52 (AU$61.99) per year. If you do some math, it comes out to be GBP3.06 (AU$5.20) per month.

Hayu keeps its subscription price relatively cheaper than its competitors like Disney+, Netflix, Foxtel NOW, Stan, BINGE, etc.

It exclusively offers reality TV content. While you don’t get to watch titles from other genres like drama, romance, sports, crime, or documentaries.

Note: Want a subscription now? Here’s how to subscribe to Hayu.

How Much Does Hayu Cost Internationally?

Hayu operates in 15 different countries across the globe, entertaining the fans with some of the best reality TV hit shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Top Chef.

Naturally, the subscription packages vary from country to country in terms of pricing. Follow the table below to get an idea of how much Hayu cost internationally.

Country Prepaid Charges
United Kingdom GB£4.99/month GB£23.99/6 months GB£43.99/year
Switzerland CHF5/month CHF 25/6 months CHF45/year
Australia AU$6.99/month AU$33.99/6 months AU$61.99/year
Canada CA$5.99+tax/month CA$28.99/6 months CA$52.99/year
Sweden SEK49/month SEK239/6 months SEK439/year
Norway NOK49/month NOK239/6 months NOK439/year
Denmark DKK49/month
Belgium €5.99/month €28.99/6 months €52.99/year
Finland €4.99/month
Luxembourg €5.99/month €28.99/6 months €52.99/year
Spain €4.99/month 23.99 €/6 months 43.99 €/year
Portugal €4.99/month 23.99 €/6 months 43.99 €/year
Hong Kong HK$40/month
Philippines ₱149/month
Singapore SG$5/month
France €4.99/month 23.99 €/6 months 43.99 €/year
Italy €4.99/month 23.99 €/6 months 43.99 €/year
India €5.99/month €28.99/6 months €52.99/year

How to Subscribe to Hayu in UK?

Before committing to a subscription plan, a 7-day Hayu free trial allows you to explore its content and features. You can cancel Hayu anytime you feel the service isn’t satisfactory.

If you have been using streaming platforms like Netflix or BINGE, using Hayu wouldn’t be a problem. However, if it’s going to be your very first streaming platform and you are a bit confused, here’s how to subscribe to Hayu:

1. Subscribe to a top-rated VPN app like ExpressVPN. Our recommended app for streaming Hayu due to its lightning-fast servers!

2. Log in to your VPN app and connect to a server in Australia. (Sydney server is recommended)

3. Open the official Hayu website and click on the “Sign-Up” option.


Visit Hayu’s official website.

4. Click the “Hayu Sign In” button. The Hayu app will prompt you to sign in with an existing account or create a new one. Click on “Subscribe.”


Hit the red subscribe button.

5. You will be required to fill in all your personal information, including your name, email, and password.


Enter your personal details to proceed further!

6. In the second step, you will be asked to provide your payment method and credit card information.


Enter your credit card information!

7. Use your “Credit Card” or PayPal account to pay for the subscription.

8. Confirm the payment and you will have a new Hayu account.


Click confirm to finalize the process!

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To determine the data usage while streaming Hayu varies due to the different video quality that you play content in. Hayu is expected to consume around 500MB-1200MB of your data on a 40-minute episode. To make it easy Hayu has outlined the data usage of consumers for these 3 stream qualities:

A 40 mins episode in 540p quality spends 567MB of data
A 40 mins episode in 720p quality spends 787MB of data
A 40 mins episode in 1080p quality spends 1,280MB of data

Hayu has also given the description regarding using the Wi-Fi internet connection. It states that the app’s basic goal is to deliver good and the best quality video, meaning it will consume more data when working on a Wi-Fi connection rather than when mobile data is on.

Given the fact that Hayu only offers reality TV content, Hayu can’t beat the quality and quantity of content provided by Netflix. If you want to explore all genres, then Netflix is definitely better than Hayu.

However, if you want to get a cost-effective subscription with an extensive catalog of reality TV shows, Hayu slightly edges past Netflix in terms of affordability.

Hayu is like a dream come true for a reality show fan because the platform has almost every reality TV series. Thanks to the wide-ranging catalog it offers, everyone gets to watch something of their choice.

It’s also outstanding when it comes to pricing, which is much cheaper than the other competitive streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. So you decide Hayu’s worth yourself keeping your streaming and budget priorities in mind!

Wrapping up

Hayu is a wonderful recreational video streaming destination for reality TV enthusiasts. In this article, we have provided you with all the details about Hayu cost in UK, its availability, and the type of content it offers.

There’s a deep-rooted love affair between reality TV and its fans from all over, especially Australians. These unscripted shows offer a lot of drama, excitement, surprise, and casual discussions with celebs as well as common people.

Reality TV is undoubtedly a cornerstone of on-demand and free-to-air streaming services.

However, its admiration among the masses led to the launch of Hayu, an online streaming platform dedicated solely to the genre. It offers more than 6000 episodes of over 300 famous TV shows. Get a subscription to Hayu and fulfill your reality TV cravings with Hayu shows galore.

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