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Have you ever wondered that while celebs often have fabulous lifestyles, what their relatives look and act like? Hulu ‘s Claim to Fame, a fun and competitive reality show, will give you a peek into the lives of many celebrities’ relatives. But if you’re residing overseas, you’ll first have to figure out how to watch Claim to Fame in UK on Hulu, and we’ll help you with that by using a VPN for Hulu.

Hulu always seems to have a leg up on its streaming competitors by bringing on-screen the most unique reality series, and Claim to Fame is no exception, drawing a strong fan following since the show’s premiere on the 11th of July, 2022.

Viewers in the US will be treated to the show’s engaging and enjoyable stream on Hulu without any hindrances, but the platform will impose viewing blockages in nearly all other regions due to the restrictive clauses of its licensing contracts. However, a solid, reliable, and stable VPN connection will take your headache of accessing the show away.

Read on to know how a VPN helps you bypass geo-blocking:

How to Watch Claim to Fame in UK- [Simple Steps]

Follow the brief steps listed here for quick Claim to Fame access:

    1. Subscribe to a top-level VPN client (our #1 pick in both quality and affordability terms is ExpressVPN).
    2. Get ExpressVPN’s fast-downloading app and install it on your device.
    3. Connect to a US-based server and establish a connection.
    4. Launch the Hulu app, look for Claim to Fame and enjoy!

Where to Watch Claim to Fame?

You can watch Claim to Fame on Hulu, with the platform allowing streaming of all of the show’s episodes right after their live airing on ABC. This show is also available on FuboTV However, Hulu is obliged to meet the requirements of its licensing contracts and therefore isn’t accessible in nearly all non-US regions.

Still, you can quickly gain access to Claim to Fame from your residence abroad by taking the help of a powerful and effective VPN service, which will work to alter the virtual location of your device to the US, thus helping sidestep Hulu’s geographical restrictions.

What Kind of Show Claim to Fame is?

Claim to fame is a reality series where a dozen contestants participate in several competitions (a separate one in each episode). The show’s differentiating factor is that all the participants have a celebrity relative whose identity is kept secret. To survive, participants have to guess the famous relative of other participants.

How does Claim to Fame Work?

Each episode’s winner gets immunity and receives clues about another contestant’s famous relationship. Afterward, secret voting takes to decide which of the two lowest-ranking contestants will be the episode’s “guesser.”

The “guesser” then chooses one of the remaining unimmune participants and guesses which famous person with whom they’re related. If the guess is correct, the “guesser” survives, and their chosen participant faces elimination and vice versa.

What are the Rules of Claim to Fame?

The rules of Claim to Fame involve all the show’s twelve participants living together in the same house for a duration of three weeks while trying to win different competitions and attempting to guess the identity of their opponents’ celebrity relatives. Only one person who survives till the end wins the impressive $100,000 cash prize.

Who is the Claim to Fame Contestants?

The show Claim to Fame features twelve contestants, all related in one way or another to someone popular and famous. Some contestants use aliases on the show to avoid getting recognized by their competitors.

Below is the complete list of Claim to Fame contestants and the famous people they’re related to (if the information is available)

Maxwell Norris, aged 22, is Chuck Norris’s grandson
M Lamar (Alias “X”), aged 50, is Laverne Cox’s identical twin
Cubb Coleman (alias Michael) is Zendaya’s cousin
Brittany Favre, aged 33, is Brett Favre’s daughter
Dominique Sharpton, aged 35, is Al Sharpton’s daughter
Jasmine English (alias Kai) is Tiffany Haddish’s sister
Amara Skye, aged 33, is Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter
Pepper, aged 29, is Dean Martin’s granddaughter
Adria Biles (alias Louise), aged 23, is Simone Biles’s sister
Logan, aged 23, is Jason Aldean’s cousin.
Loreal Palmer (alias L.C.), 33, is Keke Palmer’s sister
Lark, aged 24, is Cindy Crawford’s niece.

Where was Claim to Fame filmed?

Claim to Fame is filmed in Los Angeles, the central hub of the celebrity lifestyle. The recording for some of the show’s challenges occurred inside the city’s El Portal Theater, the famous theater in Hollywood built in 1926, in the presence of a live audience cheering for their favorite contestants.

How many Episodes Claim to Fame Have?

Claim to Fame will feature ten episodes, with the first airing on the 11th of July 2022 titled “It’s All Relative,” a cheeky reference to the famous relations of the contestants. The remaining episodes will release each subsequent week, with the season finale likely to occur in September 2022.

Who is the Host of Claim to Fame?

Claim to Fame has two hosts: Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas. They’re both brothers of Joe and Nick Jonas. While Kevin is famous for being part of the popular band Jonas Brothers, Frankie is not as well-known, although he also has had a minor acting career in his own right previously.

How Much Prize Money Winner of  Claim to Fame Going to Get?

ABC’s Claim to Fame winner will get the grand prize of $100,000. And with several eliminations already occurring, the remaining contestants will have their eyes on the cash, trying to guess the identities of their competitors’ well-known relatives while keeping their famous relations a secret.

Is there a Claim to Fame Trailer?

Yes, there’s a Claim to Fame trailer available for you to watch on ABC’s official YouTube channel. In the 15-second promotion video released on May 21, the hosts introduce the concept of the show, as well as the prize money, with a quick shot of some of the contestants wearing masquerade masks. You can watch the brief clip here.

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The show is about making an impact and name for themselves and stepping out of their relative shadows. The show will allow the contestants to have their names.

Claim to Fame features the relatives of several celebrities with famous family members, including Tiffany Haddish, Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton, Dean Martin, Chuck Norris, and Zendaya, and Cindy Crawford.

Kai from Claim to fame is related to Tiffany Haddish (they’re sisters).

Wrap Up

Claim to Fame is one reality competition you’ll absolutely adore, especially if you’re a fan of the celebrity lifestyle. The show features close family members of famous celebrities trying to uncover each other’s identities, making for a dramatic and fun-filled viewing experience.

So subscribe now to ExpressVPN with endless premium features and reliable service to watch Claim to Fame in UK on Hulu.

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