How to Watch AFC Champions League in UK on Paramount Plus – (Easy Tricks)


For those who have a passion for football and enjoy watching it on television, there’s exciting news on the horizon. You can watch AFC Champions League in UK on Paramount Plus. The solution is to utilize a VPN service such as ExpressVPN. With a VPN, viewers can bypass these restrictions and gain access to watch AFC Cup 2023 on Paramount Plus.

Licensing agreements place restrictions on accessing Paramount Plus in UK, which can be disheartening for sports enthusiasts who want to know how to watch AFC Champions League on Paramount Plus. A VPN allows them to enjoy the AFC Champions League on the streaming site as if they are in the USA.

The AFC Champions League is a yearly continental club football tournament managed by the Asian Football Confederation. It features top-tier football clubs from across Asia and stands as the premier competition in Asian football.

Starting on September 18, 2023, Paramount Plus will become your primary source for AFC League streaming. Be sure to read this blog all the way to the end for in-depth coverage of the AFC Champions League 2023-24 schedule, AFC Champions League matches, and all the necessary information you need.

How to Watch AFC Champions League in UK on Paramount Plus Live – (Quick Guide)

To watch AFC Champions League in UK on Paramount Plus using a VPN, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Obtain a premium VPN subscription, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Download and open the VPN app.
  • Connect to a server located in the United States, like one in New York.
  • Visit the official Paramount Plus website and log in with your credentials.
  • Search for and enjoy watching Paramount Plus Champions League, even if you’re in UK.

Note: To access the AFC League necessitates a Paramount Plus USA/CBS sports subscription. You can select Paramount Plus pricing plans suited to your budget. Additionally, take advantage of the 7-day Paramount Plus free trial to enjoy AFC Champions League live stream free.

Where can I watch AFC Champions League 2023?

Commencing on September 18, 2023, supporters can indulge in the live streaming of AFC Champions League 2023 on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Enthusiastic fans can utilize ExpressVPN to access on-demand complete match replays and thrilling highlights from the 2023 AFC League, featuring Asian clubs exclusively on Paramount Plus.

Streamers can take full advantage of a free 7-day trial to enjoy the AFC Champions League on Paramount Plus free from anywhere in the world at no cost. Do check the Paramount Plus review before subscribing.

If you choose to continue with a subscription, you can opt for the basic plan at $5.99 per month or the premium plan at $11.99 per month. To find out Paramount Plus Champions League price, please consult their official website.

What is AFC Champions League?

The AFC Champions League, Asia’s counterpart to the UEFA Champions League, features the top club teams from the continent, engaging in several months of competition culminating in a highly anticipated final.

This tournament has been in existence in various forms since 1967, adopting its current name in 2002. Viewers interested in watching AFC Champion League matches can find them on CBS Sports.They can gain access to all CBS sports events by subscribing to Paramount Plus with Showtime.

While some matches will be broadcast on CBS and CBS Sports Network (CBSSN), the majority should be accessible for direct streaming through Paramount Plus. Utilize ExpressVPN and watch AFC Champions League in UK on Paramount Plus.

When is AFC Champions League Season 2023 starting?

AFC Champions League 2023 is set to start on Monday, 18th September,2023. The 2023–24 AFC Champions League marks the 42nd edition of Asia’s foremost club football tournament, overseen by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

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How many teams are in AFC Champions League 2023?

The 21st and ultimate iteration of the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Champions League will take place from 18 September 2023 to May 2024. The tournament featured 40 AFC Champions League 2023 teams which were divided into 10 groups.

The table below highlights the teams participating in the AFC Champions League.

Teams Participating in AFC 2023-24
AGMK Al-Faisaly Kaya Pohang Steelers
Ahal BG Pathum United Kitchee Sepahan
Al Duhail Bangkok United Lion City Sailors Shandong Taishan
Al Fayha Buriram United Melbourne City FC Sharjah
Air Force Club Hanoi Mumbai City FC Ulsan Hyundai
Al Hilal Incheon United Nasaf Quarshi Urawa Red Diamonds
Al Ittihad Istiklol Nassaji Mazandaran Ventforet Kofu
Al Nassr Jeonbuk Motors Navbahor Wuhan Three Towns
Al Sadd Johor Darul Ta’zim Pakhtakor Tashkent Yokohama F. Marinos
Al-Ain Kawasaki Frontale Persepolis Zhejiang Professional FC
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In How Many Groups Teams AFC Champions League 2023 Are Divided?

The forty teams of the AFC Champions League 2023-24 are divided into ten groups that compete in round-robin group stage competition.

Clubs from Asia’s most competitive national leagues secure automatic berths, while those from lower-ranked nations qualify through the AFC Champions League 2023 qualifiers to take part in the AFC Cup.

The victor of the AFC Champions League earns a qualification spot for the FIFA Club World Cup.

With ExpressVPN subscription, you can watch AFC Champions League in UK on Paramount Plus. The AFC Champions League groups are mentioned below.

Group A
Pakhtakor Tashkent
Al Fayha
Group B
Al Sadd
Nasaf Quarshi
Group C
Al Ittihad
Air Force Club
Group D
Al Hilal
Nassaji Mazandaran
Mumbai City FC
Group E
Al Duhail
Al Nassr
Group F
Jeonbuk Motors
Bangkok United
Lion City Sailors
Group G
Yokohama F. Marinos
Shandong Taishan
Incheon United
Group H
Buriram United
Ventforet Kofu
Melbourne City FC
Zhejiang Professional FC
Group I
Ulsan Hyundai
Kawasaki Frontale
Johor Darul Ta’zim
BG Pathum United
Group J
Wuhan Three Towns
Pohang Steelers
Urawa Red Diamonds

What is the AFC Champions 2023/24 League Schedule? [Points Table]

Commencing on September 18, 2023, the AFC Champions League teams will engage in six rounds of competition, with the AFC Champions League table being regularly updated following each match outcome.

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AFC Champions League group stage matches are mentioned below.

Date Time Matches
18.09.2023 19:00 Mumbai City (Ind) v Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn)
18.09.2023 21:00 Al Ittihad (Sau) vs OKMK (Uzb)
18.09.2023 21:00 Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq) vs Sepahan (Irn)
18.09.2023 21:00 Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor) vs Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb)
18.09.2023 23:00 Al Hilal (Sau) vs Navbahor Namangan (Uzb)
18.09.2023 23:00 Al-Sadd (Qat) vs Al Sharjah (Uae)
19.09.2023 15:00 Ulsan Hyundai (Kor) vs Pathum United (Tha)
19.09.2023 15:00 Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn) vs Incheon (Kor)
19.09.2023 17:00 Johor DT (Mys) vs Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn)
19.09.2023 17:00 Kaya (Phl) vs Shandong Taishan (Chn)
19.09.2023 19:00 Pakhtakor (Uzb) vs Al Ain (Uae)
19.09.2023 21:00 Ahal (Tkm) vs Al Feiha (Sau)
19.09.2023 21:00 Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj) vs Al-Duhail (Qat)
19.09.2023 23:00 Persepolis (Irn) vs Al Nassr (Sau)
20.09.2023 15:00 Buriram (Tha) vs Zhejiang Professional (Chn)
20.09.2023 15:00 Jeonbuk (Kor) vs Kitchee (Hkg)
20.09.2023 15:00 Melbourne City (Aus) vs Kofu (Jpn)
20.09.2023 17:00 Hanoi FC (Vie) vs Pohang (Kor)
20.09.2023 17:00 Lion City (Sgp) vs Bangkok Utd (Tha)
20.09.2023 17:00 Wuhan Three Towns (Chn) vs Urawa Reds (Jpn)
Date Time Matches
2.10.2023 17:00 OKMK (Uzb) vs Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq)
02.10.2023 19:00 Al Sharjah (Uae) vs Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor)
02.10.2023 21:00 Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb) vs Al-Sadd (Qat)
02.10.2023 21:00 Sepahan (Irn) vs Al Ittihad (Sau)
02.10.2023 23:00 Al Nassr (Sau) vs Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj)
02.10.2023 23:00 Al-Duhail (Qat) vs Persepolis (Irn)
03.10.2023 15:00 Incheon (Kor) vs Kaya (Phl)
03.10.2023 15:00 Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn) vs Ulsan Hyundai (Kor)
03.10.2023 15:00 Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn) vs Al Hilal (Sau)
03.10.2023 17:00 Pathum United (Tha) vs Johor DT (Mys)
03.10.2023 17:00 Shandong Taishan (Chn) vs Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn)
03.10.2023 19:00 Navbahor Namangan (Uzb) vs Mumbai City (Ind)
03.10.2023 21:00 Al Ain (Uae) vs Ahal (Tkm)
03.10.2023 21:00 Al Feiha (Sau) vs Pakhtakor (Uzb)
04.10.2023 15:00 Kofu (Jpn) vs Buriram (Tha)
04.10.2023 15:00 Pohang (Kor) vs Wuhan Three Towns (Chn)
04.10.2023 15:00 Urawa Reds (Jpn) vs Hanoi FC (Vie)
04.10.2023 17:00 Bangkok Utd (Tha) vs Jeonbuk (Kor)
04.10.2023 17:00 Kitchee (Hkg) vs Lion City (Sgp)
04.10.2023 17:00 Zhejiang Professional (Chn) vs Melbourne City (Aus)
Date Time Matches
23.10.2023 19:00 OKMK (Uzb) vs Sepahan (Irn)
23.10.2023 21:00 Al Ittihad (Sau) vs Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq)
23.10.2023 21:00 Al Sharjah (Uae) vs Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb)
23.10.2023 21:00 Al-Sadd (Qat) vs Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor)
23.10.2023 21:00 Navbahor Namangan (Uzb) vs Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn)
23.10.2023 23:00 Al Hilal (Sau) vs Mumbai City (Ind)
24.10.2023 15:00 Ulsan Hyundai (Kor) vs Johor DT (Mys)
24.10.2023 15:00 Urawa Reds (Jpn) vs Pohang (Kor)
24.10.2023 17:00 Pathum United (Tha) vs Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn)
24.10.2023 17:00 Wuhan Three Towns (Chn) vs Hanoi FC (Vie)
24.10.2023 19:00 Pakhtakor (Uzb) vs Ahal (Tkm)
24.10.2023 21:00 Al Ain (Uae) vs Al Feiha (Sau)
24.10.2023 21:00 Persepolis (Irn) vs istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj)
24.10.2023 23:00 Al Nassr (Sau) vs Al-Duhail (Qat)
25.10.2023 15:00 Buriram (Tha) vs Melbourne City (Aus)
25.10.2023 15:00 Incheon (Kor) vs Shandong Taishan (Chn)
25.10.2023 15:00 Jeonbuk (Kor) vs Lion City (Sgp)
25.10.2023 15:00 Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn) vs Kaya (Phl)
25.10.2023 15:00 Zhejiang Professional (Chn) vs Kofu (Jpn)
25.10.2023 17:00 Kitchee (Hkg) vs Bangkok Utd (Tha)
Date Time Matches
06.11.2023 19:00 Mumbai City (Ind) vs Al Hilal (Sau)
06.11.2023 19:00 Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb) vs Al Sharjah (Uae)
06.11.2023 19:00 Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn) vs Navbahor Namangan (Uzb)
06.11.2023 21:00 Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq) vs Al Ittihad (Sau)
06.11.2023 21:00 Sepahan (Irn) vs OKMK (Uzb)
06.11.2023 23:00 Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor) vs Al-Sadd (Qat)
07.11.2023 15:00 Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn) vs Pathum United (Tha)
07.11.2023 15:00 Shandong Taishan (Chn) vs Incheon (Kor)
07.11.2023 17:00 Johor DT (Mys) vs Ulsan Hyundai (Kor)
07.11.2023 17:00 Kaya (Phl) vs Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn)
07.11.2023 19:00 Ahal (Tkm) vs Pakhtakor (Uzb)
07.11.2023 21:00 Al Feiha (Sau) vs Al Ain (Uae)
07.11.2023 21:00 Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj) vs Persepolis (Irn)
07.11.2023 23:00 Al-Duhail (Qat) vs Al Nassr (Sau)
08.11.2023 14:00 Melbourne City (Aus) vs Buriram (Tha)
08.11.2023 15:00 Kofu (Jpn) vs Zhejiang Professional (Chn)
08.11.2023 15:00 Lion City (Sgp) vs Jeonbuk (Kor)
08.11.2023 15:00 Pohang (Kor) vs Urawa Reds (Jpn)
08.11.2023 17:00 Bangkok Utd (Tha) vs Kitchee (Hkg)
08.11.2023 17:00 Hanoi FC (Vie) vs Wuhan Three Towns (Chn)
Date Time Matches
27.11.2023 15:00 Al Nassr (Sau) vs Persepolis (Irn)
27.11.2023 19:00 Al Sharjah (Uae) vs Al-Sadd (Qat)
27.11.2023 19:00 Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb) vs Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor)
27.11.2023 21:00 Al-Duhail (Qat) vs Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj)
27.11.2023 21:00 OKMK (Uzb) vs Al Ittihad (Sau)
27.11.2023 23:00 Sepahan (Irn) vs Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq)
28.11.2023 15:00 Incheon (Kor) vs Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn)
28.11.2023 15:00 Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn) vs Johor DT (Mys)
28.11.2023 15:00 Pathum United (Tha) vs Ulsan Hyundai (Kor)
28.11.2023 17:00 Shandong Taishan (Chn) vs Kaya (Phl)
28.11.2023 21:00 Al Ain (Uae) vs Pakhtakor (Uzb)
28.11.2023 21:00 Al Feiha (Sau) vs Ahal (Tkm)
28.11.2023 21:00 Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn) vs Mumbai City (Ind)
28.11.2023 21:00 Navbahor Namangan (Uzb) vs Al Hilal (Sau)
29.11.2023 15:00 Kitchee (Hkg) vs Jeonbuk (Kor)
29.11.2023 15:00 Kofu (Jpn) vs Melbourne City (Aus)
29.11.2023 15:00 Pohang (Kor) vs Hanoi FC (Vie)
29.11.2023 15:00 Urawa Reds (Jpn) vs Wuhan Three Towns (Chn)
29.11.2023 17:00 Zhejiang Professional (Chn) vs Buriram (Tha)
29.11.2023 19:00 Bangkok Utd (Tha) vs Lion City (Sgp)
Round 6
Date Time Matches
04.12.2023 15:00 Al Hilal (Sau) vs Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn)
04.12.2023 15:00 Al Ittihad (Sau) vs Sepahan (Irn)
04.12.2023 21:00 Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor) vs Al Sharjah (Uae)
04.12.2023 21:00 Al-Sadd (Qat) vs Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb)
04.12.2023 21:00 Mumbai City (Ind) vs Navbahor Namangan (Uzb)
04.12.2023 23:00 Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq) vs OKMK (Uzb)
05.12.2023 19:00 Ahal (Tkm) vs Al Ain (Uae)
05.12.2023 19:00 Pakhtakor (Uzb) vs Al Feiha (Sau)
05.12.2023 21:00 Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj) vs Al Nassr (Sau)
05.12.2023 21:00 Persepolis (Irn) vs Al-Duhail (Qat)
06.12.2023 17:00 Hanoi FC (Vie) vs Urawa Reds (Jpn)
06.12.2023 17:00 Wuhan Three Towns (Chn) vs Pohang (Kor)
12.12.2023 14:00 Melbourne City (Aus) vs Zhejiang Professional (Chn)
12.12.2023 15:00 Buriram (Tha) vs Kofu (Jpn)
12.12.2023 15:00 Johor DT (Mys) vs Pathum United (Tha)
12.12.2023 15:00 Ulsan Hyundai (Kor) vs Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn)
13.12.2023 13:00 Kaya (Phl) vs Incheon (Kor)
13.12.2023 13:00 Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn) vs Shandong Taishan (Chn)
13.12.2023 15:00 Jeonbuk (Kor) vs Bangkok Utd (Tha)
13.12.2023 15:00 Lion City (Sgp) vs Kitchee (Hkg)

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What Else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides AFC Champions League 2023 Sports?

If you’re uncertain about what to watch on Paramount Plus besides the AFC Champions League 2023, there’s no need to worry. The viewers can access content using their subscriptions.

AFC Champions League


The draw for the group stages of the AFC Champions League 2023-24 will be held at the AFC House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The AFC Asian Cup, also known as the Asian Cup, is a prestigious football (soccer) competition held every four years and is considered the premier football tournament in the Asian continent. It is organized and overseen by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and had its inaugural edition in 1956, where South Korea emerged as the first champions.

AFC has recently increased the number of foreign players to six in all of its competition.

Wrap Up

Remember the date, September 18th, 2023, as it signifies the start of AFC Champions League 2023. Ensure you watch AFC Champions League in UK on Paramount Plus using ExpressVPN.

Accessing Paramount Plus from locations beyond the United States can be challenging due to regional restrictions, but a VPN removes this barrier, enabling you to enjoy the AFC Champions League 2024 without any disruptions.

By following the simple steps outlined earlier, you can guarantee a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience as you immerse yourself in your favorite shows and matches.

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